The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 415: Destruction

han before.

The Uchiha Clan station was full of corpses and blood.

Uchiha Sasuke, who was practicing his shuriken throwing all night, finally returned to the clans station.

“This… This is…”

Sasuke froze for a moment with cold sweat on his forehead, thinking of his parents, then he rushed to his home quickly.

“What on earth is happening?!”

After opening the door, Sasuke saw his parent lying in a pool of blood, and Uchiha Itachi, his brother, standing on their corpses.

“This, this is… Brother! Why is this happening! Who did this?:”

Sasuke stood there horrified, and his brother, who was standing in front of him, seemed at the time to be his last life-saving straw.

Although the parents are dead, he still has his brother.

However, at the next instant, Uchiha Itachis cold voice completely drove Sasuke into hell.

“My stupid brother…”

With open eyes, Itachis Mongekyou Sharingan shined, and in this darkness, the atmosphere became even colder.

After he looked into his brothers eyes, little Sasuke instantly petrified.



Looking back at the Uchiha clan, which it got slaughtered by him, Itachi took a deep breath and slowly turned around, preparing to leave.

But suddenly, his footsteps stagnated.

Because on a roof in front of him, a person was sitting there, while looking at him calmly.

Uchiha Itachi apparently didnt expect to see Naito here.


He thought about it for a moment, then Itachi finally chose to salute Naito, because he knew that nothing can be hidden from Naito.

“Is it really worth it?”

Naito looked at Itachi and asked him this question.

In the past, Naito thought of eradicating the Uchiha Clan. The destruction of the Uchiha doesnt touch Naito much, but how coldly Itachi did it, made Naito wanna ask.

Naitos question made Itachi fall into silence. He couldnt directly answer such a question. In fact, his hands were still shaking.

“Forget it.”

Seeing how quiet Itachi was, Naito shook his head, then disappeared out of sight. Even Itachi, who was still opening the Sharingan eyes, could barely catch a trace.

Looking at Naito leaving, Itachi suddenly sighed.

He thought that If Naito si willing to take action, perhaps this wont be the end. With his power, he can easily suppress the Shinobi World, and naturally, stop these inner conflicts.

If he could have power like Naito, he could easily decide everything. He could choose to let the Uchiha take charge of Konoha, or he could choose to let Sarutobi. And just stop these fights and wars.

But unfortunately, even though he awakened the Mongekyou Sharingan, he still cannot reach Naito, nor his power, and distance between them is as far the heaven is from the earth.

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