The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 476: Night Attack

kid…” Tsunade sat in the commanding position and pondered for a while. She didnt care much about the two elders, but if Konoha is wholly destroyed, she wouldnt be able to explain this to Kakashi later.

So Tsunade immediately turned to look at Naito.

Naito smiled and shook his head, “I dont need to go, someone had already gone there.”


Tsunade looked surprised.

And at the next moment, another urgent report came over.

“Naruto Uzumaki, who was training in Mount Myobuku has just returned, and went straight to Konoha, and hes currently fighting with Uchiha Sasuke.”


Naito shrugged. Well, that was obvious, as a good friend, Naruto will definitely go after him.

However, these two unlucky children are only thirteen years old now, several years younger than the original. And their fight has turned Konoha upside down. It seems that Indra and Ashuras Chakra have been fully exploited.

The fourth Shinobi World War was

At night, in a camp.

This where Konohas ninjas have stationed their tents, although this was the Allied Shinobi Forces camp, of course, every village had its own corner inside it.

The Fourth Shinobi World War wasnt a one day battle, and an intermission was needed. The night was for resting and healing the wounded, but it was also the time for White Zetsu to sneak behind their lines.

Inside one of the tents, there were three young girls from Konoha, Sakura, Ino, and Sakura. Of course, they wouldnt let girls sleep with boys.

Hinata is introverted and doesnt like to talk much, and she just sat on her bed alone.

“If youre tired, you can rest.”

Sakura took off her jacket, then walked to Hinata, and tried to be friendly to her.


Hinata looked at Sakura with a lovely smile, and after nodding, she undressed and was ready to sleep.

But at this moment, a white-haired teenager suddenly walked into the tent.

Ino, Sakura, and Hinata were a little surprised. This is the place where the girls sleep. The three girls almost exclaimed, but when they saw the appearance of the person who came in, they forcibly held it back. And they looked even more stunned.


If Naruto came in, Sakura would have blasted him out with a fist without hesitation, but it turned out to be Naito. After reacting, her cheeks suddenly flushed and sat down with evident shiness, and dodgy eyes.

Inos reaction was similar. As for Hinata, she wasnt shy, because Naito has been taken care of since she was a child, and she was so familiar with him.

“You did a good job, Ive been watching you.”

Naito smiled at Hinata and then slowly approached her. Hinata, who was praised by Naito, suddenly lowered her head in embarrassment.

However, just when Naito got closer, she suddenly blinked, revealing a strange expression.


Suddenly Naito blasted her with a punch, and aimed directly at her head!



Sakura and Ino suddenly reacted and couldnt help but exclaim, however, it was too late to rescue her.

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