The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 421: The Team

ype ninja, who was good at perception and analysis. Her hidden power makes her no worse to Haku and Kimimaro.

In terms of medical treatment, with the help of Orochimarus researches, and Tsunades methods and medical Ninjutsu, and with the help of Naito and Kushina, her healing ability has finally been developed, and she could use it now without the need to use the bite methods, she can now heal other with just touching them.

All in all, her healing ability is really ridiculous.

Naito, whos the strongest in the World of Shinobi, and a Six Paths ranked ninja, Kushina, whos regarded as the strongest Uzumaki member, Tsunade the master of the medical Ninjutsu, and Orochimaru the mad scientist, the genius, and the excellent researches.

If these four people all together cant help her break he limits and develop her ability, then nothing will.

“Karin, come here!

“Yuu, Natio-Sama…”

Karin was shouting all day long at Haku and Kimimaro, but in front of Naito, she wouldnt dare to offend him, and she directly changed her attitude from Tsunade to Hinata.

Naito watched Karin approaching, but her face suddenly turned red, and she covered her head with her palm and fainted out gently on the ground.


Covering her forehead, Karin made some weird noises.

Haku: “…”

Kimimaro: “…”

Naito: “…”

If he didnt know her usual personality, he would have really got fooled by her acting.

After shaking his head, Naito started pointing out some instructions, and notes for Haku and Kimimaro, and how they could improve both the Dead Bone Pulse and the Ice release.

If it was any other person, who didnt use any of these techniques, it would have been really impossible to help them or teach them.

Even if it was Naito, who only opened the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou to the Sixth Gate, it would have also been difficult, and he could only teach them how to control their Chakra better.

However, Naito, who has entered the Six Paths, became familiar will all bloodline limits, thanks to the absorbed force of the Rinnegan and Tenseigan.

Naito could feel that he wasnt far from opening the Last Gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou. For several years, the Rinnegan and Tenseigan were nourishing both his body and soul.

After helping Haku and Kimimaro with their practice, Naito and Karin practiced some techniques together and pointed out some of the things she needed to work on before turning away.

Since Haku and Kimimaro completed the Second Stage of the Sage Mode Transformation, Naitos instruction has become limited. They no longer needed to be thought anything, and if theres no more accident, then this should be the last time.

The two didnt need any more teaching, the road in front of them is completely clear.

Hakku and Kimimao are both 15 years old, but their strength has reached the level of a Kage, chasing Uchiha Itachi!

As for Karin, because of her extraordinary body, coupled with the four greatest Shinobis, even if she didnt practice much, her strength wasnt weaker than Haku and Kimimaro, and she also ranked in the Kage Class.

To be more precise, the strength of these three maybe even close to the peak of the Kage Class. However, it not as good as 13 years old Itachi, who opened the Mongekyou Sharingan and stepped to the peak of the Kage Class; after all, he was a true genius.

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