The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 461: The Dark Side

words, he flickered and fell into Konoha.

For Hinata, Anko, and the others, Naito flashed by their side, and with a light touch on their foreheads, he made them wake up.

However, Naito didnt stay long, nor did he wait for them to fully wake up. Instead, after a few flashed in Konoha, he appeared in front of Kimimaro and the others.

“Lets go back to the Rain Village.”

After nodding slightly at Kimimaro and the other,s Naito didnt go with them either, but once again flickered, and appeared in the distant sky, and then disappeared.

Kimimaro and the other two naturally didnt need Naito to escort them.

“Yes, Naito-Sama.”

After hearing Naitos orders, the three bowed down, then glanced at Konoha, and left.


Ninja World, in a far ruined area.

There were weird patterns everywhere. Many ruined walls have the shape of a tomoe engraved on it. Similar to Ryuchi Cave and Mount Myoboku, this was a secret realm. Normally, its impossible to step into or perceive i.

Black Zetsu was standing there, locking his eyes in one direction, then finally shook his head.

“Sure enough, it didnt work.”

“Mother doesnt have enough power, there isnt enough Chakra, she cannot be resurrected, but Naito, that guy made mother feels threatened, and actively seeking resurrection…” Zetsu said hoarsely.

“Unexpectedly, it seems that hes a more serious threat than what I thought. Then, the plan must begin, and the sooner, the better!”

The body to which Zetsu was attached, after saying these words, his face was revealed. And it wasnt White Zetsu, but Kabuto!

Around Zetsu, strange coffins were erected and arranged in a circle.

At the same time, in a small country in the Shinobi World, one that war has destroyed and only a few people stayed here, two figures met.

No one knows when, but dark clouds gathered in the sky, and the rain started to fall.

Neither of them moved, allowing the rain to drip from their heads.

“How far can you see with these Sharingan…?”

Uchiha Itachi looked at Uchiha Sasuke in front of him calmly.

Sasuke stared at Itachi coldly, but calmly, then his eyes turned suddenly into three tomoe Sharingan, and said, “I see your death!”

In the distance, Black Zetsu was standing on a ruined wall, watching this scene.


The entire ninja world was damaged by Orochimarus plan and the Sounds forces, but Konoha and the Sand were the ones who suffered serious losses.

Although the Major Villages werent in conflict with each other and tried their best to restrain themselves, the situation inside the small shinobi villages has all become chaotic.

After Konohas Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen passed away, Jiraiya was unwilling to become a Hokage, so Hatake Kakashi succeeded him as the Fifth Hokage.

Whether it is strength or identity, Kakashi was more than enough to become the Hokage.

After becoming the Hokage, Kakashi quickly stabilized the situation and began to deal with things that he couldnt handle before, for instance, finding Sasuke.

Theres a faint sense of trembling in the entire Shinobi World as if a great star is about to hit the earth, yet one country was as peaceful as ever.

That is the Rain Village.

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