The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 413: Little Neji

Chapter 412: Little Hinata

Although that force is nourishing Naitos body with every moment, however, the rate is so slow, yet the enhancement of the soul could be clearly felt.

Naito kept floating there in the dark starry sky for a while, and finally, he calculated that it would take at least a few years before he can eventually fully absorb it.

Naito didnt feel any frustration, he found the right answer; thus, he smiled.

Originally, Naito was a bit worried. How can he improve anymore? Its necessary to know that the awakening of the Tenseigan and the Rinnegan are all related to Hagoromo and his little brother Hamura.

Therefore, awakening neither of them is not indefinitely.

Under these circumstances, Naito became anxious and even considered whether he should combine the successors of Indra and Asura, Naruto and Sasuke, to see if both of them can awake other Rinnegan eyes.

But now it seems that its no longer necessary.

From the moment he came to this world to this day, the journey was really long; however, what was left of it was really short, Naito needed one last step to becoming the strongest in the Shinobi World.

“All that I need next is to wait.”

Floating in this starry sky, looking at the distant endless stars, Naito reached out slowly with his palm to the Shinobi World below, as if he was holding in his hand while murmuring softly.


The sky was blue, filled with floating white clouds.

The moon has completely disappeared from this world, but since it was daytime, some people still didnt notice.

In a wooden house, five years old, Hinata was standing on the wooden floor bare feet, while taking the stance of the Gentle Fist and practicing seriously.

At this time, Naito was sitting casually on the side, with his white cloak draped on the floor, holding a cup of hot tea in his hand, and watching Hinatas movements.

Although Naito doesnt know how anything about the gentle fist style, he was on the Six Paths Level, and any ordinary ninjutsu or Taijutsu could be quickly learned.

Speaking of which, the trick that best matches the Byakugan is indeed the Gentle Fist.

After he took a brief look at the gentle fist style, Naito quickly understood the basics and main points and made a few simple improvements.

The gentle fist style has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years, and it can be said that these groups have almost improved it to the most perfect level they can achieve.

But this kind of perfection in the view of Naito standing at the Six Paths Level can still continue to improve. After all, the Six Paths are almost the source of all power.

Speaking of it, the Gentle Fist can be extremely strong, but also surprisingly weak.

The Eight Diagrams palm and Revolving Heaven are not that strong. When fighting a Jonin or a Chunin, it will be extremely powerful, but facing a Kage Level, the effect will be greatly reduced, and thats why most of the clansmen rarely reach the Kage Level.

But Naito knew in his heart that there was no such limit for the Gentle Fist. If he had to put a restriction, it would be Otsutsuki Kaguyas Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack.

The Hyugas Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm can be regarded as a primitive form of the Eightly Gods Vaccum Attack. However, the gap between the two merely is like heaven and earth.

“If youre tired, just take a break.”

Naito took a sip of tea, calmed his thoughts, and looked at Hinata, who was covered with sweat, then smiled and said.

Back in the time when Naito was doing a lot of physical training, he always pushed his body to the extreme, but when he guided others, he never used the self-rule method on Haku or Kimimaro, not to mention Hinata.

“I… I can continue…”

Hinata stopped when she heard Naitos words, then grasped violently, and looked at Naito sharply.

Looking at her expression, Naito showed a helpless expression and said: “Gentle Fist is not just about working hard. Your pace became chaotic, and it will get more out of control if you continue to practice.”

“Yes, Im sorry, Naito-Sensei…”

Hinata stopped, then stood a little bit timidly in front of Naito.

Noticing how Hinata was standing, Naito reluctantly said, “I didnt mean to startle you, came here rest and drink some water.”


Hinata nodded at Naito, then walked to his side and sat down.

Looking at Hinata who wiped the sweat from her forehead, and then began to drink the water from the glass she was holding in her hand, Naito showed a thoughtful expression, then suddenly said: “Hinata, did your grandfather told you something like you must practice hard, so you dont disappoint me?”


Hinata was surprised for a moment, then she immediately seemed weak again, and said: “Yes, Im sorry…”


Hinata almost apologizes all the time, which makes Naito speechless, then suddenly he couldnt help but remember what Dai taught him in the past.

Dont apologize for your efforts, just work harder… because this is youth!

Thinking of this, Naito shook his head immediately, wishing if he could wipe this memory out of his mind.

Looking at Hinatas weak expression, Naito patted her head and smiled: “Dont apologize, I didnt mean to blame you. Actually, I mean, um, take your grandpas words as farts. Dont worry about it.”


When Hinata head these words, she felt stunned for a moment, then when she looked at Naitos calm and kind expression, she forgot about it as if nothing has happened in the first place.

“Well, thats it.” Naito looked at Hinata seriously, then said, “In short, dont force yourself, Chakra control is not easy to learn.”

In fact, theres nothing wrong with Naitos remark. Gentle Fist is not an ordinary Taijutsu style, and it doesnt require a lot of physical strength. Its strictly a physical technique of Chakra.

From the word “Gentle,” you can understand why it doesnt require a lot of physical strength.

Its all about the mental state, the control of you Chakra, and which point you should attack… etc.

The more relaxed and calmer the mindset is, the less likely its for the user to make mistakes. Thus, if you practice hard, sometimes it will be counterproductive.

Hinata didnt understand this but simply thought that Naito was taking care of her deliberately, and couldnt help but bow her head slightly, with a lovely blush on her cheeks.

“Yes, Naito-Sensei.”

When Hinata first practiced under Naitos hands, she felt anxious, she was afraid that she wouldnt do this well.

But she didnt expect that Naito will treat her much more tenderly than her own father. Not only that, he never scolds her, but also takes good care of her everywhere they go. But this was the first time for her to see Naitos expression this serious.

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