The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 431: Frozen

Chapter 430: One Strike Sasuke

Konoha alleyway.

There was no building on the side, just wooden boards were lined up like fences, slightly higher than people, and in the middle is a p moderately wide roadway.

The wind blew through, bringing a bitter icy breeze.

Sakura and Naruto have never seen this side of Sasuke. Both were stunned, and there was a trace of cold sweat on their forehead.

At this time, Sasuke has already opened the Sharingan, which made him look scarier while revealing his killing intent.

Seeing Sasuke in such a state, Gaara frowned slightly, he didnt expect Sasuke to have such a side.


Kimimaro stood there calmly, ignoring Sasukes cold stares and his crazy killing intent, and looked at his eyes, feeling a little bit surprised.

“Its just one tomoe Sharingan eyes, youre really incomparable to Uchiha Itachi.”

“Youre not allowed… to mention that name in front of me!!”

Sasuke heard Kimimaro mentioning Itachis name yet again, and could no longer suppress that crazy killing intent in his heart. He rushed directly toward him.

Seeing Sasuke closing in, Kimimaro looked at him faintly, as if he was looking at an ant, and then rushed toward him.


The moment the two got closer, Kimimaros figure suddenly seemed like it has turned into a phantom, and a flashed quickly like lightning and appeared again behind Sasuke!

Sasuke wants to turn over, but his body got pinned to the ground with dozens of long bones, that nailed him to the ground.

Although none of these bones directly penetrated his body, his clothes were nailed to the ground and made him unable to move. Even when he desperately screamed, he couldnt get rid of these bones.

All of this happened almost instantly.


Although he saw how Sasuke was behaving strangely, Naruto was still worried about him, no matter what Sasuke becomes, he was still his companion, and he cant just ignore him.

Seeing Sasuke was instantly defeated by Kimimaro, Narutos forehead was filled with cold sweat, looking at this with great disbelief.

How can this guy… be so strong?!

On the other side, although Gaara didnt shed cold sweat, his eyes flashed with inexplicable light, revealing a touch of shock. Obviously, Kimimaros speed was also beyond his expectations.

“What are these…”

At this time, Naruto and Sakra were already running toward Sasuke to get rid of bones. However, they couldnt break even one of them.

Anxiously, Naruto took out a Kunai and slashed it hard, trying to cut off the bone, but to his horror, he couldnt cut it, and the Kunai got damaged!

At this moment, Sakura finally found out that these bones were really, and with a panicked expression on her face, she withdrew her hand, and couldnt help but take a few steps back.

“These things are real bones?!”

As soon as this sentence was spoken, the people around were even more horrified.

Even Kankuro and the other felt a cold chill on the back of their necks.

“Damn it! This bastard!!”

Sasuke struggled hard, but couldnt break free, so he gritted his teeth looking at Kimimaro, and said, “How did you know that person?! What kind of relationship you two shares!”

“Hes my enemy.”

Kimimaro looked at Sasuke indifferently and said: “Hes very strong, hes the only person Ive recognized as my rival. Hes the man I want to defeat. As for you… I thought that since youre his brother, you will be stronger, but now Im very disappointed.”

Very disappointed… Disappointed… Disappointing…

The last word echoed in Sasukes mind. Even after all of these years, he was still thinking of what happened that night, and he couldnt help but remember at this moment how Itachi told him that he wasnt even qualified to kill him.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!!!

Under his violent range, Sasuke closed his eyes slightly, then when they appeared again, a pair of three tomoe Sharingan showed up!

The nearest Naruto and Sasuke didnt notice the change, but Kimimaro did, although he was surprised, he shook his head, because he was still far worse than Itachi.

Even with these eys, Sasuke cant just jump to Itachis level, and he couldnt even bear using these eyes, after opening it, he took a few breaths then fainted out.

Seeing Sasuke easily defeated by Kimimaro, Gaara was insanely excited.

Only when such an enemy is killed, he can feel his existence!

“Are you also here to take the Chunin Joint Exam?” Looking at Kimimaro in front of him, Gaaras voice sounded creepily excited.

Kankuro and Temari in the rear couldnt help but swallow, feeling that they shouldnt stay here any longer.

“Rain Village, Kaguya Kimimaro.”

Looking at Gaara, who was revealed his excitement and fierceness, Kimimaro replied calmly, then frowned slightly, wondering why each one of them seems like a lunatic.

Itachis calmness, how he gasps every detail in the battle, his manners, Kimimaro hardly saw any of that in Sasuke. As for Gaara, he seemed even crazier than Sasuke.

On the contrary, the Kyuubis Jinchuriki, who was beside him. Although he looked weaker and a bit silly, he seemed normal.

“Although the exam didnt start yet, I cant help it…”

Gaaras grinned and smirked, starting terrifyingly at Kimimaro. Inside the gourd behind him, the stand has already flowed out, and gradually spread in the alleyway.

Kimimaro stood peacefully in the field, without the slightest fear.


Suddenly, the sand rushed to Kimimaro crazily and looked like it was gonna devour him directly, then crush him.

However, in the face of this attack, Kimimaro just waved his hand, and two bones suddenly came out of his arm. Waving his bones blades, Kimimaro quickly scattered the sand.

“Sand? This is interesting.”

Kimimaro snorted, then suddenly stretched out his hands at Gaara.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

Suddenly a series of bangs were heard from Gaaras side, Kimimaros fingertips suddenly spurted out of his finger and flew toward Gaara like bullets, and the sand that Gaara used to defend himself was directly penetrated!

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