The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 470: The Power Of Will

Chapter 469: Hashirama Vs. Gai

“This time, I need to show off my youth. Although Naruto is your disciple, hes also a ninja from Konoha. And I will never abandon my companion to the enemy.”

Gai turned his back to Kakashi and said with a firm tone.

Naruto was the Kyuubis Jinchuriki. No one knows what the consequences will be if he was handed over. At the same time, no one is actually sure that if they handed him over, the caster would actually stop the attack on Konoha.

More importantly, in this case, if Konoha really surrenders Naruto, no one will trust the village system anymore, and sooner Konoha will collapse.

The so-called will of fire meant a lot to people like Gai, and he knew in his heart that he didnt only want to protect Naruto, but also the village.

Kakashi understood all of this, so he couldnt stop Gai.

In fact, even Hashirama and Tobirama understands.

Its just from their perspective, losing their way and faith would be better than losing a good man like Gai.

Seeing Gai walking to the forefront, the expression on Hashiramas face was solemn. Just now, Gai opened the Seven Gate and smashed his wood release. That was when he saved Naruto, so he left a strong impression in Hashiramas heart.

“So, youre…”

“First Hokage-Sama, Second Hokage-Sama, be ready!”

Gais eyes looked sharp, he knew deep inside that if he ever wants to defeat them, he would have to open… the Eighth Gate!

He pressed his thumb against his heart suddenly, and the violent flow of Chakra burst from the first gate to the seven, then surged wildly, crashing the Eighth Gate.

“Hachimon Tonkou… Kai!”


A horrible Chakra wave suddenly burst out, then instantly, blood-red steam rose from gays body.

“Red steam, he opened all of the gates!” Tobirama seemed serious, and said: “Maybe he can really stop the two of us.”

Hashirama, on the side, had a solemn look. Just when he was about to speak, he suddenly began using hand signs.

Wood Release: Wood-Dragon!!”

Crack! Crack!!

A wooden dragon suddenly hovered out. This dragon was a strong technique that could even suppress the Kyuubi for a short time. The power that was about to be used in this fight is no longer a ninja under the super Kage level could resist.

After the dragon hovered out, it suddenly rushed towards Gai.

“What out!”

Watching this scene, Hashirama couldnt help but warn him.

Gain suddenly rushed his head and threw a punch.

“Sekizo… One step!”


A terrifying white light energy fell in an instant, directly covering the wooden dragon.

The wooden dragon that was enough to suppress the Kyuubi, under Gais punch, it directly cracked, then head got destroyed!

Gain clenched his fist again, preparing to smash HAshirama and his brother with a bang, but stopped because of pain.

“It hurts.”

“Its really painful, but I must get used to it.”

Gai took a deep breath, raised his head again with sharp eyes, looking at the Senju brothers.

“So strong!”

Seeing Gais punch completely destroying his wooden dragon, the light flashed in Hashiramas eyes.

Even after they were gone, Konoha still has strong ninjas!

Tobirama also seemed surprised. Obviously, the power of the Hashimon Tonku was also shocking to him. He was able to smash Hashiramas wooden dragon with one punch. Ninjas, who possess such power, are really rare at this time!

“We are reincarnated by the Edo Tensei technique. We cannot be killed, the only solution is to seal us!”

Noticing that Gai was getting ready to attack again, Tobirama immediately shouted at Konohas side.

Kakashi didnt care to be shocked by Gais power at this time, and immediately ordered his side with a deep voice.

“Im very sorry for causing you trouble.”

Hashirama whispered as Gai was about to attack.

“Wood Release: The technique of Wood Human!”

“Wood Release: Wood Expulsion!”


A huge wooden golem, bigger than the Kyuubi, suddenly rose up, trembling the ground.

Hashirama and Tobirama instantly landed on the top of the golemns head. At the same time, two blocks of wood appeared in front of them, blocking the course of any attacks that would be coming in their way.

“This technique… this is bad!”

Seeing this, Hashiramas expression suddenly changed. This move was his absolute defense technique. Even Uchiha Madara couldnt beat it using the complete Susano and the Kyuubi!

Tobiramas expression looked ugly, he didnt expect the caster to be this familiar to their technique, and to be able to manipulate their bodies to this extent.

“Its getting more complicated. Im afraid he wont be able to defeat this technique.”

While the two talked, Gain, who stopped for a second because of pain, finally attacked again.


In an instant, Gai flashed, and directly appeared on the top of the golemns head and fell with a crash!

“Sekizo… One step!”


The terrifying white beam of light shook the sky and earth, piercing down, and bombarding the head of the wooden golem!

“Two steps!”

“Three steps!”

“Four steps!”

Gais figure constantly flashed in the sky, and in an instant, four beams of light gathered, and the whole wooden golems body was plunged into the ground, and even created a crack!

“Five steps!”

From one to five steps, the speed kept increasing, whit no pause in the middle, in fact, he could crush the wooden golem without the need for five steps, but because the speed was so high, all were connected together.

When Gai appeared again on the top of the wooden golemns head, the last punch fell fiercely, and its entire body finally fell apart!

And it didnt just shatter, but directly exploded into countless pieces and scattered in all directions. Even the blocks of wood that were protecting the Senju brother was crashed at the same time.

“Impossible, my absolute defense was defeated…”

Watching the beam of light fall directly on them, Hashirama looked astonished, and in disbelief, then finally, his body collapsed and turned into countless fragments.

At the last moment, Hashirama looked at Gai, who had defeated him and couldnt help but show him his admiration.

“Nice job, kid!”

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