The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 46: Assassination

by the age of twelve years old he became a Jonin.

However, once he became a Jonin he didnt get any better until the original story began.

It was due to the death of Rin that left him lost and also because of his Sharingan.

Having a small amount of Chakra, and a thousand of Ninjutsu will only lead to a chaos.

Its a waste to have a knife that doesnt cut.

If he chose the same path his father did, he would have become a very powerful Shinobi!

The current path Naito chose is based on the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou and the earthquake release which is his bloodline.

Wipe out every Ninjutsu with one punch, thats his path!

Naito believes that as long as hes walking in this road he will not lose to anyone!

And now he has the combination between the shocks and the brutal force.

He didnt stop the training but he needed to rest.

Work hard and rest well.

So he took a break and walked with the river trying to clean his head, after a that he took a place, he sat and start eating his lunch.

Suddenly someone approached Naito.

Naito looked at him as he was reaching him silently.

“Kushina, how did you find this place.”

“Of course by following you secretly.”

Kushina waved to him while she was smiling.

A box of lunch was in her little hand.

“I was afraid that youre not eating well, so I came here with another box.”

“Ow, thank you.”

Looking at her, Naito smiled a little, but suddenly there was a flickering of light in her eyes.

Kushina smiled and walked toward him.

The moment she reached him, she took out a sword and put it in Naitos chest.

Suddenly “Kushinas figure” start to change into a guy wearing a mask.

“Mission completed…”

“I must withdraw quickly before the Anbu figures out what happened.”

The assassin shook his head when he looked at Naitos body covered in blood, a trace of disdain appeared in his eyes.

In order to kill him, he went through a lot of troubles, he spent a lot of time on tracking him and since they are in Konoha he needed to wait for the right moment, it was really troublesome.

But now hes dead.


He took back the sword then turned to leave.

But at that moment, Naitos body disappeared into a white smoke.


The assassin expression instantly changed.

It was a clone?!


The Assassin got covered in his sweat.

He felt the danger, a sense of terror controlled him.

However, he needed to be ready for any kind of attack so he took a defensive stance.

But this is didnt work so well for him…

From the sky.

“Earthquake release, Kuzure!!!”

Without no mercy Naito replied.

being left-handed is what he sold him out!

Just now if he didnt realize that there was something wrong with Kushina, theres a high chance that he would be killed by that guy.

Whats wrong with Konoha!

Even an assassin can sneak into the village now?!

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