The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 448: Primary Selection

Chapter 447: Disappearance

“Weve met again, Ichibi.”

Looking indifferently at the huge fat Taniki, then he grinned, saying, “You need to pay more attention next time when you come out, youre scaring people!”

Naito said casually, and at the same time reached out to Hinatas head, patted it, and said to the Ichibi, “Look, youve scared her, you know what you need to do now, right?”

These few words of Naito made Kiba and Shino look shocked.

Kankuro and Temari, on the other side, also froze for a moment, then looked at Naito with a dull expression.

This man… hes retarded, isnt he?!

Temari and Kankuro stood there waiting for the inevitable death of this arrogant white-haired boy, those claws will definitely crush him at any moment.

However, they never fall, instead, the Ichibis expression turned funny, and he kept nodding his head at Naito fearfully.

The scene looked funny, but no one dared to laugh.


The smoke suddenly burst, and the Ichibis huge body disappeared out of thin air.

The process of retracting was even faster than the process of his appearance.

The silence controlled the field, and the Ichibi was dealt with by him, without even causing any damage.

However, deep inside, the sound of the rumbling thunder was echoing in everyones minds!

Kiba looked shocked, and his knees were shivering. Even the calm Shino felt like he was dreaming and couldnt help but widen his eyes.

Temari couldnt help but rub her eyes, wondering if she was dazzled or daydreaming. While Kankuros jaw was still opened wide.

Is this a joke?!!

At this moment, none of the people present could believe what has just happened!

Hinata, who was still hiding behind, Naito pulled his arm.

“Naito-Sensei, it… it seemed to be afraid of you?!”

Looking at the Ichibi who hurriedly disappeared, Hinata looked at Naito and asked weakly.

Naito looked at Hinata, and patter her head again with a smile, saying, “It seems so. After all, it was beaten by me twice before, and I dont think it was ready for the third time.”


These few words felt like thunder exploding in everyones ears. Kiba and Kankuro almost fell off the tree.

If they didnt actually see it with their own eyes, they would have definitely felt that Naito was talking nonsense.

However, watching how the Ichibi turned from being a terrifying monster to a cute little thing and didnt even dare to attack Naito, then hurriedly disappeared, the couldnt help but believe that it was afraid of Naito.

All of them at that time were widening their eyes as they were looking at Naito.

“Okay, the problem has been dealt with, the Chunin Exam can be continued now.” Naito glanced around, then looked at Hinata and smiled, “Good job.”

After being praised by Naito, a blush appeared on Hinatas face, then she bowed her head in embarrassment.

When she looked up again, Naitos figure had already disappeared.

After freezing there for a long time, Kiba and Shinobi finally reacted and came to Hinatas side.

However, the two of them didnt know what to say at this time, they looked as if they had lost their ability to speak. As for what they should do next, they didnt have any idea.

Hinata wouldnt take the initiative to find trouble, so the three looked at the distance at Kankuro and Temari, who looked still stunned and left and headed toward the center of the tower.

After they left, Kankuro and Temari finally came back to their senses. Then rushed to find unconscious Gaara.

However, they didnt speak a word.

In their minds, there was only one question being asked again and again.

Who was that… white-haired boy?!


The second test duration was five days, and Kimimaro and his team were the first to arrive at the tower, followed by Hinata and her team.

However, they were the first a few seconds, then Hinata and the others followed.

After fighting Orochimaru, Kimimaro and his team easily found another team took their scroll then headed toward the tower.

They could arrive faster, but when they saw the Ichibi, Kimimaro was interested in going and fighting him, but it didnt go as he wished, because the Ichibi suddenly disappeared, so they turned around and rushed toward the tower.

At the bottom of the tower, Kimimaro saw Hinata, who has walked to the tower almost at the same time and nodded gently at her.

After all, Hinata was a disciple recognized by Naito himself, and in Kimimaros view, Naitos will is absolute. Even the three of them have not been recognized by Naito as disciples, so his attitude toward Hinata should be nothing but respect.

As for Haku, he gently smiled at everyone.

Everyone was nice to her, except for Karin, who seemed like she was murmuring a few curses.

Karin was a little jealous of her since she was able to get Naitos approval. That what Karin has ever wanted but never managed to get.

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