The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 472: true Several Thousand Hands

Naito exists in this era, then maybe Naito is similar to Hashirama, and the person who cast this technique, is actually the one who represents Madara.

Well, since Naito is this strong, the world doesnt seem to need him to worry too much.

But the most important question now is how Naito will defeat both of them. Although hes very strong, from Tobiramas point of view, it may not be easy to suppress them, since he can also use the Flying Thunder God.

“Naito, you must find a way to limit this old mans Flying Thunder God Technique, otherwise, even if you can defeat my big brothers Wood Release, you might not be able to seize the opportunity to seal us.”

“The Flying Thunder God…”

Naito looked the Second Hokages extremely solemn expression, and couldnt help but smile excitedly.

The initial Soul Art research started from the Second Hokages studies. The Flying Thunder God has also been an issue for Naito, but… that was before he opens the Seventh Gate.

Todays Naito fully possesses the Reverse Hachimon Tonkous powers. Although the Flying Thunder God is very strong, its nothing compared to Naito.

Tobirama suddenly smiled when he saw Naitos expression; it seemed like Naito was about to prove him wrong, so he didnt try to help him or give him advice on how he could directly counter it.

Hashirama, on the side, smiled helplessly, it seems that the two have the same character, but he felt more relaxed now.

However, before he could speak, his hand once again started moving on its own.


With an uncontrollable cry, strange patterns appeared on Hashiramas face, and he instantly entered the Sage Mode!

“Damn it! How much does that bastard know about me, even this Ninjutsu…”

Seeing this technique, Hashirama couldnt help but feel confused, but before he could even think of an answer, the Chakra inside his body began to flow violently.

“Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands!!”


His Chakra alone could tremble the world, and now it was mixed with the Senjutsu Chakra!

As soon as the True Several Thousand Hands appeared, the ninja in the distance looked a little dazed, because that statue was colossal!

If that wooden man technique was already bigger than a Bijuu, then this titanic statue far exceeds a Bijuu. Actually, it can even use the grab the Kyuubi with one hand, and use it as a ty!

This is only the size of the wooden figure in the middle, as for the countless arms that were stretching out, they have expanded its size many times. From a distance, it looks like a god who can crush everything!

“Be careful! This is a Senjutsu…”

Standing on the top of the statue, Hashirama looked very serious and shouted at Naito, but his words were cut short, and he suddenly said.

“Artifacts! Of The Buddha!!”

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