The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 445: Breaking the Strongest Defense

Chapter 444: Hinata Vs Gara

Watching this scene, Kiba was so scared that he almost fell off the tree. He felt chills on the back of his neck, and the sweat started falling off his forehead.

“What is this!!!”

“I think we should go.” Shino, on the side, was still calm and said seriously.

“It seems that its too late.”

Hinata, standing on the right, responded weakly, as she was watching the sand sweeping directly toward them.

No good!

Kiba was horrified; he has just seen the Waterfall Genin directly getting crushed by this sand. He didnt dare to fight back or block that sand, so he immediately backed away.

However, the sand condensed, and like a wave, it covered the three of them underneath it!

Far away.

“Its the scroll that we need, lucky! Its all done… Oi, Gaara, we can go!”

After holding the scroll, Kankuro saw how Gaara attack Hinata and the others, and he tried to stop him.

“Shut up!”

Gaara responded, with evident killing intent in his eyes, saying: “Im not satisfied yet. This is not enough… I want to kill them all!”

Looking at the waves of sand falling at the front, a trace of cold sweat appeared on Kankuros forehead and said, “F… forget it, Gaara…”

“We already got the scrolls we need, we wont get any good from killing them. After all, its Konoha…” Kankuro said, trying to convince him, but when he saw how the san didnt stop from falling, he could only sigh helplessly.

These Konoha Genin must be really unfortunate for running at them.

After shaking his head, Kankuro prepared to turn away.

Suddenly, Kankuro, Temari, and Gaara, on the side, simultaneously looked stunned.

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

Almost at the moment when the sand wave fell, a series of explosion sounds emitted, then the terrifying sand wave burst all around.

“Whew. Thank you, Hinata.”

Kiba wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, then thanked Hinata for saving his life.

Hinata didnt have time to respond to Kiba, as she showed a very serious and solemn expression while looking at Gaara, who jumped close toward them.

“I didnt imagine that theres such a strong Shinobi in Konoha…”

Gaara looked strangely at them, he totally didnt expect that they would be able to stop his sand wave, and it was none but the weak one in the middle.

Looking at Hinata, he suddenly revealed his killing intent.

“Well this is better, now I can finally feel satisfied…”

At the moment when Gaaras voice fell, the sand surged and swept toward Hinata.

Hinata took a deep breath. Although she was a little scared recalling the scene, which Gaara crushed those poor souls to death, her expression was more serious when she thought of her teammates safety.

“Kiba, Shino, you go first.”

Hinata, who has always been weak, quickly made such a decision, which made both Kiba and Shino surprised.

Apart from that moment, they dismissed the distraction they felt, and as they started falling back, they noticed Temari and Kankuro on the other side.

Even if Hinata managed to block Gaara, they wouldnt let her just escape.


In the face of Gaaras attack, Hinata whispered softly, then her hands flew up and down like a butterfly.

Compared to the rigid punches of Lee, the movements of Hinata are undoubtedly beautiful.

Every time Hinata waved her small hand, powerful Chakra burst out of her palm, bursting a mass amount of the sand directly.

This move is actually related to the Gentle Fist technique, but with Naitos training, it became more powerful.

Although it cant be compared to Kaguyas Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack, it started to take the same shape.

“This girl…”

Seeing his sand scattered by Hinata easily, Gaara couldnt help but look shocked.

At this time, he could clearly feel her powerful Chakra. It was really incredible. Such a Chakra, he would have never expected to belong to a weak girl like her.

“Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms!”


Hinata waved her hands fast, and struck rapidly, repelling the sand, and destroying it completely, and under the shocked gazes of Gaara, he got directly hit by a few strikes and flew out!

Hinata obviously had the upper hand, but she didnt chase after victory and stopped hesitantly.

“Shit… Damn…”

Gaara struggled slightly to stand up again, and the sand armor on his body as completely cracked. And even though the sand protected him, and he didnt have any severe injuries, he trembled and felt dizzy.

Hinata, who thought she might have directly killed Gaara, was also a little surprised. She didnt expect him to have a layer of sand as armor on his body.

However, compared to her surprise, Gaara was feeling shocked.

The feeling of being hit by Hinata was very bad, and it had even reminded him of that scene a few days ago, on Konohas street, when he got wounded by Kimimaros bones and frozen by Hakus ice.

“You… will die now!!”

He shouted as the blood started flowing on the side of his forehead, covering his eye, then he suddenly pressed his hands on the ground.

“Quicksand Waterfall Flow!”


The ground started trembling, and the mud and rocks shattered, turning into sand, then a colossal wave took a form.

Kiba and Shino, who were about to engage, saw this scene and couldnt help but feel horrified again. They immediately retreated and jumped to the nearby trees.

Hinata in the center didnt try to hide, because the attack was directed at her, and jumping to the trees wont protect her, and it will endanger her friends.

Moreover, all she was thinking of is, “It seems… it seems… that its not particularly strong…”

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