The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 478: The Frontlines

head, Onoki smiled cheerfully: “This is really isnt the time to be old, but we must continue.”

Mei smiled and was about to say something when a cold voice was emitted on the battlefield.

“Onoki, you little devil, you really have grown up, youve even defeated the first Mizukage.”

This voice stiffened Meis face since that person has just called Onoki imp, it was undoubtedly another Tsuchikage, and it seems that their gonna have another fierce fight.

However, Mei didnt notice, is that when Onoki next to her heard this voice, his face suddenly changed, revealing a horrified expression!

Turning around, Onoki recognized the person standing on the top of the mountain at a glance. It was Uchiha Madara!

The moment he saw Madara, Onokis pupils suddenly shrank, and he secretly cried out, how could even Madara be reborn by the Edo Tensei.

Although he was both shocked and horrified, Onoki, who was floating in the air, still smiled and said, “Unexpectedly, even the mighty Madara is being controlled by the Edo Tensei.”


Uchiha Madara coldly snorted and looked down at Onoki, then said, “Dont be mistaken, no one can control me!”

As soon as his voice fell, Madara jumped, and as he started doing hand signs, he said faintly to Onoki, “It seems that youve forgotten how can I be so terrifying, little Onoki.”

“Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation!!”


The terrifying huge flames covered the range of tens of meters, bursting out of Madaras mouth, eating everything on its way toward the Allied Shinobi Army.

Even far away, they could feel its blazing heat.


“What a terrifying Fire Release!”

The ninjas of the Allied Shinobi Army watched this with awe.

Uchiha Madara, who has just got reincarnated by the Edo Tensei, and wanted to adapt to this body, a fire release that he casually used shocked the ground!



A huge ripple suddenly appeared on the sensory water ball.

One of the perceptual ninjas suddenly raised his head with a look of horror on his face.

“This… what is this?!”

“I feel a Chakra fluctuation that far exceeds those of the previous reincarnated Kage!”

In shock, the ninja immediately reported to Tsunade, who was sitting in the commanders position, and even she felt surprised when she heard the ninjas report.

Those previous Kage are already extremely strong, someone whos stronger than those people. Who is it this time?!

Without waiting for Tsunade to figure it out on herself, an accurate report came from the front lines.

“Report! Uchiha Madara appeared on the frontline battlefield! Hes currently fighting with the Third Division!”

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