The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 436: Who Is Naito

Chapter 435: The First Tes

Without staying in the reception that was prepared for the Team Leaders, Naito just casually chatted with Kakashi, Gai, and Kurenai for a while, then left Konoha.

He didnt worry about Kimimaro and the other two safety, since theyre in Konoha no one will dare o to harm them, and even if someone was that stupid, it would be impossible to deal with the three of them.

After Naito left, Kakashi quickly went to find Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura.

“Although things are kind of unexpected, I still recommend you to take the Chunin Exam.”

Looking at the three, Kakashi said while sounded a little lazy, then a slight look of surprise appeared on his face because he could feel that Sasuke seemed to change a lot.

Hearing Kakashis words, Sasuke continued to bow his in silence, while Naruto looked excited, then cheered and jumped straight up.

Seeing Narutos attitude was still expected. Kakashi rolled his eyes and then looked solemnly at the three of them, saying:” However, I want to remind you that you should surrender immediately if you encounter the Rain Team.

“If you surrounder, they wont attack.”

Naruto, who was extremely excited, immediately remembered what happened to them before, when Kakashi said this. When he remembered Kimimaros scary bones and Haku freezing the street, his movement suddenly became stiff, and couldnt help but swallow his saliva.

Sakura, on the side, wasnt excited from the beginning, feeling uneasy.

As for Sasuke, he seemed the strangest. At first, when Kakashi recommended participating in the Chunin Exam, he bowed his head expressionlessly, but when he heard the latters sentence, he suddenly raised his head with a cold stare in his eyes.

“No, if we meet them again, I will win!”

In Sasukes eyes, the pair of the Sharingan glowed with a cold touch.

Kakashi noticed Sasukes eyes, and his brows suddenly winkled slightly.

Three tomoe?

He really growing quickly, but hes still a lot weaker than Itachi. But even with these eyes, Im afraid he wont have a chance to win against these three.

When Naruto looked at Sasuke, he didnt feel any fear, of course, he wouldnt be afraid anymore, and he also clenched his fist. He smiled then and said, “Thats it, we will never lose to them. You can rest assured, Kakashi-Sensei!”

In fact, not only Kakashi intentionally reminded his students, even Kurenai and Gai also said the same to their teams, try not to fight with the Rain Team, it would be better if you just surrounder.

If Naito didnt assure them that the Rain Team wont attack anyone who surrenders, Gai and Kurenai would have already withdrawn their teams from the Chunin Exam.

In Kurenais team, Hinata may be okay and qualified to participate, but Kiba and Shino are much weaker. This was the same case in Gais Team. Although Lee is very strong, and Neji also a genius, but they still didnt reach the level of a Jonin.


Konoha, on a dark street.

Orochimaru folded his arm on his chest, then leaned against the wall. His evil snake pupils gave a terrifying feeling in the dark.

At this time, Kabuto appeared next to Orochimaru.

“Orochimaru-Sama, this is the intelligence gathered.”


Orochimaru took the report, glanced at it, then smirked, saying: “I really didnt expect that the Rain Village would let Kimimaro and Karin take the exam. And Yuu Naito would come to Konoha personally as their Team Leader.”

“Orochimaru-Sama, since Naito-Sama is here, will it affect the plan?” Fixing his glasses, a look of awe appeared on Kabutos face.

Orochimaru shook his head, then said, “Despite this, I actually expected that he would come. Among the people in her, there are a few who he cares about after all. Its normal for him to come to Konoha. But this will just make the execution of the plan a little more interesting.”

Speaking of which, Orochimarus eyes flashed with an inexplicable color.

What Orochimaru now wants more than anything is, of course, a suitable body for him and the Eternal Mongekyou Sharingan.

Orochimaru naturally knows how to awaken his Eternal, but for him, this wont be an easy goal to achieve. Since only two people left from the Uchiha Clan.

Orochimaru has encountered Uchiha Itachi before. Although he had a Mongekyou Sharingan, he found it difficult to defeat Itachi even though hes stronger than the Original.

So, he focused on Sasuke.

“This exam is gonna be very interesting. The Ichibi, the Kyuubi, Kimimaro, Uzumaki Karin, Sasuke…” Orochimaru murmured with creepy evil eyes on his face.


Konoha, the Ninja Academy.

The academy was full of the Genin who graduated from Konoha and wearing their personal forehead protections, and some other from different villages.

On the second floor, two examiners were watching them. Although the writing test didnt begin yet, the actual test starts from the moment they put their steps in the academy and submitted their applications.


Lee, wearing his tight green pants, flew out and fell to the ground feeling a little embarrassed.

“You dared to take the exam with this kind of strength!”

“Brother, I advise you to go home.”

The two examiners at the door pretended to be Genin and snorted, looking at Lee.

“Youre weak.”


The two examiners pretended to bully him and stood there arrogantly.

Seeing how Lee got beaten and didnt punch back, Tenten tushed over: “Please, let go of him.”

Seeing how Tenten came over and didnt notice the transformation technique he was using, feeling guilty, he couldnt help but continue to play the role of the bully and tried to slap her.

But at that moment, a hand suddenly reached over and grabbed his arm!


The examiner got startled. Although he didnt use his full strength nor his full speed, he actually couldnt see when this hand came out and blocked him!

It other words, the person who blocked him appeared in front of the examiner in an instant, and he couldnt react at all!

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