The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 430: One Strike Sasuke

Chapter 429: Kimimaro and Sasuke

Kyuubis Jinchuriki?!

Hearing Naitos words, Kimimaro, Haku, and Uzumaki Karin, showed almost a shocked and unbelievable look at the same time.

They were not shocked by Naruto himself, but the fact that hes the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, isnt Lord Naitos wife, Uzumaki Kushina, is the Kyuubis Jinchuriki?!

Uzumaki Karin was the closest to Kushina, to be more accurate, she eats at Kushinas every day, and she always prepares her special meals.

As for Kushinas power, it was clear to Karin. Kimimaro and Haku, on the other side, have also been trained by Kushina. And they clearly understand how invincible and insanely powerful she is. Even with their current level, it would be impossible for them to win against Kushina.

The strongest Shinobi, after Naito, is Kushina.

Moreover, she was the closest to finally finish the Sage Mode transformation.

Now, unexpectedly, another Uzumaki has appeared, and hes also the Kyuubis Jinchuriki, which made Kimimaro and the others extremely shocked!

“Well, how can I explain it, Kushina has only half of the Kyuubis Chakra inside her body, and the other half has been divided into several parts, the largest is now inside Uzumaki Narutos boy.”

“Narutos mother is also a member of the Uzumaki Clan. Uzumaki Mei used to be a good friend of Kushina, but she was attacked when Naruto was born and died protecting him.”

Naito picked up the simplest words to explain the situation, with that Kimimaro and the others finally came back to their senses, and looked at Naruto differently now, they no longer belittled him but took him seriously.

Kimimaro didnt care how strong is Gaara, nor how strong his Jinchuriki. He was more focused now on Uzumaki Naruto, the Kyuubis Jinchuriki.

After all, he once fought Kushina, although it was just a spare, he was, of course, miserable, he couldnt even get close to her, Kimimaro, who was very proud of his speed and strength, found out that in these aspects hes not even close to Kushina.

Having seen and experienced the strength of Kushina that crushed him once, he couldnt naturally underestimate the strength of Kyuubi.

Kimimaro knew that since Naito mentioned them specifically, theyre worthed opponents.

Noticing Kimimaros sharp eyes, Naito suddenly chuckled: “If youre that interested, just go and play.”


Kimimaro was obviously a little surprised, he didnt expect Naito to say that, and he couldnt help but look at him.

Naito smiled slightly and said, “Im going to see where the other team leaders are gathered, Ill sign you up, you can go and have fun.”

After saying that, Naito disappeared, leaving the three behind.

Kimimaros eyes flickered, then he bowed down to the direction where Naito had just left, “Thank you, Naito-Sama!”

When he looked up again, a touch of great interest appeared in his eyes. With a flicker, he rushed directly to them.

Haku, on the side, smiled slightly, then followed.


As for Karin, she was irritated. She wanted to stay with Naito more than Naruto and Sasuke, but he suddenly disappeared, and she couldnt even perceive the direction he took. Looking helpless, she followed Haku and Kimimaro.


“Hey, whats your name?”

Looking at three, who turned around and were about to leave, Sasuke jumped from the tree and asked.

Temari turned around, then responded while she looked extremely flattered, “Ah!! M-Me…?”

“No, the gourd guy.”

Sasuke ignored Temari and stared at Gaaras back.

Gaara turned around, glanced at Sasuke, then said lightly: “Gaara of the Sand… Im also very interested in you, whats your name?”

“Uchiha Sasuke.”

Sasuke looked at him, while his eyes were flashing with inexplicable light, Gaara then turned to leave, but suddenly stopped.

At that moment, another voice emitted from the side.

“Uchiha Sasuke…”

Who is this?!

This voice made both of them startle. They turned their heads and looked to the left, and they saw a handsome young boy with long white hair falling on his shoulder.

Its Kimimaro.

“This guy… where did he come from?!”

Both were stunned, in fact, Kimimaros sudden appearance shocked Sasuke more than Gaaras.

Because Gaara suddenly appeared in the rear, but Kimimaro flickered in the middle of the two on the left.

Temari, Kankuro, Naruto, Sakura, never found out how Kimimaro came out, but his speed was much faster than Gaaras!

Before Sasuke could ask about Kimimaros identity, the latters sentence made Sasukes expression change, and a strong killing intent erupted throughout his body.

“Youre Uchiha Itachis younger brother… But it seems that theres nothing special about you, youre so weak.”

Kimimaro looked calmly at him. Sasuke didnt even react to his speed, and he seemed that he didnt even know which direction he came from, hes really not comparable to Itachi.

Although Sasuke is much younger than Itachi, Kimimaro was only two years older than him.

When Kimimaro was 13 years old, he was much stronger than the current Sasuke. At least he could perceive his speed, even though he couldnt react to it.

There are three ways to express the speed gap. The first one is that although its fast, it can still be avoided and counterattacked.

The second is that its so fast that even the eyes cant follow it, and the body cant keep up to it, thus naturally, you cant react to it nor avoid it.

As for the third type, its invisible, the eyes simply cant see it.

“What are you talking about?”

Uchiha Itachi was always Sasukes limit, he himself didnt want to speak of his name, but Kimimaro spoke of him so lightly, and he even compared Itachi to him, then he dared to say that hes so weak.

This is simply ignited the anger in Sasukes heart!

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