The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 43: Chakras Nature

Naito didnt need to fill anything in the document.

All the information was already written, this is almost like a duty call.

This is was unexpected to Naito.

Sarutobi pulled him directly to the Anbu!

Is this a making up for his mistake?!

Naito shook his head with a strange feeling in his heart.

Unfortunately, he already gave up on him once, making up for him wont be this easy.

However, in the face of this recruitment, Naito didnt have any reason to refuse, in fact, hes not qualified enough to refuse.

“The Anbu… I didnt expect that, I thought I would wait until I graduate then I will simply join Tsunades team.”

Naito picked up the document and carefully read it again.

There were some details about him in the document.

Including his fighting power, the fact that he can shatter a B-Class Ninjutsu, and some information about how hes already reached the level of a Chunin.

In the right lower corner there was a number.

Next to that number, there were two words he didnt notice the first time.

Alternate member.

Only for the second time, he noticed those words.

There was a hint of surprise on his face.

Alternate member?

All the official members of the Anbu have code names, no wonder he had only numbers, it turns out that hes only an alternate member.

However, as an alternate member, Naito no longer had any weird feelings about this matter.

Even if hes strong, it seems they only recruited him as an alternate member.

The Anbu members need to be familiar with too many things, such as various secret signs, and a variety of seals, and so on.

Every qualified member needs to experience a period of time as a normal Shinobi before he can be an Anbu.

Official Anbu members are very busy.

On the other hand, alternate members have much more free time.

Moreover, being a member of the Anbu, whether its a full member of an alternate one, comes with many advantages.

And Its all written in the document.

First of all, Training equipment are all free of charge!

The Anbu department is directly under the cover of the Hokage himself, which make it the most powerful function in Konoha.

And because of that, the Hokage provide any kind of resources to the Anbu!

Even if youre an alternate member, you can have any equipment you want, you can even have a customized one!

Of course, this is only the first point.

The second point is that you can get access to any kind of B-Class Ninjutsu scrolls, Taijutsu scrolls and Genjutsu too!

In short, any ninja in the Anbu department has the right to learn any B-class jutsu!

For this reason, only, a lot of Shinobi seeks to join the Anbu although they have the most dangerous missions.

Because the B-Class Ninjutsu are the most used, and you will need a life of time to try and figure it out by yourself.

But the B-Class Ninjutsu can get stronger and even weaker depending on the user himself.

A B-Class Ninjutsu cast by a normal Shinobi wont be at the same level when its cast by Sarutobi.

In Naitos opinion, the B-Class Ninjutsu can be divided into three grades.

Low-level, Mid, and High-level.

At the last fight he had with Samui, the fire release the latter cast was a low-level B-class Ninjutsu, thats why he could easily shatter it with one punch.

However, practicing the same Ninjutsu for a long time can make it even stronger, also the nature of the chakra and the amount can also make it better, with these terms it can get to the Mid-level.

In the Mid-level, the current power of Naito may not be able to make him blow it with just one punch, but he can block it without any problems.

as for the High-level…

Some people like Sarutobi, Danzo, etc… they can cast a very strong B-Class Ninjutsu!

The power of their casting can be comparable to an A-level Ninjutsu.

At this high-level of a B-Class Ninjutsu, it will be somewhat very difficult for him to stop it.

However, Naito now has the secrets of having a brutal force.

With successful learning it, combined with the shock, a High-level Ninjutsu can be easily wiped out!

Only at that time, he will really have the ability to shatter any kind of B-Class Ninjutsu.

“Anyway… first, to got ready for the Anbu missions I will need to practice the scroll Tsunade gave me.”

After he looked at the document, Naito murmured that to himself.

At the end of the document, he was being asked to go to the Anbu department to report that he received the document.

Moreover, even if he wasnt asked to go to the Anbu department he was going there anyway.

Although he doesnt have any interesting in B-Class Ninjutsu, he wanted to go there to get some Taijutsu scrolls.

Moreover, some other Ninjutsu are very useful too, such as Shadow Clone Technique.

As for the A-Class Ninjutsu, and even the S-Class which are stored there too, but most people dont have access to those scrolls.

Of course, theres no rule saying that the Anbu doesnt have an access to those scrolls, as long as youre a talented and a high-class ninja, you can also get qualified to practice A and S class Ninjutsu.

However, these high-class Ninjutsu are not that easy to control and learn by an average person.

Not everyone like Hatake Kakashi, or Uchiha Sasuke.

There are a lot of strong Shinobi who have not mastered an A-Class Ninjutsu.


Out of the House.

Naito went all the way to the secret place of the Anbu, then went all the way down under the grounds of Konoha.

The Anbu department is located under the ground too.

However, this one is directly under the Hokages Building!

Moreover, there is also a direct channel connected to the Hokage building so he can easily get to the Anbu department at any time.

The place was dark and gloomy.

While he was passing by some Anbu, some of them had white cloak and other had a black one.

Some of them seemed curious while passing by him others just ignored him.

All of those people are elite ninjas who have experienced fierce battles!

Basically, there was nothing else.

Walking straight ahead, soon, Naito walked into the center of the building.

At this time, finally, someone approached him then asked him calmly: “Yuu Naito?”


“Follow me.”

The guy was wearing a mask, he spoke calmly while they were walking in the building.

“Over there… is where you got your missions and hand over reports.”

“Over there… is the place where you can get equipment or customize a special one for yourself and its all free charged.”

“Over there… is the storage room where you will find all kind of Ninjutsu and Taijutsu scrolls.”

Naito walked in a circle following the Anbu in the building while he was showing him the place

At this time, Naito had a simple understanding of the place.

Although this department was mentioned in the original story, there werent any details written about the building itself.

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