The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 466: The Complete Reverse Hachimon Tonkou

sts out all vitality and controls all the power that one has in a short time.

However, the fully opened Reverse Hachimon Tonkou allows Naito to control all the power without consuming any life force.

Or to be more precise, since Naito possessed the Six Paths power, there was no longer a concept of vitality exhaustion.

Moreover, Naito gained the ability to travel through space.

Although it wasnt the same ability as Kaguya, Naito could perform instantaneous space teleportation similar to the Flying Thunder God, but without the need for a sealing Kunai.

To be more precise, Naito could control his body, instantly turn it into a state of nothingness, merge it into space, and teleport it to another place.

This can be regarded as a kind of supernatural power, combined between Kamui and Flying Thunder God.

However, the only thing that Naito has regretted is that even though his body could instantly blur into space, he still couldnt touch the power of time.

Space power is certainly strong, whether its Kaguya, Six Paths Sasuke, Six Paths Madara, Six Paths Obito, all had space Ninjutsu.

Uchiha Madaras Limbo Border Jail is actually a spatial ability that allows him to summon clones in another dimension.

“I failed to grasp a time ability… but its nothing. And I dont even need a spatial ability.”

Floating in the air, Naito breathed out softly, a smile appeared on his face, then he fell to the clouds below.

He felt that his body can transform to everything, now he needed to clarify.

Naitos body silently turned into a cloud and merged with the other clouds without leaving any trace.


In the sky, a cloud suddenly floated out of the sky, then turned into Naito.

Standing in the sky, Naito stretched out his hand, and with a thought, his hand turned into flames, then into water, lightning, ice…

Kaguya is the progenitor of Chakra and possesses all the bloodline limits, so Naito now can also be regarded as another progenitor of Chakra. He who has reached this step also has all the bloodline limits.

Of course, these are of little significance to Naito, and any bloodline limit cannot be compared to the power that has accompanied Naito from the beginning until now, that is, Shockwaves!

Naito didnt try to experiment here, but turned into nothingness then appeared where the moon was. After nodding, he clenched his fist, then smashed it toward the vast void.


It was as if a think layer of paper was smashed with a punch, Naito fist directly created a black hole in the void.

The power didnt dissipate but simply gathered around his fist, so its damage was utterly concentrated in one point.

Before, Naito couldnt break the void so perfectly, but now he can do it.

He can easily shatter a large area, or he can condense the power to only break a small part of space, and at the same time, blast the power into the depths of that fragmented space.

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