The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 451: The Last Transformation

Chapter 450: One Punch

Zero chance.

Sitting on the top while leaning on the fence, Naito smirked the moment he heard Sasukes words and gave him zero chance.

Karin heard these words too, and she felt annoyed.


But Karin kept her calm expression and stood there relaxed.

Hayate looked at them, then announced the start of the first round.


From the very beginning, Sasuke rushed at Karin. Although he said she was a woman, and she shouldnt be strong. Karin was still the teammate of Kimimaro and Haku, so he wont give her any chance, and chose to strike first.

The Sharingan was also activated; in terms of body techniques, he can even see through Kakashis movements with these eyes.

Facing Sasukes attack, Karin shook her head, so she casually stretched out her hand and tried to grab his wrist.

“Humph! You think you can stop my attack with such a move?”

Sasuke snorted since he could see through her move, and responded by spinning his body in the air and swiping with his Kunai before she could even finish her move.

However, the odds suddenly changed!


A strange chain suddenly emerged out of her palm. This was the Adamantine Chakra Chain Technique, which is a special sealing technique characteristic by the Uzumaki Clan.

This time, it was clearly beyond Sasukes expectations.

“What is this!”

With a look of surprise, Sasuke stared cluelessly at the chains, but he knew that she shouldnt get caught by it, and with his flexible moves and his eyes ability to read the movements motion, he avoided all of her attempts on catching him with these chains.

However, Karin forced him to step back, and he failed to rush at her.

“It turned out that her ability is these chains?”

Looking at the chain waving gently in front of Karin, Sasukes eyes flickered, revealing a cold look.

Even if these chains are strong, as long as he has the Sharingan, it wont touch him!

The three tomoe in his eyes slowly circled, then Sasuke once again rushed at Karin. Since he was prepared, he easily avoided the chains and rushed at her.

However, when he got closer, Karin smirked.


Instantly, countless chains emerged out of her body, and swept across the field, making Sasuke feel like he was inside a storm!


It wasnt only Sasuke, everyone in the field looked shocked.

“The Adamantine Chakra Chains technique, and at this age… She seems to be even stronger than Kushinas talent!”

Sarutobi murmured in his heart, and when he thought of Kushina, he felt a bit bitter deep inside. He even unconsciously glanced at Naito on the side.

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

The chain kept waving in the faces of the audience, shattering the ground and bombarding it, while Sasuke was hiding in disbelief!

Even though he could see through the movements of the chains, his body wasnt fas enough to just avoid all of them.

After being forced to retreat, Sasuke, who couldnt avoid all of the attacks, got caught by one of the chains and directly got wrapped tightly.

However, just when everyone thought that Sasuke was going to lose, Sasuke suddenly turned into smoke and disappeared!

This is an avatar!

Suddenly he showed up behind Karin while waving his fist!

I won.

Sasuke smirked as that thought flashed through his mind, while his fist was about to fall on Karin.

However, that smile got wiped quickly.

Because Karin suddenly turned around and looked at him calmly.

“You think that your Sharingan… makes you see through my movements, but in fact, your movements are all in my perception.”

In the face of Sasukes punch, Karins clenched her fist and greeted him with one too.

Seeing this scene, Sasuke was shocked and looked even stunned.

Does she think shes stronger?!

When he saw how Karin turned around, he thought she would attack him with one of her chains; he didnt expect her to punch him back.

How much power can a girl have?

Sasuke didnt try to dodge or change his moves. Karin could also see through his movements, so any extra action will be meaningless, he only needed to win with strength.

Instantly the two fists collided.

The moment the two fists connected, Sasuke knew that it was a poor decision as he could feel her brutal force.

Almost instantly, his arm made a cracking sound, and twisted to a terrible level, the bones broke, and found himself flying like a bullet to the rear stands!

“No good!”

Seeing this scene, Kakashi in the stands shouted loudly, then flashed to Sasukes sides and caught him.

But even so, the two got still slammed into the wall by Karins power. The entire wall cracked and almost collapsed!

The field became silent.

Obviously, everyone was shocked by Karins power.

Naruto didnt have time to worry about Sasuke. He was opening his mouth wide. While being shocked to the extreme, he couldnt help but look at Sakura on his side.

Uzumaki Karin is more terrifying than Sakura!

That punch is horrifying!

“Is this…”

Walking out of the ruins, while carrying Sasuke, Kakashi looked at Karin in the field solemnly.

Sarutobi standing in the middle of the stands, couldnt help but sigh, “I didnt imagine that one day I would see someone else as strong as Tsunade.”

Why is she so strong?!

Why I cant beat anyone?!

Sasuke gritted his teeth, looking at Karin in the distance, then finally passed out.

His battle with Karin was the same as the one with Kimimaro and Orochimaru, he got crushed in every single one of them.

His Sharingan that he was so proud of couldnt help him win against Karins brutal power and perception ability.

“In the first round, the winner is Uzumaki Karin.”

Hayate walked over, and after he coughed, he announced the victorious, and at the same time, looked at Karin with surprise.

Shes really… strong!

Even as an examiner, he wasnt confident that he could win against her.

The people under Master Naito are all insanely powerful.

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