The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 426: Mistake

Chapter 425: Cell Prison

No longer looking at Kakashi in the water cell, Zabuza said with a grin: “Next, it will be your precious little imps.”

He knew that Kakashi is stronger than him. Even if he got him sealed for now, he wouldnt be able to maintain the Ninjutsu forever, once hes released, Zabuza will be killed.

So he needed to find a way to disturb Kakashis will, so he could have a chance to win. And to do that, he needed to catch one of these imps as he called them.

“Dont you dare!”

Kakashis eyes became so cold, and for a moment, the water cell seemed like it was gonna turn into ice.

Kakashi is much stronger now than the Original, he still got his fathers Chakra Blade. Moreover, his killing intent aura was no less than Zabuzas.

However, Zabuza is fearless. He sneered, saying: “But dont you think I should take care of that old man first?!”

With that being said, Zabuza performed a one-handed seal, and another water clone emerged from the water.

Seeing this scene, Kakashi exclaimed, and couldnt help but shout directly at Naruto and the others: “What are you doing? Hurry up, take Mr.Tazuna away. Hes not someone you can deal with! Ran now he once he used this technique, he wont be able to move!”

However, Kakashis words didnt reach Naruto and the other two. At that moment, Naruto, Sasuke, and the others were already paralyzed by sensing Zabuzas killing intent.

After the Water Clone appeared, it stared coldly at Naruto and the others, then he glanced at Konohas forehead protector worn by them and sneered.

“Oh… dont you think that by wearing these forehead protectors youre ninjas, only when youve hovered between life and death so many times that it doesnt faze you, you may be called a ninja!”

“In other words, when youve become so deadly that your profile has been entered into my bingo book, then you may have earned the title ninja!”

With that being said, he rushed at them at top speed.

But what he and actually everyone in the field didnt expect was to hear an unfamiliar voice that emitted into the area.

This voice didnt belong to Kakashi or does it naturally belong to Zabuza, nor it has come from the three scared kids. It seemed to be emitted from a distance; still, it was very clear.

“I didnt expect that you, Kakashi, would have such a hard time against this guy, which is kind of interesting.”


Zabuzas expression suddenly changed, and glance fiercely around, but he couldnt find out where it came from.

Kakashi, trapped in the water cell, froze a little, he couldnt help but reveal an astonished expression.

This voice is…

“Who are you? Come out now!”

The Water Clone turned its head and looked around. He still couldnt find where the sound was coming from. At that moment, Zabuza was so angry that he shouted around with a fierce expression.

However, the moment his voice just fell, a strange power suddenly came from the sky and hit his body. In an instant, the clones body got shattered and turned back into water!

The scene didnt seem that incredible. It just some invisible force that hit the clones body, but if you look closely, you will see that the pit created by that force on the ground was bottomless!

Seeing this scene, Kakashi had no longer any doubt in his heart and gradually started to feel relieved.

Sure enough, its really him!

Naruto and Sasuke, who were horrified, suddenly felt confused by this sudden change in the event. So the moment they saw that clone getting bombarded by that invisible force, they subconsciously looked up.

At the same time, Zabuza also looked up.

Just about a few tens of meters above, a figure was sitting in the air. Obviously, there was nothing under him, but it seemed as if he was sitting on an invisible chair.

“Who is he?!”

“That incredible, he can fly in the sky. What kind of Ninjutsu is that?”

Naruto and Sasuke and the other were extremely shocked.

However, compared to their surprise, the shock that Zabuza felt was even worse!

It turned out to be him!

Why is he here?!

Although Naito was sitting in the air tens of meters above, he still couldnt recognize him at a glance, because Naito was on his bingo book, and he was listed on the first page, and he actually never changed!

The data of Naito on that page shocked him every time he saw it.

But what made him even more terrified is that he didnt know why Naito has appeared here, there was no reason for him to appear here!

“Im very sorry, Naito-Sensei, I didnt expect the situation would end up like this.”

Kakashi, who still in the water cell, looked at Naito in the sky, with a look of shame, he obviously had the upper hand, but he made that one mistake and messed up everything.

Facing Naito, who had the honor to teach him once, Kakashi felt like he wanted to dig a hole and hid in it from shame.

Kakashis words made Naruto, and the other feel even more confused.

The white-haired teenager in the sky seemed to be a little younger than Kakashi. Why would he call him Sensei?!


In the next moment, Naito, who was still hanging in the air a moment ago, landed directly on the ground the next, then came to the side of the water cell, where Zabuza was keeping Kakashi prisoned.

That simple flicker out of thin air, left everyone stunned, even Zabuza couldnt react, nor follow his movements, and in an instant, the cold sweat started filling his forehead.

Kakashi was also a little bit shocked. This kind of speed made him completely shocked, and he couldnt help but think of his Sensei, Minato.

After falling into the field, Naito looked at Zabuza indifferently.

“I just head what you were saying about your bingo book. Im curious is my name written there?”

The cold sweat on his forehead slowly slipped off his face, but Zabuza couldnt realize it. His mind was so blank that he couldnt even speak.

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