The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 431: Frozen

didnt stop him now, we wouldnt be able to recover after the releasing is complete.” Haku looked at Karin with an embarrassed expression and apologized to her.

Karin couldnt handle Haku, who was always extremely gentle. So she only shook her head helplessly.

“Forget it, its almost time to go, causing such a big movement, will cause Konohas shinobi to come out.”

“Lets go.”

Kimimaro nodded with a touch of disappointment in his eyes, then turned away. In the Chunin Exam, he might get the chance to see how strong is the so-called Kyuubis Jinchuriki.

Haku also nodded but looked at the field again and walked to another direction.

Crack! Crack!!

With his little hand, Haku gently broke the bones that trapped Sasuke. The bones instantly froze into ice, then all shattered easily.

Sasuke was finally free, but neither Naruto nor Sakura thought that Haku would come over and help Sasuke out of this trouble, which made their expressions freeze.

“Than… Thanks.”

Naruto held the unconscious Sasuke, and looked at Haku, then thanked him embarrassedly.

“Youre welcome.”

Haku smiled, it was hard to believe that this person was the one who froze the field a moment ago.

Naruto looked at Haku, who turned around and was about to leave, they couldnt help but ask, “Big Sister, are you also here to take the Chunin Exam?”

“Yes, were the Rain Ninjas, who came here to take the Chunin Exam.” After nodding, Haku turned around again and took two steps, then suddenly stopped and said, “Also, Im a man.”


Naruto felt like if he was hit hard on the head and stood there with a dull expression. As a result, he couldnt no longer hold Sasuke, who was still unconscious, and the two fell to the ground again.

Sakuras mouth twitched, and then couldnt help but look at the entire frozen street.

As for Temari and Kankuro, it seemed that the danger dispelled, so they walked back carefully, but when they heard Hakus last words, the two suddenly looked stiff.

They looked at the frozen street, and Gaara, who was frozen, and both couldnt help but swallow.

The Rain Village ninjas… who came here to take…

These words were like firecrackers that were blowing up and down in their minds. Both of them felt like going back home quickly. This is not a place where they can stay in at all. They thought that they were already very good. But it seems that it was only their imagination.

This is not a Chunin Exam any longer. Its a monsters party!


Karin looked helplessly at Haku and said.

“Do they have anything to do with you?”

“No, its just that he was nailed like that. Even if Konoha Shinobis came over, they wouldnt break him free easily, so I thought I would do him a favor this way.” Haku smiled at Karin.

Kimimaro and Karin, who have been long ago used to Hakus tenderness, shook their head, then continued to move forward, but Karin then couldnt help but feel that she needs to vomit.

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