The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 443: Encounter

Chapter 442: Tragedy

“Ice Release: Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals!”

Haku is much stronger today than when he was in the original, so as his mirrors, they are now extremely huge and has more numbers.

Almost instantly, within a range of tens of meters around, mirrors appeared all over the place.

“Kimimaro, Haku, a large-scale attack formation!”

Seeing this, Karin took a breath, then released her power.

“Adamantine Sealing Chains!!”


Numerous sealing chains burst out directly out of her body, and they were one of the most iconic seals of the Uzumaki Clan. Its also extremely powerful, and it can even suppress the Kyuubi for a short time.

These chains spread out in an instant, and Orochimaru, who had limited movement options because of the ice mirrors, was finally wrapped in these chains.

“This technique…”

Looking at the chain crushing his body, and hearing the words Karin has shouted, Orochimarus squinted and screamed in pain.

However, no matter how loudly he screamed, two strong other screams emitted on the battlefield.

“Vengeful Strike! The Bracken Dance!”

“Ice Release! Thousand Kill Blasts!”


In an instant, the ice on the ground exploded completely, while countless bones pierced the ground and the layers of ice. In an instant, nearly 100 meters of the woods turned into a forest of bones!

At the same time, the ice gathered around and condensed, then exploded and started bombarding the forest making various cracking sounds.

It was like a flower of ice and bones, blooming in the Forest of Death, both beautiful and horrifying.

“Its over.”

The bones on Kimimaros body withdrew inside his body, then he landed to Karins side, Haku also walked to them, while his eyes were flashing with the reflections of the light on the ice.

“Its not over yet…”

After taking a deep breath, Karin showed a terrifying look in her eyes and said, “I can still feel his Chakra around. This guys vitality is really terrible!”

Hearing this sentence, Kimimaro immediately frowned slightly, and then said with a cold tone: “If hes not dead, then we will make sure to kill him next time!”

“The same trick wont work twice on me.”

A snake swam out among the rumbles of the ice and bones, and then suddenly opened its mouth, and Orochimaru came out of it all sticky.

Even though he looked extremely calm and relaxed, he was, in fact, very dignified deep inside. Although Kimimaro and Haku consumed a lot of their Chakra, he also used a lot of his Chakra.

Even without the Mongekyou Sharingan, Orochimaru is ranked at the peak of the Kage Level. However, the Mongekyou Sharingan didnt actually help him break through to the Super Kage Level, but it helped to strengthen him a little.

The three are close to the peak of the Kage Level rank. However, when they team up together, it can be said that theyre comparable to Orochimarus strength.

Its just that the blast of their movement is so strong.

The blast wave of a Kage-Level Shinobi can easily destroy the entire Forest of Death. Theres no way that the examiners didnt notice them.

“Theres no time, Konohas Jonin should be on their way, I must get their blood and Chakra before that.”

Looking at Kimimaro, Haku, and Karin, that evil look from before fade away, and it was replaced by a serious and solemn look.

However, just when the four of them were about to go for a second round, they suddenly stopped at the same time.

The distance between the four is only a few meters.

At this moment, the icy ground between Orochimaru and Kimimaro started cracking.

Crack! Crack!!

The moment this fragmentation appeared, it began to spread to the surrounding, the pace was very fast, and directly reach both sides where Orochimaru, and Kimimaro where standing. At the same time, it spread around the frozen trees, and to the huge bones created by Kimimaro!

Just in a few moments, dense cracks appeared on all the ice and the bones around the place.

Time seemed to stagnate as Orochimaru, and the other had already stopped moving.


Suddenly a sound similar to glass breaking emitted from all directions.

The ice in the entire forest and even the big bones all collapsed in an instant!

The ice got shattered, and green leaves and trees finally were freed from it without any damage.

It seemed as if this frozen forest has returned to its original state in an instant!

The ice and the bones were completely turned into powder as if they didnt appear in the first place.

Looking at this scene, Kimimaro didnt seem shocked, but showed a respectful expression and bowed to the figure that appeared silently.


The only person that can instantly freeze is Haku. And the only person who can wipe all of that as if it didnt happen is non but Naito.

“So far, youve done a good job.”

Naito nodded softly at the three. They managed to stand their ground against Orochimaru, and they even took a little advantage. Naito was quite satisfied.

Moreover, in Naitos view, if theyve continued to fight, the advantage of having Karin in the team, would have shown up, her healing and sensing ability would have kept them sharper than Orochimaru, and he would have likely lost in the end.

However, Orochimarus movement was a bit big. If they continued to play, the exam would have ended up being canceled.

“You really puts high standards, Yuu Naito, is this performance is just good?”

Looking at Naito, who appeared in the field, Orochimaru wasnt particularly surprised, but he instantly converged all of that momentum, took a deep breath, then said: “In my opinion, its already unexpectedly perfect performance.”

The words of Orochimarus didnt give the three any special expressions. For them, Orochimarus evaluation doesnt matter, and wont be as good as hearing Naito evaluating them by “Good Job.”

After hearing that, Naito looked at Orochimaru seriously and nodded, then walked toward Orochimaru and, at the same time, said: “Well, this is just good, as for perfection… Unexpected perfection should look this way!”

As soon as he said these words, Naito waved his fist at Orochimaru, who wanted to scream badly.

Although there was still a long distance between the two, when he saw Naito waving his fist at him, Orochimaru looked horrified.

Orochimaru didnt even have time to think, he sput blood directly, then the whole person few to the sky like a falling meteor and disappeared.

It turned out that even he can be bullied, its indeed unexpected… perfection…

“I always wanted to punch him.”

Looking at Orochimaru, who was blown away by his fist to god know where, Naito retracted his fist, then shook his head angrily.

Naito originally wanted to punch him when he saw how Orochimaru bullying Sasuke and Naruto, but he held back; as a result, Orochimaru even dared to fight Kimimaro and the other two to take some of their blood. He really deserved it!

Even if they can tell the difference between the true one or the clone, Orochimaru needed only a moment of hesitation to finish them.

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