The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 437: Naitos information Card

Chapter 436: Who Is Naito

Even the two examiners failed to react, then present Genins were naturally more unresponsive, and they all looked shocked, including Lee and Tenten.

Sasuke, who was moving forward in the crowd, also looked somewhat shocked.

He didnt know the person who appeared suddenly, but Naruto and Sakura knew him and couldnt help but exclaim at the same time.

“Its him!”

The person who suddenly appeared was Haku from the Rain Team.

Sasuke had fainted when Haku appeared, so he didnt see him, but when he saw Kimimaro and Karin coming out to his side, Sasuke suddenly understood.

Someone who can have this speed is probably one of that Rain Shinobi Team.

“Sorry, if you want to fight, first cancel the transformation technique, then let us go.”

Haku blocked the examiners hand that was aiming at Tenten, but his tone didnt seem cold; instead, it sounded soft.

The two examiners looked at each other, with shocked gazes. At this time, they also noticed the symbol on both Haku and Kimimaros forehead protectors.

“Its truly impressive to actually find out about an examiners disguise…”

The two fell back and, at the same time, released the Transformation Technique without trying to fight back.

The two of them knew the special circumstances of the Rain Team, and even knew that these three are not actually Genin, but when they saw Hakus speed right now, they still couldnt calm themselves down.

“these three… are really strong.”

Neji, Lee, and the others looked at the Rain Team with a dignified expression, they were also informed by Gai that these three are terribly strong. And that speed can already explain a lot of things.

Standing there in amazement, Tenten finally reacted, it was Haku who blocked this attack, although she was also shocked by his speed, she couldnt help but feel thankful to him.

Haku smiled, then walked off with Kimimaro and Karin.

The first test has failed to be arranged because of Haku, so they didnt stay there and left directly. As for the other Genins, they just calmed themselves after a while, then entered one after another to the examination room.

The room was full.

Kimimaro and others who stepped in first were sitting casually in a corner, ignoring the noises around, as if the others didnt even exist.

Naruto and Sasuke, who walked in, saw how full the room was with Genins from around the world, and couldnt help but feel shocked. After all, this was the first time they take the Chunin Exam.

Ino didnt jump on Sasuke like she did in the original. She looked at Kimimaro, who was sitting in the corner with his eyes closed, he seemed like he didnt care about the outside world.

Almost all of the ninja present seemed fierce and evil, but Kimimaro is the only one who looked only handsome and cool. Although Haku didnt wear his Kimono, he looked beautiful rather than handsome.

Soon, except for Gais Team, the other nine teams who graduated in the same year all gathered together.

However, everyone was focused on The Rains trio in the corner.

Because almost everyone was warned by their Team Leaders to not provoke the Rain Team. Once encountered by them, they were ordered to immediately surrounder.

“It seems that you have all been warned too.” Shikamaru Naras looked sharp as he was frowning at Kimimaro.

Even his team was warned by Asuma, so he estimated that everyone was warned too. With this considered, he started to think that the threat has raised to a very high degree.

“It seems theyre Naito-Senseis disciples.”

Theres no doubt that Hinata is the only one who calls Naito, Sensei. She looked at Kimimaro and Haku and the other one, and a touch of curiosity appeared on her face.

At this time, Kimimaro and others also looked right at Hinata, because they also achieved the second stage of the Sage Mode Transformation, and they could sense the Natural Energy around her.

In this place, theres no Genin who can use natural energy, so they easily determined her identity.

“Shes Naito-Samas disciple.”

“Yea, theres no doubt.”

“Shes Hyuga Hinata.”

Kimimaro, Haku, and Karin felt a little envious. Being Naitos disciple is equivalent to being recognized by Naito. Up to now, none of them were really recognized by Naito as his disciples.

Perhaps Karins relationship is even closer to Kushina more than Naito.

However, no matter how jealous they felt, they never showed any disobedience, because this is Naitos will.

They will absolutely obey Naitos will, and will not question it at all.


Sakura looked at Hinata in astonishment and said, “You addresses Naito-Sama by Sensei?!”

Sakura exclamation made everyones eyes locked on Hinata. At that moment, Hinata didnt dare to look up, and she weakly said: “Yes.”

Naruto and Sasuke were also stunned. They both know from Kakashi that he was only directed once by Naito; thus, he was a senior more than a teacher to him.

But among the nine teams who graduated together, one of them was actually Naitos disciple?!

But Hinata doesnt seem to be very strong.

“Hey, who the hell is this Naito?!”

Ino looked at them and asked strangely.

Akimichi Choji, Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, and the others also looked at Hinata curiously, but this only made Hinata bow his her shyly and stop talking.

The expression on Shikamarus face became very dignified when he heard the name, Naito. He was a smart kid with a very high IQ, although he had never seen him, he heard of Naito.

As long as he heard of him, he will never forget who he is. But he wasnt prepared to talk, because he feels that it may cause trouble to talk about Naito casually.

But at this time, a medic ninja who sneaked into Konoha as a spy was standing among the crowd. He first looked at Kimimaro and the other, with a clear trace of fear in his eyes, then he turned to look at Konohas Genins.

Looking at Naruto, Sasuke, and the others, his eyes flashed under the round-framed glasses.

Uchiha Sasuke, the younger brother of Itachi… The Kyuubis Jinchuriki, Uzumaki Naruto… Kind of interesting.

“I hope a few of them would be actually good enough.”

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