The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 40: Superhuman Powers

ect and be grateful to her.

Listening to Naitos explanation shocked her, it took Tsunade more than a half day to recover.

She looked very beautiful listening carefully to everything he said, she kept quiet for some time, then she took a deep breath and smiled.

“Naito boy, you are really something!”

“Thats because i am your little brother.”

Naito smiled back at her.

Tsunade snorted, then said: “You thought you can really become my little-beloved brother this easily huh?!”

“But you promised.” Naito looked at her helplessly.

She smiled with a hint of playfulness then said: “Yes thats true, but you need to prove yourself first!”

“How can I do that?”

“Thats up to you.”

Tsunade responded seriously.


Naito, of course, knew that she was only trying to tease him.

Got it.

In fact, she the women who will become a Hokage in the future, shes not only strong but also wise, in a matter of fact the only words that can describe her is “Absolute” and “Wisdom”!

“To make it short, you will need to continue on working hard to prove yourself to me!”

Tsunade slightly raised her head then she turned to leave.

youre a little bit arrogant, arent you?!

Naitos mouth twitched.

An at this moment, Tsunade turned back to Naito and grabbed his hand gently.


Then she gently put a scroll in his hand.

“This is…”

Looking at the scroll in his hand, Naito got stunned for a moment, he kept looking at it while Tsunade disappeared into the darkness, he couldnt catch up to her, so he opened the scroll to take a glance at it.


Reading the content of the scroll, a pleasant surprise appeared on Naitos face.

Its the way to control chakra to deal more damage, its way to practice brutal force, its the way to have a superhuman power.

It was this simple, Tsunade just gave it to him!

He clenched the scroll in his hand, then he stood up and looked to where Tsunade disappeared into the darkness.

He had an inexplicable smile on his face.


Konoha, dark deep in the ground.

A masked Ninja suddenly appeared in a dark room.

The symbols he had in his mask was more complicated than the normal masks.

Hes a Ninja from the root.

“Danzo-sama, the mission has failed.”


Danzo opened his eye slightly.

“So the Uchiha prevented you from rescuing Naito? how pathetic, dont say anymore, this time the Uchiha will really pay the price, what a pity Naito really died.”

“Its really a pity that a perfect tool like him got destroyed.”

Danzo really felt pity that he lost such great tool.

The Ninja suddenly shooked his head.

“Danzo-sama, the situation didnt go the same way as we expected, Naitos strength was beyond all imagination, it wasnt only how he was immune to the Genjutsu, but also the earthquake release was so strong”

“He killed the Uchiha.”

The ninjas from the root group are all cold-blooded killers who are trained under the hand of Danzo himself they do not have any feelings or emotions.

Even while saying such shocking words, he was still calm.

However, Danzo wasnt as calm as the masked ninja.

“What did you say?!”

His eyes widened for a moment.

Even if it was based on a certain information, he couldnt believe it.

What a joke!

the outcome is really unexpectedly surprising!

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