The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 45: Brutal Force Technique And The Gura Gura No Mi


A smile finally appeared on his face.

In fact, Naito has been always curious, will the shadow clone have the power of the shocks?

So he tried it directly.

Naitos shadow clone clenched his fist and threw a punch.

However, due to the deflection of the shocks on his body, the shadow clone disappeared.

“it cant huh.”

This result was already expected, so Naito didnt get disappointed.

After all, this power, the Gura Gura no Mi is not a power from this world.

Moreover, it looked like the Clone couldnt even handle the power of the shocks.

His body is strong enough to resist the deflected shocks, but the clone isnt.

“Well this is changes nothing, the main reason for learning it is to helps my practice.”

Silently consoling himself Naito again created two Clones.

He wasnt embarrassed that this is was his limit, Naruto was a special case.

He sent the two clones to practice walking on water and Naito continued his workout.

With having clones by him its really easier to do more in less time.

It didnt take long before the clones made it and stepped on the water, then they disappeared transferring all the experiences they gained to him.

Naito again created two clones.

And kept on doing that.

Until they mastered walking on water, at that moment Naito stopped his body-building exercises and officially he began his Brutal Force training.

This time, it will be much easier.

After he improved his Chakra control, once again Naito gathered Chakra in his fist.

However, Naito found out that a perfect controlling isnt enough, the details of the process is even more important.

If he was an Uzumaki or Sanju dealing with these details would have been very easy on him.

But unfortunately, he cant have that.

he tried a little by little.

Its impossible to use the Shadow Clone on practicing the power of shocks, but it can be used on brutal force training.

Naito created new two Clones, they together start on practicing the Brutal Force Technique.

However, it also costs Chakra.

Fortunately, Naitos Chakras ability to recover is much stronger than ordinary people.

Although its not as good as Narutos, hes a user of the Eight Gates, after all, his recovery is pretty much good.

This is the real advantage of the Eight Gates.

These small details can bring you high or smash you down.

After getting used to it, he made the clones practicing the Brutal Force, while he started again doing his physical training.

His training speed is almost like flying.


A month later.

At the bottom of the huge wall of rocks.

Naito was standing there quietly, his eyes were flashing, suddenly he screamed.


Chakra was flowing around Naitos fist.

At the same time, Naitos fist was covered with a white halo.

Suddenly he threw a punch.


In a flash, the wall in front of him looked like it was hit by a thunder.

The crack started to spread out like a spider web.

What was more frightening that the wall didnt break but it was trembling like it had emotions like it was afraid!

Naito thought that its gonna blast in any moment.

But the wall continued on trembling until a big area of the wall turned into a powder.


Eventually, the large wall collapsed and broke into pieces.

The effect is completely different than simply using the power of the shocks.

“The Brutal Force Technique and the power of the Gura Gura no Mi really complete each other!”

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