The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 466: The Complete Reverse Hachimon Tonkou

Chapter 465: The Last Gate

Although Moryo was strong, he was completely vulnerable in front of Naito. However, he didnt even have to fight.

Because Moryo and Shion shared the same soul.

He didnt even need a seal, Naito just threw Shion over, and Moryos energy poured directly into her body and became her power.

After that, the Land of Demons was all merged into the Land of Rain under Tsunades handling, and Shion finally learned of Naitos identity. She was shocked when her mother was still alive, she told her the stories about Naito and his legend, but she thought, that it was just stories, she didnt expect those myths to be true.


After Naito returned from the Land of Demons, his soul finally completed the final transformation and reach Kaguyas level.

Now even a Six Path class enemy wouldnt be able to kill Naito. The only way to defeat Naito would be sealing him just like Kaguya.

However, this is obviously unlikely.

Naito has always thought of it, but never found an answer. How can someone so powerful, and almost invincible, get defeated that easily.

In his past life, this world didnt mean anything to Naito, he watched these events with a smile on his face, as it was just a way of entertainment, regardless of whether it was logical. For example, when Kaguya, who had a 360-degree angle of view, was about to get sealed by Naruto by Naruto, she chose to fly upwards and ended up getting punched by Sakura, who was above her head.

Naito could go on and on, but you get the idea, a lot of events were unreasonable.

However, since Naito is here, Naruto World is the real world. These illogical questions became very serious, and he needed to find explanations for everything.

These unanswered questions caused Kaguya to be sealed twice, and Naito, who has become evens stronger than her, was very concerned.

However, no matter how much he thought about it, sometimes you cant find the answers. However, this is a real-world now, and similar unreasonable events are unlikely to happen.

After he shook his head, Naito stopped thinking about it.

As long as he himself is strong enough, he can defeat all enemies head-on, so why consider any of this?

“The last gate…”

Naito sat floating in the air, muttering to himself with his head down.

He could perceive that the last gate in his mind at this time was like a thin paper… a thin paper that could be pierced with a single tap.

After coming to this world, seeking ultimate power is something that Naito has pursued for a long time. And now he only needed to take a gentle step to reach it.

Countless thoughts flashed in Naitos mind, but they were all instantly suppressed by him.

Clearing his mind, Naito took a deep breath. After looking around, Naito didnt choose to open it inside his room and flew to the sky.

Last time, opening the seventh gate caused a huge wave. Fortunately, no damage was caused. Of course, Naito wouldnt stay in the Rain Village this time.

Floating in the air, and surrounded by the thick clouds, Naito continued to fly up until he could clearly see the Land of Fire in the distance.

“This is enough.”

Feeling that it was time, the look in Naitos eyes became very sharp.


In the next instant, under Naitos thought, a terrifying amount of Chakra burst out of his body.

If he was on the ground, or inside his room, it would have destroyed it!

The Truth-Seeking Ball suddenly emerged, and in front of Naito, there was a suspended black scepter.

However, none of this was important. What mattered is the first seven gates of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou in Naitos body. At that moment, one gate after another burst out with powerful Chakra!

It started with the first gate, The Gate of Heart. After the Chakra broke out, it rushed to the second, then instantly spread all the way to the mind.

The Chakra contained in each gate seemed to be comparable to a Bijuu!

The Chakra was boiling inside him, if it was an ordinary human body, it would have been unbearable to it, and the body would have burst apart. It would have been even difficult for the body of an immortal to withstand such a terrifying Chakra.

However, Naito is now a perfect Six Paths body. Even such a crazy burst of Chakra cannot break him, and he can perfectly control it.

When the six first gates have completely connected together, they looked as if they were six dazzling stars!

In fact, there was no need for a Byakugan to see this, the naked eyes could see these six lights flickered on Naitos body!

Suddenly, the Chakra flowing changed from violent into a condensed calm flow that was going up to connect with the seventh gate.

When Naito opened the seventh gate, he had only to touch it, but the Eighth Gate was different. This was the last gate.

When the Hachimon Tonkou is fully opened, the power that the user gains is far beyond the first seventh gate grants.

That would sound normal because every gate is far way stronger than the one before it. However, what the Eighth Gate grant is not just the power of that single gate, but also the connection between it and all the seventh gates, bursting out all the vitality in the body!

Therefore, its called the Gate of Death!

But what Naito practiced isnt the ordinary one, but the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, which has always been weaker than the normal one.

If it werent for Naitos Earthquake Release, the Lightning Armor, the Perfect Sage Mode, and Six Paths Mode, the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou wouldnt be so strong.

However, at this last moment, whether it was the Secret Art of the Lighting Armor, the Perfect Sage Mode, or the Six Paths Mode, none existed.

Everything has vanished. Only the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou was left!

All the powers he gained before got integrated into it. Just like Kaguya, who possesses all the Bloodline Limits as the Ancestor of the Chakra, everything returns to its origin.

After the Seventh Gate was connected, Naitos Earthquake Release also naturally appeared, causing the Seventh Gate to tremble slightly.

The Chakra in the first six gates was extremely violent, but after that, it became calm and peaceful.

Almost all of his powers merged together, and finally rushed into the Eighth Gate, completely opening the Eight Gates of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou!

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