The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 437: Naitos information Card

ut the same age as you, and theyre ranked Genin, but you should never treat them by their rank.”

Kabuto fixed his glasses, revealing a solemn look.

Once again, they heard Naitos name from Kabuto, and he even addressed him respectfully, while his tone was very solemn, which made the other feel more curious.

“So, is there any information about Naito-Sama?”

“Yes, I have.”

Kabuto nodded directly, looking at these Genins twinkling eyes, he said, “But, are you sure you want to see it?”

All of them looked at each other, then nodded, including Naruto and Sasuke, who heard a little about Naito from Kakashi. They also wanted to know more detailed information.

Kabuto nodded and draw the bottom card directly from the stack.

“Yuu Naito, the Strongest Shinobi, respected by the Five Major Village as the God of Shinobi, recognized by the Shinobi World as man at the top of all ninjas. Hes a member of the Kusanagi Clan, grew up in Konoha, and was unknown at first, then discovered his bloodline limit, the Earth-Quake Release, and became Konohas Genius of all the time defeating the Fourth Hokage on the finals.”

“The number of specific missions is unknown. In the Second Shinobi World War, he defeated thousands of ninja teams in the Rock Village with his own strength, laying the victory between Konoha and the Rain Village.”

“Later Lord Naito and Hatake Sakumo joined forces to defeat the Third Tsuchikage, Onoki, completely destroying the Rocks Forces, which caused them to withdrew from the Second Shinobi World War.”

“Later, Lord Naito, as the leader, teamed up with Konohas Legendary Sannin, and they stopped the Demi-God, Hanzo the Salamander. With this, Konoha won the war.”

“After the war was over, the world entered the second phase of local wars. Konoha burst into the territory of the Land of the Wind, but because the environment of the dessert was tough, the forces couldnt last a long time. Thus, Lord Naito attacked the Sand Village alone and killed the strongest Kazekage of all the time. The fight between him and the Third Kazekage caused a lot of destruction, and by the end, the Sand Village was completely destroyed.”

“Later, in the same way, Naito attacked the Cloud Village alone and beheaded the Third Raikage. The Rain was defeated. And with that, the Second Shinobi World War was officially over, and Naito was regarded by everyone as the new Demi-God, and people called him Konohas Ashura!”

Speaking of this, Kabuto couldnt help but to stop and calm himself for a moment. Even though he read this information a lot of times, it was still difficult for him to suppress the shock in his heart.

Naito was so powerful that a Major Village was nothing to him, he went in and out as if he was walking in a park, and killed the strongest Kage of each village at will.

Kabuto himself was shocked and amazed, although he knew all of that, so you can imagine how shocked Naruto, Sasuke, and the other were; their minds actually went completely blank!

He noticed the expression on Narutos face and couldnt help but smirk, saying, “At that time, Lord Naito was less than fifteen years old, just one year or two older than most of you.”

This sentence struck Naruto and the other like a lightning bolt, which made it even hard for them to simply think!

“By the way, after the end of the Second Shinobi World War, Lord Naito was only regarded as the Demi-God of Shinobi, so it isnt over yet.”

Halfway through the story, watching the dull expression on Konoahs Genin, Kabuto couldnt help but laugh inside. He had the same feeling when he first learned about the information.

“In the second war, Lord Naito only played a key role, while in the third, he has completely dominated all the battlefields!”

“The outbreak of the Third Shinobi World War was due to Lord Naitos action. But he was also the one who used his own power to end it!”

“Ending a ninja war with ones own strength, made the world peaceful again. After that, Naito-Sama became regarded by the entire world as The God of Shinobi. And even recognized as the strongest of all times!”

With that, Kabuto abruptly stopped talking, but hes words kept echoing in everyones minds.

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