The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 450: One Punch

Chapter 449: Karin Vs Sasuki

“Shut up!”

Sasuke directly interrupted her, with a cold stare on his face, then locked his eyes on Karin while walking forward.

In the face of Kimimaro, he was defeated by a single shot, and in the face of Haku, although they didnt fight yet, the gap is clearly terrifying just by looking at that technique he used to freeze the forest.

In the end, there is only Karin left, and he must win!

All three cant be so strong. Moreover, Karin is just a woman. How bad can it go?!

Thinking of this, Sasuke took a deep breath and continued to walk forward.

Karin didnt expect that she would be the first one, shrugged casually, then she walked forward while staring at Sasuke and perceiving him.

Well, although hes quite handsome, hes still worse than Naito-Sama.

“Okay, the first round will start, except for the contestants, please got to the stands.”

After Hayate coughed, everyone walked to the stands.

Sarutobi nodded walked first, then the elite, followed by the Genin.

Speaking of that, Naruto originally wanted to cheer Sasuke, but the last name Uzumaki made him feel weird. Besides, Karin looked weak, he couldnt cheer Sasuke to know her down.

“Ah… what a pain.”

Kakashi stood in the stand and looked down at the field with a helpless expression.

He didnt stop Sasuke from fighting Karin, because Kakashi knew what kind of person he was, Sasuke wont accept losing, so he could only hope that he will win. However, he didnt feel the odds are on in his side, even if she was just a girl.

“Uchiha Sasuke, did he think he can win against someone who was taught by Naito-Sama?” Anko leaned on the railing fence while grinning.

Since Naito the time Naito stopped the Ichibi, he disappeared and didnt show up again; thus, Anko was feeling a bit lost.

But the moment Ankos voice emitted, someone answered from the side, “It depends on Karin herself. If shes not serious, maybe Sasuke will have a chance of winning.”

Anko turned excitedly to find out that Naito was leaning on the fence next to her.

Naito appeared out of thin air, and one of the people present noticed him there, even Sartuobi.


Anko reacted instantly, showing a happy expression, and smiling at Naito.

Ankos loud voice caught the attention of the people around, and soon, everyone in the place noticed that he was standing next to Anko.

Everyone was startled at that moment, including Kakashi and others who knew Naito personally.


Hayate bellow stood firmly, then respectfully saluted Naito, and said, “Yuu Naito-Sama.”

“You can proceed, I just came to see.”

“Yes, sir.”

Hayate nodded, then took a deep breath and looked at Sasuke and Karin again.

However, everyones attention was focused on Naito, and they saluted him one by one, but it wasnt only out of respect, but with awe too.

Even the Third Hokage, Sarutobi, seemed very surprised by Naitos sudden arrival, and he smiled at him and greeted him.

As for Naruto, Sakura, Konohas other Genin, Kankuro, Gaara, and even Temari, knew who was Naito by now and looked at Naito with respect and awe.

“Is that Naito-Sama?”

Lee wasnt there to hear Kaburos introduction and didnt encounter Naito in the Forest of Death; however, his teacher Gai reminded him to be very respectful to Naito.


Neji stood there, while his eyes had an evident trace of awe in them and nodded. He had actually seen Naito more than once. After all, he lived in the Hyuga Station.

Moreover, after seeing Naito for the first time, he learned everything about him from his father, he also deliberately collected information about Naito, so his awe for Naito wasnt any bit weaker than Naruto and others.

However, under this awe, there was also a trace of dissatisfaction and jealousy.

He was in awe, but he couldnt accept how he choice Hinata over him. He couldnt understand why Naito accepted a weak Shinobi like Hinata, why she could become Naitos disciple, while he couldnt.

He was the genius of the Hyuga Clan, he was eager for Naitos approval and hoped to become Naitos disciple, so he worked harder, but Naito never looked at him and never paid attention to him.

So he was very dissatisfied.

This time, he felt that it was a very good opportunity for him. He wanted to defeat Hinata here and prove to Naito that hes the one who deserves his recognition!

“Hinata… youre pathetic, even if you become Naito-Samas disciple, youre still weak, dont you?” While murmuring in his heart, Neji looked at Hinata in the distance, and his eyes showed a bit of fierceness.


In the field.

“Naito-Sama, every time I saw him, he looks the most perfect.”

Seeing Naito actually coming to watch her match, Karins eyes flashed with excitement.

When she looked at Sasuke again, she was more serious and no longer casually looked at him.

If Naito didnt come, what he predicted would have happened, and Sasuke could have taken the opportunity and defeat her.

After all, Sasuke has awakened his three tomoe Sharingan, and its not weak. Also, Indras Chakra within his body can be a very unstable factor.

In the presence of Naito, Karin would never act carelessly.

“I didnt expect Naito-Sama to come, youre really unlucky.”

Looking at Sasuke in front of her, Karin murmured, she really wanted to have a good time and play with him.

Sasuke glanced at Naito leaning on the railing fence, then looked again at Karin, then with a Kunai in his hand, he looked at her seriously.

“Although you are a woman, I will fight seriously, so be prepared!”

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