The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 474: The Prologue of the Fourth War!

Chapter 473: Controlling The Space

Crack! Crack!! Crack!!!

With a cry from Hashirama, the statue emitted a sound like the cracking of wood.

Accompanied by this creepy sound, the several thousand hands of the statue all clenched, falling on Naito!

Naitos size is already extremely small compared to a Biiju, and compared to this colossal statue, he was like an invisible little point!

Watching the countless fists of the statue falling on Naito, Hashirama couldnt help but look anxious.

This technique even Madara couldnt stop, it was his most powerful technique.

Watching the countless fists falling toward him, Naito smirked with a faint look in his eyes.

Whats the benefit of using more than one fist?

One punch can also be the answer!

This time, Naito didnt use Gais technique, he was serious this time, and he has even taken his punching posture.

Suddenly, Naitos small fist met with the countless huge fist of Hashiramas statue.


This punch didnt shot a beam of light that shook the sky before, and particularly there wasnt any terrifying momentum in it.

On the contrary, after his punch fell, the whole world seemed to be silent for a moment!

At this moment, it would have been heard if a needle fell on the ground, but no one dared to blink, even the Konohas ninjas in the distance.

Under everyones gaze, the void suddenly twisted strangely in front of Naitos fist.

Although its far away, the scene was extremely clear, as if space was rotating, then it suddenly torn silently!

His punch has actually created a black hole!

“This is impossible!”

Tobirama looked at it with widened eyes, and couldnt help but exclaim.

He who studied space Ninjutsu and developed the Flying Thunder God knew what this black hole is, and because of that, the shock in his heart was the greatest!

Hashirama was also shocked, he didnt know what the black hole was, but he could sense the terrifying force that enveloped that area a moment ago.

This kind of power, that strange vibration, and tear, instantly turned his colossal statue into pieces!

But that wasnt all, immediately afterward, the shattered void suddenly twisted and enveloped those pieces, then finally it was sucked into that strange black hole and disappeared completely!

Even the Flying Thunder God lost its effect because space was distorted entirely, and it cannot be used in such conditions!

Almost all Konohas ninjas watched this scene with dull expressions.

If he used something greater than the Evening Elephant and caused the world to tremble, they wouldnt have been this shocked. However, because it didnt have any momentum, his punch seemed weak to them.

But the effect and the feeling was too unreal!

They felt like they were daydreaming, it doesnt seem to be a real thing at all!

Some of them couldnt help but rub their eyes.

After it sucked the statue inside, the black hole didnt disappear directly. Instead, a more terrifying attracting force surged, and it seemed as if it was gonna tear this piece of land and pull it in.

This time, the Konoha ninja felt a life-threatening feeling, as if they were about to be sucked.

But two illusory-looking hands suddenly grasped the edges of the black hole, and then violently pulled it to the middle!


These illusory-looking hands were Naitos hands. After he turned into the state of nothingness, he could freely blend into space.

After he closed the space hole, Naitos hands returned back to their normal appearance again.

“The Edo Tensei is really interesting. It seems that they cannot be pulled inside the black hole. Their souls are forcibly fixed inside this world, and they can only be sealed.”

The moment he closed the black hole, two illusory shapes appeared again, and gradually they started to gain their form.

Obviously, you can travel through space using this black hole. But they cant simply leave the Shinobi World in their state.

Hashirama and Tobiramas bodies gradually recovered, but this time, both were silent, Naitos power overawed them.

Tobirama seemed even sorer. Just now, he told Naito that it would be hard for him to deal with them since he can use the Flying Thunder God, but a moment later, Naito smashed the space with a punch, and forcibly distorted and fixed the surrounding void, to forcibly restrict his technique using!

In fact, Naito isnt only smashing and distorting the space but also blending a part of his body into the surrounding void.

This allows him to easily stop the Flying Thunder God.

Even Hashirama could tell that Naito has bent the space between them. This way, Tobirma couldnt use his Flying Thunder God.

After all, using the Flying Thunder God in a distorted space is impossible, and teleporting into the bent space is also risky, because the coordinates will shift, and they might just teleport into his range of fire.

He simply countered every possible move, and the Flying Thunder God suddenly became useless.

Naito could shatter the space, distort it, fix it, blend it… the perfect counter for the Flying Thunder God.

Naitos control over the space made Tobirama feel amazed. He simply surpassed him in every aspect.

“Yuu Naito, were reincarnated by the Edo Tensei, use a sealing technique to stop us for good.”

Seeing that they were about to fully recover, Hashiram spoke softly to Naito, with a bit of admiration in his tone.

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