The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 435: The First Tes

Chapter 434: Kakashi and Gai

Even Kakashi and others, who had roughly guessed it before, could not keep calm when hearing Naitos words, but show some astonishment.

No matter how you think about it, it is impossible to imagine that the Rain Team Leader will be Naito!

This Joint Chunin Exam is indeed very important to the major villages, but it is absolutely unimportant to the point that God of Shinobi, Yuu Naito, will come to participate in it personally.

The Third Hokage was completely stunned, so he didnt know how to deal with it, and could only show a slightly embarrassed smile, saying: “Shame on me, you didnt just wait alone for a while, but I also failed to greet you, Its my fault as the Hokage, Im very sorry.”

At the same time, Hiruzen couldnt help but think of the report he had obtained before. There was a conflict between the Genins, but the attack range of the Rain Genin was too late.

He didnt think it was anything, but apparently knowing now that Naito is leading the team himself, Sarutobis heart couldnt help but tremble, but he hides it behind his smiley face.

Im afraid this Chunin Exam is no longer a simple one.


In a very large hall, the elite ninjas of the major villages were sitting.

Hiruzen left, and the list of the applicants for the Chunin Exam is complete. Next, its time to deal with Konohas own participants and prepare for the exam.

Most of the ninjas on the scene were Jonin, but there was also Special Jonin. They are all famous around the Shinbo World, and they know a lot about each other.

However, they rarely talked; most of the people seemed a little nervous, and from time to time, they looked in one direction with fear.

Naito was sitting casually on a single sofa, with a table in front of him.


Kurenai Yuhi came over with a cup of tea and sat on a chair next to Naito. At the same time, she handed another cup to Naito, while her face was full of respect and admiration.

She didnt have the chance to talk to Naito last time. She also didnt notice how Naito didnt change much, as if time didnt affect him.

Although Tsunade has the Yin Seal and shes almost youthful forever, that technique is not compared to Naitos situation, there will always be some differences in details.

“You dont need to be so polite.”

Naito smiled at her slightly and then turned to look at Kakashi and Gai sitting on the opposite side of the room.

Kakashi has seen him not long ago, but Gai didnt.

Gain talked about Lee to Naito.

“Lee, hes really a genius, not just a hard worker… In such a short period, he managed to open the fifth gate, and even I couldnt do that at his age.”

Gai praised Lee a lot. Compared to Neji and Tenten, hes more fit as his disciple.

Naito actually listened very speechlessly.

But speaking of it, Lee is indeed a genius, at least when it comes to the Hachimon Tonkou.

“Gai, dont you know that its very harmful to pass such a forbidden technique to your student without permission?” Kakashi watched Gai showing off there, so he teased him.

Of course, Gai looked at him, then said, “You know nothing about him? That kid showed his persistence, and I approved.”

Looking at Gai and Kakashi, who seemed to be quarreling, Kurenai next to Naito showed a helpless expression, covering her forehead.

Seeing that Naito didnt have an angry expression on his face, she felt relieved. Speaking of seniority, although Naitos presence was very strong, it didnt give the kind of feeling that hes difficult to communicate with.

“By the way, Naito-Sama, it seems that the three children you brought are very strong. My student Sasuke seems to has been defeated in a flash while using his Sharingan.”

Kakashi was too lazy to argue with Gai, but suddenly remembered his students, and couldnt help but look at Naito, and ask.

When Gain heard Kakashis words, he also stopped arguing. Looking all surprised, he said: “To defeat a Sharingan user that quickly, is really something amazing.”

After hearing Kakashi mentioning Kimimaro, Naito smirked, then said, “If youre that interested, Kakashi, you can try your luck with them.”

When this sentence was spoken, the people around Naito were a little surprised.

Gain and Kurenai clearly knew how strong Kakashi is. If Gai doesnt open the Seventh Gate, he wouldnt be able to win against him.

But Naito clearly meant that even Kakashi cant win against the Rain Genin Trio!

“No, do you mean…”

Kakashi seemed to have realized something, and his eyes widened suddenly.

Gais reaction was a bit slow, but at the same time, Kurenai thought of something. She looked at Naito in amazement and said, “Are they actually your senior disciples Naito?!”

“No, they are not.”

Naito shook his head, making Gai and Kakashi slightly relieved, but the next sentence made everyone stunned again.

Naito paused to take a sip out of his tea, then said lightly: “I just took care of all of them at a young age and trained them personally.”

Kakashi: “…”

Gai: “…”

How strong these kids, who had the chance to be trained by Naito personally from a young age, only Gai and Kakashi could understand that, because both of them also had the opportunity to have Naitos guidance a few times!

Moreover, being trained by him from a young age is even worse!

The other candidates wont even make it out alive!

Gai and Kakashi looked at each other stiffly.

“Cough, I suddenly felt that Neji should wait another year.”

“I also think Naruto is too tender.”

On the other side, Kurenais expression also became a bit stiff. Although she had not been directed by Naito, her student Hinata was one of his disciples, and she knew how powerful his disciple can be!

Naitos methods can turn such a weak young kid into a powerful beast… which made her couldnt help but think about the consequences of making her team participate in the Chunin Exam.

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