The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 415: Destruction

Chapter 414: The Eve Before The Destruction


Upon seeing Naito, cute little Hinata rejoiced.

Since she had joined the Ninja Academy and began to take classes, Naito had less time to teach her, and only occasionally came to the Hyuga Station.

Hinata hasnt seen Naito for half a month, but she still comes here every day, and after a period of practice, she returns to her room, which has become a habit.


Naito pat Hinatas little head, and smiler at her, saying, “Let me see how much youve improved in the last half month.”

In the two years, Naito also helped Hinata complete the first stage of the Sage Mode.

Although its only the basic first stage, the Gentle Fist style is very perfect and suitable for Natural Energy. Whether its the speed, strength, or the Chakra, it all enhanced the style.

Therefore, although Hinata was only seven years old, she was stronger than her peers.

“Yes, Naito-Sensei!”

Hinata bowed at Naito, revealing a lovely expression, then stepped back a few steps and took her stance.

Naito stood up with a smile, then walked into the courtyard, saying: “Go ahead.”

“Naito-Sensei, be careful.”

Although she knew that she cannot hurt Naito, Hinata couldnt help but whisper that then rushed toward Naito.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Hinata closed the distance quickly then pushed her palm toward Naitos waist, but he took a step back, and easily avoided her attack. Immediately, Hinata rushed forward, waving her palms at Naito, while the latter kept avoiding and blocking her strikes without any effort.

It has long been known to her that theres a big gap between her strength and Naitos, she knew that her attack will never connect, but that didnt discourage her. She knew that she only needs to show her best performance.


Hinata suddenly put up a different stance, and the aura around her changed as if she was nothing in her perception but Naito.

“Gentle Fist Art: Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms”


Hinatas shots suddenly fell like a storm and wrapped Naito in it.

“Two Palms!”

“Four Palms!”

“Eight Palms!”

“Sixteen Palms!”

“Thirty-two Palms!”

Naito was like a butterfly flying around under this stormy attack of Hinata and avoided all of the attacks.

However, Hinata thought that shes gonna hit the sixty-four plams this time, but she could only perform thirty-two palms.

“Failed again…”

Her physical strength and Chakra still couldnt keep up, and she was unable to hit the 64 palms. Hinata stopped revealing a disappointed expression on her face, then she looked up at Naito embarrassingly.

Naito smiled and said, “Its pretty good to be able to hit thirty-two palms.”

If she can pull out something like Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, even for a Chunin, she wont be considered as a weak person. After all, Hinata was only seven years old. Even with Naitos help, its difficult for her to achieve such a leave. This is something that belongs to the degree of geniuses like Kimimaro and Uchiha Itachi.

After all, Hinata is not that talented, but still, shes more talented than strong people like Gail, or Lee who have difficulties in extracting their Chakra. Sometimes talent doesnt determine the Shinobis path.

Hinatas expression changed upon hearing that and smiled at Naito.

After a while, Hinata looked at Naito again with some hesitation.

“Sensei, are you leaving again?”


Naito smiled at her, then said, “No, Im not leaving today.”


Hinata froze for a moment, then she rejoiced; apparently she didnt expect Naito to stay tonight.

Naito smiled and couldnt help but small his cute little head…

“Lets train a little bit more, then go eat something.”


Hinata nodded with a lovely blush on her cheeks.



Uchiha Clan Station.

“Captain, you cant go on like this, decide as soon as possible!”

More than ten ninjas of the Uchiha clan were kneeling on one knee, and the one who was standing in the front is the Patriarch of the Uchiha Clan, Fugaku.

“Sarutobi is really too deceiving, fearing of that guy, he didnt dare to suppress the Hyuga Clan anymore, but hes now fully targeting our clan, and if things keep on going like this, we will be pushed out of Konoha sooner or later!”

“Yes! In this case, we should control the village!”

A dozen of elite members of the Uchiha Clan started this discussion.

Uchiha Fugaku, who was standing at the forefront, remain silent, his expression was low, and didnt speak a word. He waited for these members to be quiet again, then he started talking slowly.

“Thats the most extreme approach. Its nothing more than a last resort. It cant end like that.”

“Captain! This is the last moment!”

Some of the members spoke almost in unison.

Upon seeing this, Fugaku frowned and said with a deep voice: “However, no one knows whether that person is in Konoha…”

The person he was talking about is naturally the God of Shinobi, Yuu Naito.

As soon as Naito was mentioned, the clansmen froze for a moment, then they looked at each other, and the scene fell into a strange silence.

The name Naito remained a taboo in the Uchiha Clan. No one dares to mention him directly and replace his name by “that person.”

At this time, the Uchiha Clan had no idea of what to do with Naito. Having him meddling in their business wont be a good thing for them.

It took a long time before someone said with a deep voice: “Captain, do you think his relationship with Konoha is good?”

This sentence immediately made their eyes reveal some light.

Thats right, even if Naito is in Konoha, perhaps he will only care about the Hyuga Clan, and for Konoha, Naito may not even bother saving them.

The relationship between Naito and Konoha, even if it doesnt reach the point of hatred, its definitely not good.

“However, our relationship is even worse.” Fugaku was still feeling some hesitation.

“However, from the perspective of that person, he might not even care about our war with Konoha. As long as we dont touch the Hyuga Clan, there shouldnt be a problem!”

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