The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 460: Defea

Chapter 459: The Mutation Of the Shiki Fujin

Naitos sudden arrival and disappearing, left even Orochimaru and Sarutobi puzzled. And both looked at the direction where he left silently.

After a few moments, Orochimaru turned to look at Sarutobi, and said: “So where have we been, Hiruzen-Sensei…”

Orochimarus tone was dark and cold, but Sarutobi seemed unmoved bt it.


The next moment, their Chakra burst out, and their Auras started raising and colliding with each other, creating waves and leaving signs of fragmentation on the roof.

Immediately afterward, the two started moving their hands almost simultaneously, while rushing at each other.

At this time, Naito had already arrived at a ruin in Konoha. This was the Uchihas ancestral hall, and this was also where the Stone Tablet was hanging.

“Sure enough, youve taken the chance to come here when I wasnt in Konoha.”

Of course, only an Eternal Sharingan can read the entire writing on the stone tablet.

Even though Naito didnt have any Dojutsu, he had the Six Paths power, which allowed him to read the stone too.


After reading tablet stone, Naito shook his head, then walked out of the ancestral hall. The moment he took a step out, a crack suddenly appeared in the middle of the table, then it instantly spread, and finally, the whole tablet stone got destroyed.

The battle between Orochimaru and Sarutobi surprised Naito a bit because Orochimaru didnt use the Edo Tensei, bu was confronting Sarutobi head-on.

After using the power of the Mongekyou Sharingan, the old Sarutobi was no longer Orochimarus opponent.

However, this where Orochimaru has made a mistake, if he didnt trap himself and Sarutobi inside the Four Violet Flame Formation, he would have finished him easily. And he wouldnt have given Sarutobi the chance to use the Shiki Fuijin!

“The last time I saw this technique, I couldnt feel this.”

Looking at the god of death who was summoned by Sarutobi, Naito pondered.

The grim reaper, which is summoned by this technique, looks very similar to the Otsutsuki clansmen. And the most person he seemed really similar to him is undoubtedly Otsutsuki Kaguya.

Last time, when Minato used the Shiki Fuijin to seal half of the Kyuubi into his body, Naito didnt feel any consciousness in it.

But turned out that Kaguyas will was also inside Shiki as if it was moving him!

However, it was weak, and it was still not enough to revive Kaguya.

Yet, just when Sarutobi tried to use the technique to seal Orochimaru, a sudden change occurred!

As if some kind of power surging in it, the God of Death who couldnt be seen by the naked eyes suddenly moved away from Sarutobi and Orochimaru, and turned to look far away, where Naito was standing in the distance!

Although ordinary people couldnt see him, Naito could clearly!

Therefore, Naito stared at him two, and theyre eyes connected.


Suddenly, a wave of spiritual power surging like a whirlpool came crashing towards Naito.

Although Shiki was only a small part of Kaguyas will, he could still feel threatened by Naitos existence, so he instinctively attacked him.

“Huh! Interesting…”

Facing this mental shock, Naito seemed astonished, and with a cold stare, a Spiritual Shock burst out.


The terrifying collision of both spiritual shocks made it spread in all directions, making almost everyone else feeling dizzy.

Except for Orochimaru and Sarutobi, whose souls have been connected to the Shiki due to the Ninjutsu, this terrifying spiritual shock almost hit everyone in Konoha!

Although this is was just the wave created from the collusion of Naito and Kaguya wills, it wasnt something ordinary shinobi could withstand.

The Four Violet Flame Formation was dissipated instantly, as the four Sound Shinobi faint out.

Immediately after that, people outside of the barriers starting falling one after another.

Puff! Puff!!

Inside the village, people started falling like pieces of wheat, and there were no exceptions, no matter whether it was civilians, Genin, Chunin, or even Jonin. Getting hit by this spiritual shock wave, no one could stay conscious.

Only a few Kage-level powerhouses, such as Kakashi, Gai, Kimimaro, and the other, didnt pass out directly but were shocked badly and barely conscious.

“What is going on?!”

Kakashi and Gai, who were fighting the Sand and the Sound, suddenly have almost fainted out, but they barely managed to withstand it. However, the Shinobis facing them were already lying on the ground.

After the two looked at each other, they quickly jumped to a high place and glanced at Konoha. It was even shocking to find out that almost every single life inside the village dropped on the ground.

Only a few people, including them, didnt pass out directly.

The most conspicuous people were Sarutobi and Orochimaru, standing still in a strange way. Not far away, they could see Naito floating in the air, but it seemed that space was rippling around him.

“Is that Naito-Sensei? What is he doing?!”

Kakashis expression seemed serious as he was looking at Naito, as well as Orochimaru and Sarutobi in the distance.


Konoha, far away.

Kimimaro, who was finished fighting Gaara and wining, looked a bit pale.

They didnt participate in the battle, but Haku and Karin also seemed tired. As for Gaara, he fainted out, and the sand that was on his body instantly scattered and fell to the ground.

Kimimaro and Haku didnt pay attention to Gaara, who passed away. Instead, they all seemed shocked, looking behind at the village.

“This is…”

Using her powerful perceptual ability, Karin sensed Naitos vast Chakra.

Immediately afterward, she sensed Gai and Kakashi, but she ignored them and focused her perception on Sarutobi and Orochimaru.

With her special perception ability, she can barely perceive the god of death summoned by the Shiki Fijuin technique, but this was her limit, she cannot perceive Kaguyas will that was moving him.


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