The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 475: The Break Out Of The Fourth War

Chapter 474: The Prologue of the Fourth War!

“Dont be so troublesome.”

Naito looked at Hashirama and Tobirama and shook his head lightly, and then suddenly extended his hand, and a black scepter suddenly appeared in Naitos hand.

Surprisingly, its the Truth-Seeking Scepter.

Holding the scepter, Naito casually waved at Hashirama and Tobirama twice, completely dispersing their bodies.

This time their body could no longer be recovered and was scattered entirely on the ground. As a result, these bodies couldnt continue to carry their souls.

Therefore, Hashirama and Tobiramas souls floated out of their bodies, suspended in the air, both with a stunned expression.

“This is…”

“Thats thing is created from the Yin and Yang Releases, it can even destroy my Edo Tensei technique…”

Hashirama looked at the scepter in Naitos hand with admiration, then his and Tobiramas souls emitted white light, and finally disappeared.

The two have initially been dead, and even with the Edo Tensei, they were still dead. Naturally, they belong to the afterlife. And after he destroyed their reincarnated bodies, they went back there.

Perceiving how their aura has wholly disappeared, Naito stood there quietly, with an inexplicable light flashing in his eyes.

Although Naito didnt have any kind of Dojutsu, he still clearly saw through the state of the Edo Tensei.

In that state, their Chakra was infinite, or it can be restored infinitely, but Kaguyas will didnt exist in it.

Its precise because even the Infinite Tsukuyomi cant affect them.

When Naito came to Konoha, he found out that all the Chakra of the ninjas inside the village had Kaguyas wills fragments. The Naito now can easily wipe these fragments out of them, but it needs to be done one by one. Erasing it will be a bit troublesome.

“Otsutsuki Kaguya… Huh!” Naito looked at the void, and a ray of light suddenly flashed in his eyes as he smiled.

Naitos figure faded instantly without any goodbyes, disappeared out of thin air under countless gazes of awe and admiration.

The battle between Naito and the Senju brother was very short, there were only a few techniques in total. However, in their eyes, it was completely one-sided.

Even former God of Shinobi and the legendary First Hokage couldnt stand in front of Naito!

Doesnt this mean that Naitos strength surpassed even the title God of Shinobi?

However, what comes after the God of Shinobi.

No one knows. The only thing they knew was that the gap between Naito and them cannot be narrowed even after a thousand-year!


Shinobi World. An unknown place.

A large number of open coffins arranged her, and there, they look extraordinary and terrifying.

Black Zetsu was attached to Kabutos body, which looked very weird. Even the latter didnt know what happened to him.

Suddenly, Kabuto opened his eyes, but these eyes were actually Black Zetsus. Kabuto couldnt defeat Black. After all, Black Zetsu was an ancient existence, and he could even control Madara. He was Kaguyas third son, and he has the power to control the entire world with one hand.

However, there is one person in this world he cannot control, that is Naito.

“They arent worthy of being his opponents, that guy has even got stronger. Although he cannot control the space the same way Mother does, this power is enough to destroy the void…”

Black Zetsu took a deep breath, then he turned to look at one of White Zetsus clones, and said hoarsely, “How is Sasuke?”

“He awakened the Mongekyou Sharingan, and I have added a few “things” to his body. I also told him the truth about Itachi, and now he has decided to destroy Konoha.”

White Zetsu spread his hands, and a wicked smile appeared on his face.

Black Zetsu also smirked, then he said, “This way, Sasuke will inevitably fight with Asuras successor Naruto. With his eyes, he will easily possess Asuras Chakra. Everything is finally done!”

“But there is a problem.” White listened to Black Zetsus words, with a smile on his face, “Naito can intervene at any time… Once he makes a move, it will be the end for us.”

“I know.”

Black Zetsu then said with a serious tone, “Its almost time for Madara-Sama to come out and control the scene.”

White and Black Zetsu were surrounded by opened coffins, but there was an unopened coffin, lying there quietly…


Rain Village.

Soon after Naito returned from Konoha, the Rain Village received a request for a meeting from the five major villages, because all of them were attacked by ninjas, who were reincarnated by the Edo Tensei.

The other reincarnated Kages from the other villages were obviously less strong than the First and Second Hokage, but they were still strong. Coupled with their immortal bodies, the other villages were hit hard. The Shinobi World suffered heavy losses from this attack, and all the Bijuu were captured.

Due to these losses, the other villages exchanged information, to find that all six major villages were attacked, except for the Rain Village.

And the targets were the Bijuu!

Undoubtedly, the same person should be the one who organized these attacks, and the power his possessed made all the other villages feel afraid. Although they dont know his purpose, with all the Bijuu in his hand, he can easily wipe out the Shinobi World!

Obviously, no village has the ability to fight back on its own against all of this power. If the person behind the scenes decided to use all of that power to target one village, he would obviously destroy it!

Obviously, these big ninja villages will not sit still.

As a result, the Five Major Villages made a decision almost simultaneously, initiated the Five Kage Meeting, and prepared to form a Shinobi Joint Army to confront the enemies.

Its called the Five Kage Meeting, but in fact, it was six Kage, because the Shinobi World now has a sixth major village, and a sixth Kage, that is the Rain Village and the Amekage.

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