The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 465: The Last Gate

Chapter 464: Scattered

Shion stood there looking at Naito, he obviously didnt look strong, how he would manage to carry her.

“Well, its time to go.”

Shion stood there thinking, and only Naitos words made her go back to her sense. However, Naito casually was about to walk outside the palace.

Shion stood there watching him stupidly.

Did he forgot that this palace was under the siege of the Ghost Army, or is he planning on throwing her away?!


Shion, who suddenly reacted couldnt help but yell at Naito, then she was startled and tried to explain: “Dont go over there, theres a secret road here… Also, I wont be able to run, you have to carry me on your back. If I die, no one can seal the sprite.”

With that said, Shion directly jumped on his Naitos back, the hugged him by the neck tightly.

What a mess.

Naito felt a bit dumbfounded. This girl didnt only have a poisonous tongue, but also self-willed enough to even not know who he was, so she dared to make a fool of herself in front of him.

Shion didnt know. If anyone who knew Naito saw this scene, they would have become frightened by her bold actions. Not to mention that she was just a priestess from the Land of Demons, even the name the major villages, would be trembling in front of Naito!

Just because of her poisonous tongue, Naito didnt bother explaining, and directly extended his hand, dragged her from behind, and put her in front of him, then continued to walk outside of the palace carrying her with one hand.

“Huh?! Wait!!”

Seeing Naito still walking toward the main gate, Shion was shocked and said, “Dont go over there. The Ghost Army will kill us!”

“Well, if youre dead, youre dead.”

Naito walked to the gate with an indifferent expression on his face.

Looking at that expression, Shion closed her eyes while covering her forehead with her hand. Why did she end up encountering the worst ninja ever? This is over, and both of them will be dead in seconds!

Outside the palace at this time, the Ghost Army was less than ten of meters away from the palace, and the guards were standing in front of the palace trembling all over.

“Quickly… Run!”

Watching the puppets getting closer, Shion looked scared.

However, what Shion didnt expect was that Naito would go straight toward the Ghost Army!

“Hey, you…”

Shion couldnt help but exclaim, feeling shocked, her heart seemed to have skipped a beat.

But at this time, the guards also saw Naito carrying Shion, and they all looked surprised. They didnt expect that Shion had not escaped yet.

The next moment, they discovered that Naito was leading Shion toward the Ghost Army, and all of them were stunned.

“What is he doing?!

“Stop it!!


The guards were horrified by this scene. They didnt recognize Naito, but they still felt that he was familiar, yet Naito led the priestess toward these terrifying puppets; thus, he should be the enemy!

And just when these guards wanted to stop Naito, the latter, who was completely ignoring him, casually waved his hand towards the Ghost Army.

The wind was nice, and the clouds were light.

Nothing happened.

However, ripples suddenly appeared in the void, then mover away in an instant, sweeping the entire army.


Suddenly, the Ghost Army that has crossed almost the entire Land of Demons without stopping froze at the same time!

“This is…”

The guards outside the palace originally were prepared to desperately rescue Shion, and then find a way to escape. However, a wave of Naios hand made all the puppets stop moving.

Whats happening here?!

Even Shion was astonished, and couldnt help but blink twice.

Next, the breeze blew, and silently, the Ghost Army, in a glance, turned into dust in front of everyone and scattered on the ground.

Silent death.

All the guards froze as if they couldnt believe their eyes.

Shion sitting in Naitos arms also was stunned, and she couldnt believe what has just happened.

“This… this…”

The Ghost Army that she didnt know how far it extends, all were shattered by a wave from this mans hand.

“Actually, these things cant hurt you at all.”

Naito glanced at the young priestess and said casually.

What he meant by this sentence, that since these puppets are controlled by Moryo, and Shions power and Moryo are originally one, they will never attack her.

However, what she understood is something else. These cannot hurt her at all because Naito can easily destroy these puppets.

No wonder, this man walked outside casually.

Hes just… too powerful!

Shion couldnt calm her heart, she was still shocked, even if she was only twelve years old, she also knew that this kind of power is not something possessed by a regular ninja!

“Lets go an solve that… well, sprite.”

Naito glanced at the puppet that had all turned into dust. The special power inside them had been completely destroyed by him, and could no longer make these puppets recover.

Naito then flickered and instantly disappeared into the sky.

The guards, who have just woke up from their shock, watched this scene with dull expressions again.

“Such power, could that person be…”

“It cant be wrong, it should be him!”

The guards who gradually came back to their senses looked at the sky with a sense of awe.

They were all ordinary people, not ninjas, so they hardly remember the names of famous ninja, they didnt even know much about the five Kages of the Five Major villages.

However, theres a name that even ordinary people like them will always remember!

That is, Yuu Naito!

Everyone felt as if they were daydreaming. They asked so many villages to help, but no ninja cared about them. However, the God of Shinobi himself came to the rescue…

However, they cannot be but happy about this.

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