The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 449: Karin Vs Sasuki

Chapter 448: Primary Selection

“Naito-Samas team is ridiculously strong.”

Walking forward, while looking at Kimimaro and the others, Kiba and Shino looked terrified.

Hinata didnt know how to respond to the greeting of Kimimaro and the others and shyly looked down.

Shortly after the two teams arrived, Gaara and his party finally entered the tower. At that time, Gaara regained consciousness, and the wound on his body disappeared due to the opening of the Ichibis seal.

However, his mood was extremely low, and even traces of fear were evident in his expression.

Because when the Ichibi got control, their consciousness swapped, and he was trapped inside.

He saw and felt everything clearly.

He could feel the Ichibis fear of Naito, and those feelings spread to Gaaras heart. He had never seen the Ichibi scared, which seemed unbelievable to him.

Even his father was afraid of the Ichibi and tried to kill him several times, but now, the Ichibi actually was trembling in front of a human being.

Who is that man?!

When they arrived at the tower, Gaara and the others soon met their team leader Baki.

The team leaders waited in the tower and watched whats going on inside the forest from a distance. Bakis most concern was undoubtedly Gaara.

When he saw the Ichibis rampage, he was totally shocked, but it suddenly disappeared.

Baki also wondered why Gaara was forced to release the Ichibi? He obviously didnt run into Kimimaro and his team, after all, they came from the other side of the forest.

After the two met, Gaara immediately asked who Naito was, and Baki asked what happened.


“It turned out to be this way.”

Hearing the description of that man, Baki took a deep breath, then with a serious tone, and dignified expression, he said: “Gaara, the Ichibi was defeated more than once by that man, thats why he was so afraid.”

“As for who was he… Hes the man who beheaded the Third Raikage, killed the Third Kazekage, the strongest Kazkage of all time, and also destroyed our village. Whatever is the situation and the circumstances, do not provoke that person!”

Speaking of this, Bakis expression was solemn, and he even seemed scared. Staring at Gaara, he continued, “Gaara, I know what kind of person you are, but never try to fight him. That person has the power to easily wipe out our entire village!”

These few words made Gaara very quiet. However, he wasnt excited at all; instead, his body was slightly shivering from fear.

He is a Jinchuriki, and the emotion of his Bijuu can naturally affect him, coupled with the fear he originally had in his heart, he could barely control his breathing.

As for Kankuro and Temari, they looked at each other and swallowed.

He can easily destroy the Sand Village!

It was this sentence that scared the two of them, they couldnt believe it, but watching Bakis solemn expression, and recalling how that monster was afraid of Naito, this sentence… slowly made sense!


Five days passed quickly.

During the period, although Sasuke and Naruto were in a coma for a couple of days and cause Sakura a lot of troubles, when they woke up, none of the remaining Genin in the forest were their opponents.

Basically, all of the powerful Shinobi have already passed the exam.

So, near the end of the second test, they also obtained the scroll they needed, and entered the tower, to find out that they were the last team.

In the hall inside the tower.

All of the Genin who passed the test were gathered there. Some of them who arrived today looked in an embarrassing state, while those who arrived sooner seemed to be much better, and their mental state was strong.

Comparing each other, anyone could see the difference, but the final arrivals are not necessarily the weakest. After all, luck can also be a major aspect of this test.

In front of these Genin, the elites of the villages, who were mostly Konohas teachers, were standing there in front of them.

The Third Hokage has also come to the tower in person. Standing in front of the elites, he looked at the Genin, with twinkling eyes.

“The number of kids who passed is a little too much. I didnt expect all of our Genin to pass, which is very interesting.

While murmuring, Sarutobi couldnt help but think of the training that shocked all of the Anbu department. Naito stood alone under the tower and defeated all the candidates.

As a result, in that Anbu Exam, only Naito has passed.

Thinking of this, Sarutobi glanced at Kimimaro and his team in the crowd.

If Kimimaro and his friends have done this, they could have stopped everyone from entering the tower, but they didnt do that, and he didnt know whether it was Naitos instructions or their own reasons.

In short, this is good, having a lot of people passing the exam, better than only one team.

After pondering for a while, he noticed Anko on the said, giving him signs to start speaking. Sarutobi took a puff from his pipe then he started talking.

He briefly explained the purpose of this test, then he called Hayate Gekko to explain the third test.

Because too many people passed, they tend to run additional preliminaries to reduce the number of finalists.

What is different from the original, is that Kabuto didnt pass the second test. It wasnt impossible to pass, but it was meaningless, so he left the forest and chose to give, then went to find Orochimaru, who was punched by Naito and flew somewhere.

After he coughed twice, Hayate announced the beginning of the preliminaries.

“The two sides in the first matchup are… Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Karin!”

“No way?!”

These two names made Sakura exclaim, and felt that Sasuke was really unfortunate, to meet one of Kimimaros teammates at the first match!

Although she didnt see Karins actual strength and abilities, it was unlikely that she will turn out to be weak as a group member with strong and outrageous people like Kimimaro and Haku.

“Sasuke, are you sure that you want to fight…”

Sakura was worried as she hesitantly was about to ask him to simply give up.

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