The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 453: Final Battle

created a big hole on the wall!

Hinata could only change the direction, and couldnt stop it from hitting the wall.

To some people, it looked as if it was a Bijuudama, this Chakra Sphere didnt only destroy the wall, but even opened its way through it and flew to the outside of the tower, destroying forest!

The silence controlled the place.

This move can be said to be the most powerful attack so far, and it was performed by the most looking weak contender, which was shocking enough.

This kind of attack can shock even those who are regarded as elites. And Im afraid only a few of them can stop it.

“Im sorry…”

In this silence, Hinata lowered her head, then apologized softly, as if she was a child who did a wrong thing.

At the same time, Hinata was even more embarrassed after what she did to Neji, who was standing there dizzyingly with an injured arm.

“Brother Neji, I…”


Neji didnt say anything. In fact, he wasnt even listening. He didnt even know how to walk back to the stand, he was still shocked.

Although there was no serious injury, and he only had bruises, but Hinata who he has called weak, defeated him, and even blasted the wall of the tower. And defeated his Revolving Heaven technique that he was so proud of.

“Good job.”

Naito stood up, then walked toward Hinata, watching how she was acting as if she has done something wrong, he couldnt help but smile, pat her small head, and took her back to the stands.

It wasnt until Naito took Hinata back that people around the field came back to their senses.

No one expected weak Hinata to be so strong. This kind of strength can only belong to a Jonin!

Sure enough, no one related to Naito, and had the chance to get his guidance would be weak!

Kakashi, Gai, Anko, Kimimaro, Haku, Karin, Hinata… even the weakest is as strong as a Jonin. The strongest was Gai, who could be on a par with a Six -Paths Level enemy when he opens the Eighth Gate.

Countless people locked their eyes on Hinata, and couldnt help but feel that she was so lucky to be Naitos disciple.

As for the Third Hokage, Sarutobi, he took a puff from his pipe with shocked traces in his eyes.

In the next battles, Naito stopped paying attention. He was busy getting care of crying Hinata, who felt like she had troubled Naito by destroying the tower, and feared that he was angry with her.

After trying for a while, he finally calmed her down.

And at this moment, it was finally the last battle. Like the original, the last battle was a duel between Lee and Gaara.

As in the original, Lee could open the Fifth Gate, and he was Gais disciple. It took him one year to learn how to use the Hachimon Tonkou and open the Fifth Gate. Exactly as Kakashi said, in a way, Lee was actually a genius.

Naito has always appreciated Dai, Gai, and Lees work rate, but their weird character…

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