The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 425: Cell Prison

Chapter 424: The Story Begins

Fire Land.

This is an open area outside of the woods.

In this open area, two figures were flashing quickly and constantly confronting each other.

Ding-Ding Dong Dong!

One person was holding a short Chakra Blade, and it was Hatake Kakashi, while the other person was holding an extremely huge blade in both hands. It was one of the Seven Swords that Naito has one crushed. A lot of people have been killed here, and a lot of blood has stained the ground, which happened to be the right material for this sword reparation.

The person holding this sword was naturally one of the Mist Shinobi, but its not Juzo Biwa.

Kakashi and Zabuza continuously flickered in the field, while their two blades collided constantly. Although Kubikiribocho was huge and powerful, it couldnt suppress the Kakashis White Light Chakra Sabre.

This White Light Chakra Sabre was inherited by Kakashi from Sakumo because unlike the original, he didnt have the Sharingan, so Kakashis nickname is not Kakashi, the copy cat ninja, but… Konohas Silver Fang.

His father was Konohas, White Fang. Although Kakashi still has a big gap between him Sakumo, his nickname was as famous as his father in the Shinobi World.

“So this is the famous Hatake Clan Sword Technique… Its quite strong.”

Zabuza holding his Kubikiribocho was completely suppressed by Kakashis flexibility. If he wasnt one of the strongest Shinobi that has ever held this sword, Kakashi would have already cut his head off.

Kakashi stared coldly at Zabuza, then the White Light Silver Sabre in his hand shone with a blue aura. The Chakra flew into the blade, making it sharper, which made cracks start to appear on the blad of the Kubikiribocho.

“Dont try to resist anymore, you have no chance.”

Kakashi spoke coldly, suppressing Zabuza.

In the distance, Naruto and Sasuke, and the other one, watched Kakashi suppressing the enemy with a dazzled and stunned expressions.

In their current strength, this battle between two Jonin seemed indeed too powerful, their boy speed movements were completely invisible to them.

Moreover, Kakashi and Zabuza werent ordinary Jonin.

“Is it?!”

Although he was suppressed by Kakashi, Zabuza didnt have the slightest panic in his eyes. Instead, he had a scary cold stare. He pushed Kakashi with his big sword, then revealed his killing intent.

“The three imps, and the old man, which of you wants to die first?”

“What did you say?!”

When Kakashi heard this, he immediately frowned, and his eyes became really sharp.

Kakashi turned quickly to the side, to find that Zabuza has flashed and suddenly appeared to that way rushing to Sasuke and Naruto, and the other two!


Kakashis pupils shrank slightly. Theres no doubt that one of them is a clone, but he got no idea which one is the real one, nor when did he use that technique!

Kakashi, who didnt have the Sharingan, couldnt clearly capture Zabuzas movements; thus, he naturally couldnt analyze the situation the same way he did in the Original.

Kakashi had no idea that the clone was the one attacking Naruto and Sasuke.

“So, which one is going to die first, me, or those imps right there? This is very interesting.” A stern and evil smile appeared on Zabuzas face, although he was about to die, he got no fear in his heart.

“Damn this!”

The thoughts flashed quickly in Kakashis mind, then he let of sword his him in his arm, and at the same time, he leaped back using that momentum and rushed to clone.

He chose to deal with the clone first since Zabuza was already injured and cant run away.

However, Kakashis decision gave Zabuza the one chance he sought.

With a fierce look on his face, Zabuza didnt choose to take this opportunity to escape. Instead, he threw the Kubikiribocho toward Kakashis back.

Seeing this scene, Naruto, Sakura, and the other couldnt help but exclaim, with a trace of horror in their eyes.

First, because Kakashi was about to get killed, and secondly, Zabuzas clone was already in front of them.

At that moment, Kakashis reaction was extremely fast. Because the Kubikiribocho was too large to avoid sideways, Kakashi jumped directly in his spot, avoiding it.

While he was in the air, Kakashi wasnt gonna let Naruto and Sasuke deal with the clone, because they might get killed in a flash.

It wasnt any clone, it was Zabuzas shadow clone, one of the most terrifying rogue Shinobi out there, which has made Sasukes body really cold, sweating all over his forehead, and almost unable to move.

Therefore, mid-air, Kakashi threw his White Light Chakra Sabre directly toward the clone.


Under the Lightning Release that was flowing in the blade, the White Light Chakra Sabre speeded up and turned into a streamer of thunder, directly penetrating the chest of that clone.

Seeing this scene, Naruto and Sasuke, who were in shock, finally felt relieved.

However, the situation immediately turned upside down before they could even feel completely relieved.

Taking advantage of Kakashis need to protect Naruto and Sasuke, Zabuza finally found an opportunity, and directly started performing hand signs.

“Water Release: Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique!”

“This is bad!”

Kakashi screamed inside. He was sure that Zabuza wont come at him again after he threw his sword, but he didnt expect that the latter would use a Water Release. The situation suddenly changed, and he didnt have time to escape.

In an instant, the water surged, which gave Zabuza another opportunity to imprisoned Kakashi inside a water polo and sealed his Chakra flow.

However, because of this, Zabuza needed to stand there still to maintain this water cell, he was also unable to attack Kakashi so he could only keep the technique.

“I didnt think that the son of the White Fang would be so useless. Youve failed to finish the job because you wanted to protect these brats. However, do you think you can protect them from me now?!”

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