The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 476: Night Attack

Chapter 475: The Break Out Of The Fourth War

The fact that the five villages are surprisingly agreeing on joining the Rain Village to the alliance is because they needed Naito in the front lines.

Naitos existence with them was undoubtedly a key to victory!

Someone who can use the Edo Tensei to force Kage against their own villages, and also have the Bijuu in his hand, this man behind the scenes is undoubtedly capable of destroying the Shinobi World with his own power, and Naito is also the only person who can do that.

The five major villages were a little worried initially, worried that Naito is too strong, and since the Rain Village wasnt attacked, they wont join the alliance.

But the fact is that Tsunade not only agreed to participate in the Six Kage talk but also directly agreed to join the alliance. Of course, these were all under Naitos acquiescence, and observation.

The Six Kage meeting place wasnt set up in the Land of Iron like the original because it isnt safe now.

And the safest place in the Shinobi World is the Land of Rain!

The place where Naito, the God of Shinobi World sits, without any doubt, will make anyone feel more at ease than of the other villages that are led by the Kage. Although Naito himself is terrible, hes better than the guy who is trying to subvert the Shinobi World.

Tsunade and Kakashi jointly proposed to hold the Six Kage meeting in the Rain, and the Kage from the other major villages finally agreed.

Thus, The Six Kage meeting began.

Unlike the original, all the major villages were attacked, the purpose was clear: to form one alliance and one army. Therefore, this meeting was actually to discuss the formation of the Allied Shinobi Forces.

Therefore the Kage didnt come on their own, nor did they brought one or two guards. They directly came followed by their armies.

Fortunately, the Rain Village is massive now, and the ninjas arent stupid, they know this was Naitos village, and no one dared to do any funny thing.


Rain Village.

The meeting took place on the middle floor of the tallest building in the Rain Village.

On the highest floor, Naito was sitting there drinking tea with a clam face in a room.

After a while, Kushina, with wet hair, came out wrapped in a snow-white bath towel, then started drying her hair, looking at Naito.

“Hey boy, youre really ignoring the meeting.”

“Why should I care.”

Naito put down the teacup, smiled at Kushina, then stood up and walked toward her.

Kushina has completed all the stages of the Sage Mode Transformation, and now she has a perfect immortal body, like the one Hashirama has, plus the Kyuubis Chakra, even though she still didnt reach the Six Paths level, the gap wasnt that big.

It can be said that she can easily suppress all the five Kage that are discussing the world safety below by herself.

“You dont care about such a big thing as the formation of the Allied Shinobi Forces?” Kushina curled her lips and rolled her eyes at Naito. Almost the entire world was in turmoil, but Naito was drinking tea with peace of mind.

“I dont care who will command the army. Moreover, Rain Village is indeed peaceful during this period. Shinobi, who didnt experience life and death situation, cannot be regarded as elites. Let them fight. This a good thing.”

Naito gently passed his hand through her soft hair, then pinched her cheeks, pulled it to the side. With a weird experience, he smiled and simultaneously said: “Besides, these people are not worthy of my concern.”

Kushina grabbed Naitos hand in dissatisfaction, pulled out her face, and said, “Then what is worthy of you concern?”


Naito hugged her gently from behind, and after smiling, he seriously said: “In short, I will handle everything in the end.”

Almost everyone has a fragment of Kaguyas will in their Chakra, but it would be so troublesome to erase it out of everyone, one by one.

Naito didnt bother to do such troublesome things.

“Are you really going to let her resurrect?”

Kushina had already learned the whole story of the world from Naito, and all the stories about Kaguya, Hagoromo, etc. But couldnt help but feel worried.

She knew what kind of existence Kaguya is, Chakras ancestor, such a creature must be extremely terrifying, and Naitos battle with her would probably destroy the world.

Of course, she wasnt worried about this. She only wanted Naito to be safe. Kushina was afraid that she might lose him.

“Wrong, I will not allow her to resurrect.” Naito smiled confidently, and Kushina couldnt help but smile watching his arrogant expression, then he said, “I will let her gather her scattered will, then I will finish her once and for all.”

“You boy…”

Kushina rolled her eyes, but she knew what kind of a guy Naito was. She has never seen him afraid of anything.

She stared at Naito lightly, then she lowered her head and said softly: “You must win.”

“I have never lost.”

Naito stretched out his hand, hugged her, touched her cheek lightly, and smiled, sensing the situation of the meeting below.


After a soft snort, Naito let go of Kushina, turned around, and said, “Im going down again.”


Kushina nodded.

This the Rain Village, and with Naitos presence, Tsunade undoubtedly has an absolute advantage in this talk, but because of this, the other Kage didnt want her to be the supreme leader.

As Konohas Hokage, Kakashi was quite supportive of Tsunade, but things started to get complicated since the other Kage were against it.

Until… Naito suddenly walked in.

Naito came to the meeting room and only said a few words, “Tsunade is the Supreme Commander, do you have any problem?”

Which such an understatement, all the Kage shut up, even the Fourth Raikage, who had the hottest temper, didnt dare to speak a word.

As a result, the quarrel that took a long time ended.

The formation of the Allied Shinobi Army was very rapid. After all, this army is entirely formed of ninjas, and almost all ninjas are well-trained. The only problem is that there are contradictions among them, but these ninjas forcibly suppressed those contradictions when facing a common enemy.

The Allied Shinobi Army was divided into several divisions, each advancing towards the same destination.

According to the location of the reincarnated Kage and the direction of their arrival, they could quickly locate the enemy in a particular area.

But what the Kage didnt expect is that their units will encounter not only previous dead Kage, but also some reincarnated famous powerhouses ninjas… and one 100,000 White Zetsu!

In terms of numbers, the Allied Shinobi Army has only tens of thousands of ninjas, but the enemy, who has the White Zetsu Army plus those Elites who were reincarnated by the Edo Tensei, almost have an absolute advantage.

But there is a problem here; that is, these elites are not necessarily wholly obedient. Even if Black Zetsu is controlling Kabuto, its impossible to keep an eye on all of them at once.

Finally, the Allied Shinobi Army clashed with the Reincarnated Elites and White Zetsu Army, and the Fourth Shinobi World War broke out!

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