The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 461: The Dark Side

Chapter 460: Defea

Karin was frowning, and seemed uncertain of the situation. Since Naito suddenly showed his power, the must be a reason behind that, its very likely that there are enemies that even she cant perceive.

Since she couldnt even perceive it, it was obviously impossible to help Naito at all, so she could only watch from the sidelines.

However, in her opinion, Naito is aboslutely invincible, no matter whos there facing him, it would be impossible to be his opponent.


In the field, Orcohimaru and Sarutobi also were shocked, but neither of them truned his head, they were only looking into the distance from the corner of the eye.

Both of them were connected directly to the reaper; thus, none of them were affected by this spiritual shock.

However, they can feel that as if two auras, terrifying to the extreme, fighting each other!

Under the pressure they felt from these two horrible auras, both of Orochimaru and Sarutobi felt extremely infinitesimal!

“Old man… what did you do?!”

With cold sweat flowing over his forehead Orochimaru asked.

Sarutobi was also confused, he didnt understand why the reaper would take the intiative to attack Naito all of a sudden, now he seems like hes even losing control.

Just as he was getting more confused and puzzled, the reaper, or to be more accurate Kaguyas will launched another attack on Naito!

“Get lost!”

Naito coldely looked at the reaper in the distance, with that momentum only the surrounding building could no longer bear the pressure and collapsed all at once. Even the ground under him cracked and shattered, even though he was floating in the sky.

At the same time, a burst of power burst out trempling the void. Although Kaguyas will was still undestroyable, this was only a small part, and it was nothing compared to Naitos new born powers!


With that another wave of spirtual shock rippled through toward the reaper. Kakashi, Gai, as well as Kimimaro and his friends, who were getting close, one again were hit, and stopped moving. With every hit they seemed to be losing power, and some of them seemed barely standing.

At this time, although they couldnt see anything with their eyes, Kakashi, Karin and the other already knew that the battle was taking place here!

However, who was fighting Naito… Orochimaru?!

No, that cant, because no matter how you look at it, its not right!

Huh! Huh!!

This time when Naito countered the reapers attack, it seemed that Kaguyas will has also been damaged, it felt as if it was scattered between the dimensions, then suddenly it was gathering around, and being poured inside the reaper, as if she was getting ressurrected!

This time, even the other could feel that something was wrong, as if there was a terrifying power gathering around Orochimaru and Sarutobi.

However, this power didnt belong to any of them, it was far more terrifying than something a human being could possess!

“What… what is this?!”

Sarutobi and Orochimaru, who have now fully lost control of the situation, and had their souls connected to the summoned reaper, could clearly perceive that terrifying power better than Karin and Kakashi.

The traces of the cold sweat was filling their foreheads, because whether it was Orochimaru, or Sarutobi, both could feel horrifying aura behind that power. Especially Orochimaru, whose soul was about to get devoured by the reaper.

Kaguyas will was actively gathering, and there was signs of recovery, which made Naito a little surprised.

Naito finally looked fiercly, yet also coldly at the reaper floating in the sky, “Now, is not time for you to come out!”

At this time, the power of the Six Paths burst out of Naitos body, and the Six Paths Sage Symbol pattern appeared on his clothes, and turned into a chakra cloak.

With a sharp look from his eyes, the Spritual Shock converged into a single line, then instantly, crossed the distance between him and the reaper, and directly bormbarded him!

In ohter words, directly bombarded Kaguyas will that seemed to be ressurrecting!


At this moment, the world seemed to have been instantly replaced by a dazzling white light, as if the world that everyone knew had collapsed!

In the sturggle, Kaguya who seemed to be gathering her will to ressurrect, suddenly stagnated for a moment, then shattered!


Together with the repeaer that Sarutobi summoened, all of them shattered and entirely dissipated between the sky and earth.

At this time, the afftermath of this terrifying Spritual Shock reflected in all direction, and everyone except Orochimaru and Sarutobi were affected.

This time, even Kakashi, Gai and the other couldnt withstand it, and they all fell on the ground.

Kimimaro, Karin and Haku were slightly in a better condition, but they couldnt stand too, even though they didnt faint out.

In Konoha, no one else was standing expect for Naito, Sarutobi, and Orochimaru.

But that doesnt man that Orochimaru and Sarutobi werent affected, as a manner of fact, they were the most damaged.

The reaper that Naito has just destroyed was connected to Sarutobi; thus he was the most affected. For a moment, Sarutobis eyes seemed dim, spouted blood, then he fell on his back.

And Orochimaru who was being caught by Sarutobis soul, had part of his soul directly scattered by the spiritual shock wave!

At the moment of the impact, Orochimaru had to make a critical descision, either he gave up that part of his soul, or hang to it and get entirely destroyed. Thus, he completely cut off that part.

“Dam… damn…”

His soul was damager, and the pain was extremely serious. Although, Orochimaru has turned pale, he was still conscious.

If he didnt also practice the Art of Soul he would also fainted out by this time.

In the very last breaths of Sarutobi, he recalled the scene where Orochimarus soul got scattered, and a deep smile was raised at the corner of his mouth, then he finally passed away.

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