The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 471: Naitos Evening Elephant

Chapter 470: The Power Of Will


The whole earth collapsed, creating a horrifying pit, and Gain also fell from the sky to the ground, sweat ran down his body, and at that very moment, he began to pant violently.

Konohas ninja has long been shocked by this scene. Although many people have heard about his father and his heroic act, it felt that Gais Hachimon Tonkou was way stronger than Dai!!

This kind of power would be enough to destroy Konoha!

“Seal Squad! Seal the two of them quickly!”

Kakashi took a deep breath, ignoring the shock in his heart, he looked at the First and Second Hokage and noticed that their bodies have already begun to reform.

The ninjas of the sealing squad swallowed, then jumped out in the pit one after another.

The First and Second Hokage were beaten to pieces by Gais five steps. Anyone who saw this result couldnt help but feel shocked and even thought of the other God of Shinobi, Yuu Naito. If he was here, would he be able to defeat Gai?

Seeing that the ninja in the sealing squad had already prepared the seal, it was a matter of second before they finally get out of this dangerous situation, so he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

However, an afterimage suddenly flashed in, and all the ninjas in the Sealing squad were hit, and the blood splashed out!

Flying Thunder God!

“Damn it!”

Suddenly the Second Hokage appeared!

Watching him standing there, Kakashi couldnt help but curse and yell. Just before the impact, Tobirama quickly used the flying thunder god technique and escaped Gais attack.

Tobirama tried his best to forcibly block it, but in the end, he still used the Flying Thunder God, but he didnt bring Hashirama with him.

“No way! Lord Second!”

“Its the Flying Thunder God!”

“This is bad!”

Konohas ninja, as well as Kakashi and Gai, all looked horrified.

Gai screamed loudly, rushed over again without any hesitation, tried his best to smash Tobirama, but no matter how fast his body is, he still couldnt catch up to the speed of the Flying Thunder God.


In the next instant, Tobirama immediately disappeared out of thin air, appeared next to Hashirama, then flashed again with him!


Everyone looked at this scene, almost confused.

Although Gai still had a last trick, Night Guy, it was impossible to use it if the enemy wasnt there in the first place.

Once the Eighth Gate is opened, he could no longer stop it. As time passed, the Chakra flame beating in his heart became weaker and weaker, he could no longer stand still, and finally fell to the ground.

At this moment, two figures appeared in the field again with twinkling lights. It was Hashirama and Tobirama who looked furious.

Hashirama has never thought he would hate his brother developed techniques. But here they were, the Edo Tensei was used to reincarnate them and make them attack their beloved village, and the Flying Thunder God made them almost invincible.

Looking at Gai, who was unable to stand up anymore, the expression on Tobiramas face was extremely heavy.

Tobirama couldnt help but sigh, then he turned at Konoha ninjas in the distance, and said, “Forget it, no one can stop the two of us, you guys need to stop this, its meaningless.”

Gai isnt dead yet, but hes struggling to stand up, but he cant do it anymore. After all, the Hashimon Tonkou is a kind of consumable Ninjutsu. If Tobirama takes Hashirama and leaves again, it will be the end for him.

“How can I give up now…”

Gai clenched his teeth, with his perseverance only, he stood up abruptly!

At that moment, even Hashirama and Tobirama were moved by his courage.

However, standing up is also the limit, his vitality has been burned out, he wont even be able to throw a punch.

But his body gave upon him, and he was about to fall again. Suddenly a figure appeared behind him, and after he supported him a little, he gently touched his heart with a finger.


Strange runes spread, and flame in his heart suddenly strengthened, and his body got injected with new vitality. At the same time, the Eighth Gate was forcibly closed.

This strange man was Naito, who had just fallen from the starry sky to the Ninja World. Noticing the huge movement in the direction of Konoha from a distance, he came here.

Naruto could stop the Eighth gate, and so could he.

However, even though the gate was closed, Gai could no longer stand, so Naito placed him on the ground.

“Naito… Sama…”

“You can sleep for a while.”

Naito looked at Gai, who was barely conscious and slightly nodded at him. After a pause, he said, “And dont call me Sama again, call me Sensei.”

Because of Dai and that promise he gave him, Naito has always regarded Gai as his disciple but never stated that because of how funny and weird Gai acts sometimes.

Hes only weird, actually.

But watching how heroically Gai burned out his vitality, he returned, and then he stood up forcefully only by his will, Naito couldnt help but feel moved!

This power of will Naito himself has acknowledged it!

Naito has always disliked Sarutobi and his politics, and especially Danzo, Naito hated him even more.

However, Konoha still has people like Gai after all.

Dark is fed on the light. Behind the light, there will always be shadows. This is unavoidable, but as long as the heart seeks the light, it will find the true will of fire.

Konohas ninja didnt expect that Naito would suddenly appear this time, and they all looked surprised.

Seeing how Naito suddenly appeared and rescued Gai, Kakashi also looked surprised.

Naito glanced at him, then whispered softly: “Take Gai with you, he needs to rest.”


Kakashi nodded, then immediately stepped forward, helped Gai, and placed him on the medical teams stretcher.

After that, Kakashi looked at Naito hesitantly.

After becoming the Hokage, Kakashi learned a lot of things he didnt know before. While sighing, he felt a little nervous, fearing that Naito would still not interfere this time too.

Naito interrupted Kakashis words, turned around with faint expression at Hashirama and Tobirama, then said: “Just take care of Gai, and leave… Leave the rest to me.”

Hearing these words, Kakashi finally felt relieved, and a touch of gratitude appeared on his face.


Hashirama and Tobirama looked at Naito with a hint of surprise, because neither of them noticed Naitos movements, that is to say, Naito should be a Space Jutsu user. Something like the Flying Thunder God!

At the same time, they really thought that it was a pity he didnt appear a bit earlier, Naito and Gai would have had better chances to seal them.

After hearing the conversation between Naito and Gai, both of them wondered how could Naito, someone who looked much younger than Gai, be the latters Sensei?!

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