The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 428: Arriving at Konoha

instantly hit him on the arm!


When the stone hit him, Konohamaru fell to the ground, and the grandson of the Third Hokage started crying.

“You shouldnt act too presumptuous in other peoples villages.”

Sasuke sat on the top of the tree, playing with a stone in his hand, and looking indifferently at Kankuro. After seeing Naitos power, his desire for power grew stronger, even Kankuro he couldnt give much intention anymore.

So, Sasuke, with his new desires, looked faintly at Kankuro, and said directly, “Get lost!”

Although Kankuro got beaten, Temari, on the side, didnt care much. Instead, she was shocked by Sasukes appearance and attitude.

As for Sakura. Although she thought that Sasuke looked very cool, after seeing how Naito split that mountain, she didnt consider him as the coolest guy anymore.

Theres no doubt that theres a big gap between Sasuke and Naito. And with that in her heart, she no longer loves Sasuke as before.

“You bastard…”

Kankuro shouted coldly at Sasuke, then he grabbed the puppet on his back and prepared to fight him.

Suddenly a cold voice emitted.

“Kankuro, stop.”

Carrying a groud on his back, Gaara of the sand stood upside down under the tree trunk, looking coldly at Kankuro, then said, “Dont disgrace me here.”

Gaaras sudden appearance surprised everyone, including Sasuke, who didnt know when did he come so close.


Far away at this time.

Other people were watching, but Gaara and the others werent aware of them.

“The Ichibis Jinchuriki, its really him.”

Naito looked at him but didnt show any surprised expression. Since Naruto has become the Kyuubi Jinchuriki because of Black Zetsu, Gaara being the Jinchuriki of the Ichibi wasnt that strange.

“The one carrying that groud, Gaara of the sand… Is he really strong?” Hearing Naitos word, Kimimaro looked at Gaara in the distance with some surprise.

He originally thought that this joint Chunin Exam gonna be easy, but he didnt expect to encounter a Jinchuriki, but Kimimaros determination didnt get shaken. Taking this Exam was an order from Naito, he will defeat everyone, and he will never disappoint Naito.

Looking at Gaara, Naruto, Sasuke, and the others in the distance, Naito, who stood aside, smiled a little and said, “Dont just focus on Gaara. Look at the one standing on the tree trunk, his name is Uchiha Sasuke, and hes actually Itachis younger brother.”


This sentence suddenly caused Haku and Kimimaro to get stunned, then the two of them immediately turned to look at Sasuke, on the side, Karin also watched him.

When they encountered Uchiha Itachi last time, they were doing a mission, and Karin was also in their team. Karin watched Itachi fight, and she could feel how powerful he is.

However, in her perception, Sasuke was obviously too weak compared to Itachi.

As for Sasukes appearance, she didnt find him any attractive because all that she could think of all day is Naito.

In terms of appearance, Naito is almost perfect, and he cannot be compared to Sasuke.

Even if Sasuke as handsome as he is, the aura around Naito grants him a sense of perfection.

“Itachis younger brother, but it seems that theres nothing special about him,” Kimimaro observed Sasuke for a moment, then revealed a thoughtful expression.

Naito can still clearly perceive Indras Chakra in him, but of course, Kimimaro and the other couldnt sense such a thing, but Naito didnt explain and glanced at Naruto.

“In addition to Sasuke, dont underestimate the boy with the short blond hair, hes also a Jinchuriki.”

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