The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 471: Naitos Evening Elephant

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Nothing special could be felt from Naitos body. However, he actually used a Space Ninjutsu a moment ago, so both came to a conclusion.

Naitos strength may be similar to Tobirama. Space Ninjutsu is kind of broken in this world, and this is why no one can defeat Naito, so those Konoha ninjas think of him as an invincible Shinobi.

Being able to master a Space Ninjutsu can indeed define a genius ninja, but… from what they perceived, its nothing remarkable.

“Young lad… Well, youre called Naito, right? Hes right. If youre not sure, dont try to stop us. Were not in control of our bodies, even if you have Space Ninjutsu. It will be hard to stop us, and if youre not careful, you might die.”

Hashirama looked at Naito very seriously, and said to Naito: “Youre still very young, dont waste your life.”

“You wont know until you try, isnt that right?” Naito looked at Hashirama and replied plainly.

“Oh, well, thats right.”

Hashirama shook his head and sighed, but he was confident that Naito would still be able to escape if things went wrong since he could use Space Ninjutsu.

However, there was one more strange thing that happened since the moment Naito appeared. The caster has suddenly stopped controlling their bodies, which made both feel a little strange.

At the next moment, the expression on Hashiramas face suddenly changed, and Chakra started flowing in his body as his hands began to move and form one seal after another.

“This is…Not good! Naito, hurry up and avoid it using Space Ninjutsu!”

Sensing the Chakra flowing in his body, Hashirama suddenly shouted at Naito.

However, he was a bit slow, and the moment his voice fell, the last seal had already been completed.

Wood Release: Nativity of a World of Trees!!!


With a crack under Hashiramas foot, the ground instantly shattered, and terrifying thick trees surged out violently, rushing toward Naito.

These trees became more and more terrifying as they advanced toward him, like a wave rising from a sea of trees, crashing down towards Naito!

Watching this scene, the ninjas in the distance couldnt help but turn pale. It was this technique that defeated them and destroyed half of the village.

If it hadnt been for Hashirama, who barely managed to stop it in the end, it would have killed all of them. Even so, almost all of them were injured now.

However, standing in the field, looking at the roaring sea of treas coming toward him, Naitos expression didnt change at all.

In the next moment, just when the attack was in front of him, Naito finally moved.

“Evening Elephant!”

What Naito has used was Gais Evening Elephant. Of course, Naito could also use this technique, and its power is far more terrifying than Gais!


When Naitos fist fell, a horrifying beam of light that was so many times larger than Gais was fired, and crashed to the front!

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