The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 440: The Frustration of Sasuke

and as if the fire fell into the sea, it disappeared without leaving a trace.

Seeing this scene, Orochimarus eyes flickered, revealing a look of interest, then turned to the side.

Did they come too? This is even more interesting.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!!

In an instant, the three figures landed at the same time and appeared in front of Orochimaru. The look on their faces seemed slightly dignified, looking at him.

Kimimaro, Haku, and Karin know Orochimaru but didnt know about Orochimaru and Naitos agreement.

Although Orochimaru was disguising as a Genin from Kusagakure at the time, they could easily now it was him from his presence.


Kimimaro looked at Orochimaru, while narrowing his eyes slightly, then said with a cold tone: “Were following Naito-Sama whish to take the Joint Chunin Exam. Do you really want to destroy this exam?”

Although it was an inquiry, Kimimaro had already taken a fighting stance, while staring at Orochimaru coldly.

It was Naitos orders to take this Join Chunin Exam. In Kimimaros view, Naitos order itself is absolute, and he will never allow anyone who dares to try and intervene!

“At least, the little kid has grown up now.”

Looking at Kimimaro using his Mongekyou Sharingan, Orochimaru could feel how extremely strong Kimimaro was, and at the same, he could also feel Natural Energy flowing inside his body.

Orochimaru didnt learn Sage Mode, but he also obtained a physique similar to the first and second stages of the Transformation of the Sage Mode by transplanting Hashiramas cells.

However, this methods side effects are far greater than the Transformation, which allows the body to directly absorb the natural energy from the outside world.


Kimimaro snorted the moment he heard Orochimarus words and stood there fearless.

Upon seeing this, Orochimarus smiled evilly, and without adding any more words, he turned into a phantom directly and rushed toward Kimimaro.

He has always been very interested in Kimimaros bloodline limit, and also in Hakus. He had also studied Karins body a long time ago.

Looking at Orochimaru rushing over, Kimimaros expression became extremely clam as he entered his fighting state, then rushed to meet him.

At this time, Karin, who was standing by and watching Orochimaru rushing over, frowned slightly, looking hesitant.

“Strange… something is wrong!”

Boom! Boom!!

As the two passed by each other quickly, Kimimaros bone sword directly split Orochimaru into two halves, but these two suddenly became two complete clones of Orochimaru, then at the same time, struck Kimimaro directly.

Kimimaro blocked it with his bones and avoided being injured. He landed then steadily in the distance, with a strange expression on his face.

“Genjutsu? No!”

Looking at Orochimarus eyes, Kimimaro already knew that these were the same eyes as Itachis. The one that gives special abilities.

However, the power of Orochimarus special ability seems like it doesnt have anything to do with Genjutsu.

“His true body is there!”

At this time, Karin, who has been focusing his perceptual ability on finding him, suddenly pointed to one direction.

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