The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 439: Orochimaru

Chapter 438: Forest Of Death

Looking at all the dull expressions in front of him, Kabuto slightly lowered his head with a hidden evil smirk: “Ah, and he even defeated every Bijuu on the battlefield and helped to seal them, he was simply unstoppable. But he later disappeared from the world for a while, and not many people saw him, but rumors say that he got even stronger.”

After he finished talking, Kabuto was no longer interested to see any more reaction from Konoahs young Genin. He simply turned and walked away.

Even if they heard from Kakashi that Naito was the strongest Shinobi in the ninja world, hearing these shocking events, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were extremely shocked.

As for the others, except for a hint of admiration on Hinatas face, no one seemed to keep calm.

Even the potato chips in Chojis hands slipped silently and fell on the ground, without him even noticing.

“Naito-Sama, I didnt know that hes such a person, this is really…”

It took Sakura a while to react, then she couldnt help but murmur, thinking about how lucky she was to be rescued by Naito before.

As Kabuto said, Naito rarely appeared in the world again after the end of the Third World War, which made her feel even more fortunate to see Naito in action again. Although it was only a wave from his hand, only a fraction of his power, the scene was still vivid in her mind.

“So, this is what his identity turned out to be.”

After Sasuke took a deep breath, his eyes flashed with inexplicable light, and he couldnt help but look at Kimimaro and the other two in the distance with an extremely sharp stare.

Sasuke never thought about defeating someone like Naito. All that he wanted is the power to kill Uchiha Itachi, and nothing more. And the way Kimimaro talked about Itachi gave Sasuke a hint that even he couldnt defeat him.

In this case… as long as he can defeat Kimimaro and the other three, he should be able to get Naitos attention. And get a step closer to killing Uchiha Itachi!

Sasuke clenched his fist tightly, with a cold look on his face.

Sakura noticed Sasukes expression and couldnt help but take a step back. She didnt dare to get closer to him like the before. After she saw how Sasuke was defeated by Kimimaro, her emotions became unstable, and from time to time, she even felt scared of him.

But she couldnt help but think of Naito again. It seems that Naito has ended the war at the age of fourteen years old, and became the God of Shinobi. Compared to Sasuke… well, theyre incomparable.

Thinking of Naitos appearance, Sakura couldnt help but feel a little infatuated.

At this time, a burst of white smoke burst in, and an indifferent voice suddenly emitted in the classroom, catching everyones attention.


From that smoke, a large group of examiners came out. Among them, there was one huge guy with scary scars on his face, and he was Ibiki Morino.

“The first test of the Chunin Joint Exam officially begins now!”


The first test ended quickly, and the same way as the original, because of Naruto, many people managed to pass.

After the first exam, Anko appeared all excitedly with her scandalous outfit. All of the people present felt speechless for a while, and even Ibiki seemed like he couldnt stand her, and shook his head helplessly.

Even though Anko has grown up now, there is no slight change in her cheerful and lively personality. The only difference from the original is her rank, shes now a Jonin, not a special Jonin.

Her real strength has fully reached the level of an Elite Jonin, or even stronger. This naturally a determination of what Naito granted her, which is far stronger than her cursed seal from the Original. She even managed to finish the Second Stage of the Sage Mode Transformation over the years.


Outside of the Forest of Death.

Watching all of the candidates take their respective scrolls, then walk to the entrance of the Forest of Death, Anko finally took a breath of relief.

“Its finally over.”

The second exam has officially started. All of the candidates entered the forest, which gave Anko the chance to finally relax a little bit, revealing a wide grin on her face.

“Im curious to know how many of them will survive.”

With such a grin on her face, she said these creepy words; she really had a complex personality.

Hearing some movement in the forest, Anko smirked, then turned around and said, “Well, I can finally eat. I heard that theres a new flavor for the meatballs today.

Seeing how one of the examiners was about to leave the room to eat, the other examiners felt speechless.

Although some of them knew her… she still seemed kind of unreliable!

“Hehehe, you really havent changed Anko.”

At this moment, a chuckle came from the distance. When everyone turned to the direction of that voice, they saw someone walking toward them.

The moment she heard that voice, Ankos movements suddenly stopped, and all that energy she had a moment ago suddenly dissipated, and she abruptly froze.

“Hey, this a private room for the examiners of the Chunin Joint Exam, you can..wuaah…”

A young Shinobi directly stepped forward to block the intruder, but another Shinobi beside him hurriedly pulled him back with a horrified expression on his face.

“Im very sorry, Naito-Sama, please forgive his foolish.”

With the cold sweat falling off his forehead, the senior Shinobi put his hand on the back of the young Shinobis head and force it down, then he put a stupid smile on his face at and saluted Naito.

The young Shinobi didnt respond at first, but when he heard Naitos name, his body stiffened for a moment.

Naito-Sama?! Yuu Naito?

Why is Yuu Naito here?!

At that moment, he was scared to death too, trembling all over while looking at the snow-haired boy in front of him, who looked indeed very similar to the legendary Shinobi, Yuu Naito… but he looked too young!

Because of that, he didnt recognize him at first.

Anko, on the other side, of course, recognized Naito in an instant, and after freezing there for a moment, she looked extremely surprised and rushed toward Naito.

She always heard the news that Naito is in Konoha, but she would find out that he left already whenever she rushed to see him. Thus, it has been a while since the last time she saw him.

During these few days, she didnt get the chance to see Naito, so she has been feeling a bit sad. But she didnt expect that Naito would be the one to come and find her.


Anko flew directly toward Naito, then hugged him tightly with her whole body and hugged her arms on his neck.

Watching this, the other examiners jaws almost touched the ground from the surprise.

Even Naitos mouth was twitching, feeling a little bit speechless.

“Cough, cough… Eeh…”

The moment she realized what she had done, Anko immediately let go of Naito, then put one hand behind her back, and the other was touching the end of her hair while looking a little bit embarrassed.

“Im sorry, Naito-Sama. I havent seen you for a long time, and I got carried away by the moment…”

Anko said while feeling a little bit scared. She was afraid of making Naito angry, and she carefully looked up to see his face, but she found out that the latter was actually looking at her helplessly.

Anko really hasnt grown up at all.

The only person who would dare to make such an inexplicable rush toward Naito in addition to her is Kushina. Maybe Tsunade too, but she wouldnt do such a thing.

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