The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 416: Red-Haired

hat were in control of the Warring States period have now disappeared into the long river of time.”

Speaking of which, Kushina couldnt help but stand and walk toward Naito and lean in his arms.

“Kimimaros clan and Hakus clan also were destroyed. It really makes me feel lonely, I wonder if there are any survivors from the Uzumaki clan.”

Naito didnt say anything but gently hugged her.

Naitos own clan, the Kusanagi, had also perished a long time ago, but Naito doesnt feel much about it. After all, hes not actually from this world.

But Kushina, who was looking at the demise of the other clans one by one, always makes her recall the Uzumaki Clan. Although she came to Konoha at an early age, still, she was born and raised in Uzushiogakure.

After the annihilation of the Uchiha clan, Naito went to Konoha less often, but no matter how few, he would come at least once in half a month.

On this day, after leaving Konoha, Naito flew into the sky, one step after another, a few flashed, and soon he left the range of the Land of Fire, and stepped into the Land of Rain.

But when Naito returned to the Land of Rain, he suddenly sensed something that made him stunned for a moment.

“This is…”


The rain was falling.

In a forest, three Kusagakure Ninjas are moving quickly; to be precise, it should be four people.

The fourth person is a girl about seven or eight years old, who is being carried on the back by one of the ninjas, but also wears a forehead of Kusagakure symbol on it.

She has bright red hair, and she seemed panicked, saying, “Its already less than fifty meters, they will catch up!”

In her perception, she could sense a team of Shinobis from the Rain Village is rushing toward them.

This ninja squad from Kusagakure sneaked into the Land of Rain to perform a secret mission. Unexpectedly, they got exposed by the Rain ninjas, and they pursued them to this point.

“What?! so fast!”

“Can they lock our position?”

The three ninjas looked horrified. If they get caught by the Rain ninjas, the ending will definitely not be good. As for turning back and fight with them, they will never do such a thing ever.

Because a red-haired girl with them was a perceptual ninja, and she could sense that ten ninjas were pursuing them, and their leader was a Jonin.

“The other party also has perceptual ninja too.” The red-haired girl who was carried by the Kusagakure Ninja said, getting her teeth.

“What should we do?!”

While running one of them looked at the other, then at the red-haired girl, and their expressions suddenly became cold, then one of them said, “We can use her as a bait, and take that opportunity to escape.”


The red-haired girls eyes widened and looked at the Kusagakure Ninjas in disbelief.

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