The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 452: Hinata Vs. Neji

disciple, and he wasnt allowed to practice with her. When Naito comes to train her, he never dared to get close to them, fearing that he would displease Naito.

“Just right…”

Sure enough, his opponent was Hinata.

Looking at the weak Hinata facing him, a hint of coldness appeared in Nejis eyes, with jealousy hidden in his hearts depth.

His father, Hyuga Hizashi, currently runs the clan. The separation between the main and branch families didnt bother him much. Hes not jealous of Hinata because hes from the branch family, but because she was chosen to be Naitos disciple.

Hinatas character isnt suitable in his opinion as a ninja at all, nor to be the head of the Hyuga Clan.

“Brother Neji…”

Hinata didnt know Nejis inner thoughts or his opinion about her. Still, she could feel that his gazes were a little harsher, even worse than those people around, which made it hard on her to looking directly at him and ended up lowering her head.

Gaara, in the stands, looked at the field silently.

He was beaten by this seemingly weak girl, others may be deceived by her appearance, but he is not; he knew how strong she is.

The same is true for both Temari and Kankuro, both of them witnessed what happened outside, this girl broke Gaaras absolute defense.


Hayate looked at Hinata, and Neji then looked at Naito above and waved.

“Hinata-Sama, Im coming.”

Neji didnt say anything to Hinata, nor he tried to break her spirit with words like he did in the Original. He couldnt do that, nor did he dare to do it, because Naito was watching them.

He wants to defeat Hinata with his strength, and prove that hes the one who deserves to be recognized by Naito!

Therefore, he first bowed his head to Hinata, then he took his Gentle Fist stance and suddenly rushed to Hinata.

Hinata and Neji activated their Byakugan at the same time. Unlike Neji, Hinatas eyes were undoubtedly stronger, and his movement was clearly seen by her.

With her strength, she could easily defeat Neji, but Hinata didnt do that. Instead, she passively defended against Nejis attacks.

Although if she loses she fails the test, Hinata didnt want to kill Neji, even she could see in his eyes that he only wants to win.

Therefore, she kept blocking his attack. But she couldnt help but think of Naito again, and with her ability of 360-degree angle of sight, she saw Naito smiling while sitting on the railing of the stands, and become serious.

I cannot disappoint Naito-Sensei!

Im… sorry, brother Neji…

At that moment, Neji was pushing Hinata back, and he could notice that she had no power to fight back, she had no intention of counterattack, she was just passively defending her self, which made him feel sorry for her secretly.

It seems that even with Master Naitos guidance, she still weak.

Soon, I will win!

Thinking of this in his heart, Nejis eyes became sharp, and he increased the speed of his attack to quickly end the battle and defeat Hinata.

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