The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 44: Training

The Anbu department works directly under the order of the Hokage!

Its the last defense line of Konoha, and its the right solution to deal with any kind of situation!

Every member of the Anbu is at least a Chunin!

Any Anbu member who is lower then a Chunin is an alternate member like Naito.

The official members are divided into four teams.

Each team has a captain.

these captains need to be a high-ranked Ninja and they at least need to be at the same level as a Jonin.

One of these teams is the Hunter-nin Team.

The hunter-nin team is also divided into three squads, every squad has its own leader which is a high ranked ninja too!

This is the only team in the Anbu who has three leaders.

These three leaders, of course, need to be so strong, and will even have some strong forbidden skills, which makes them the strongest in the whole department!

And above all the leaders is the Anbu commander.

A complete set of an extremely perfect system.

There is 121 official member of the Anbu department.

Each one of them is an elite ninja!

Anbu dislikes letting anyone know their identities, and as such, most of Konohas citizens arent aware of who is and isnt an Anbu.

However, the most important function in Konoha is the Anbu department.

No matter whether its the roots, the Uchiha, or even the Sanju, the Anbu always comes first.

This is the Hokages function that controls everything in Konoha.

Anbu protects the village from exceptional threats, conduct high-risk missions into enemy territory, and deal with extremely strong ninja. They are also responsible for carrying out assassinations, tracking, surveillance, and missions requiring specially trained ninja.

Each Anbu has experienced much more training than ordinary ninjas.

Of course, an Alternate member, such as Naito, is more relaxed, and he will have simple tasks.

After he explained everything to Naito, the masked ninja handed him a mask and the gray uniform signed by a symbol that marks him as an alternate member.

Although these ninjas are not completely cold-hearted people like the roots, they already have been under the mask for so many years so they basically do not have many affections.

Even if it was a shocking situation to see a young man like Naito joining the Anbu, the masked guy didnt seem even concerned.

The only thing he was thinking of is Konoha.

Among the Anbu, almost every member is like this.

After receiving the mask and the uniform, Naito found out that the uniform was exactly tailored to his size.

After shaking his head, Naito immediately wore his uniform and put on his mask.

After he wore it, the feeling he had when he entered that he didnt belong to this place disappeared.

It seems like its not that hard to integrate with the Anbu.

Its indeed a strange feeling to hide behind the mask and look at the world.

I already start questioning my identity, thats what he thought of.

However, without dazing out any longer, Naito quickly walked to his destination.

The first place he heads for was the equipment department.

“Please give me a Chakra Induction Paper.”

Naito was a little bit curious about his Chakra nature.

Although, Naito knew that practicing Ninjutsu will be pointless in his situation and every Ninjutsu will need to be printed first and that waste a lot of time in the battle, but he thought it will be better if he knew whats his chakra nature anyway.

After all, in this world, theres a lot of special Shinobis and Naito will have to be ready for any kind of situation.

The person in the room was a lot different from the guy in Konoha shop.

He listened to Naito carefully without saying any words as he walked in and out of the room silently.

And finally, he passed a Chakra Induction Paper to Naito.

No questions, not even a single sentence.

This is the principle of the Anbu, doing tasks without asking any questions.

After taking the Chakra Induction Paper, Naito left the store then injected his chakra into it.

At the next moment, the paper wrinkled and then split in two from the middle.

“Wind and thunder… this is interesting.”

Although he only had two kinds of chakra nature, Naito felt a little bit happy.

Compared to Naruto who only had the wind at that time, its still way better.

Moreover, the three other elements he didnt have werent that important to him.

On the contrary, having Thunder including Wind is most effective.

Without forgetting about how strong the thunder users are, the Raikages for example.

In particular his Cloak of Lightning mode, this technique speeds up neural synapses reaction time and pushes physical prowess to the absolute limit allowing for tremendous raw speed.

A strong technique.

This is the technique that Naito always wanted, but its so hard to learn.

But now Naito learned that he has the thunder element. if by any chance he got his hand on that scroll he will definitely try and practice this technique.

However, even if he has it now, he will need to learn how to create and control thunder first.

In the original book, Sasuke managed to learn Chidori in just one month of time, Sasuke was a very talented fast learner Shinobi.

The thunder release can give you both strength and speed and that makes it a very effective element.

At the same time, Naito needed to think of a way to combine those two elements he has with his earthquake release.

Moreover, the wind and thunder now become the Combined Nature Transformations for the earthquake release.

His ability to create shocks wont be questioned anymore.

By using two or three basic nature transformations simultaneously, one can create a completely new elemental nature with unique properties that wouldnt exist on its own.

And theres already a lot of Shinobis who combined two elements to create a new one in the history.

Which mean his bloodline wont be a problem anymore.

Naito now has all the conditions, his ability wont be doubted again.

Naito walked away from the equipment store.

Although Naito wanted to customize his own practice equipment, he felt like he didnt need it for now. The mountains felt better for the meanwhile.

Theres no need for him to customise anything now.

after walking for a short time, Naito arrived to the storage room.

There was an Anbu on the door guarding the place.

After he saw Naito, he just opened the door for him.

It seems like anyone can fool them around and wear a mask to enter the place, but in reality, the department is well guarded.

There was a lot of people in the place which seemed like they are keeping an eye on everything happening in the department.

Its almost impossible to sneak in here.

He walked into the storage room.

There was a large number of scrolls.

Orderly divided into three sections.

Ninjutsu Section, Taijutsu Section, and Genjutsu Section.

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