The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 48: Cruel

Boom! !

Without any mercy Naito attacked him.

The cracks on the ground start to spread out in all directions.


Momo Satsuki dodged the attack and tried to run from Naitos range attack, but the moment he stood up, his mouth was driveling blood.

Obviously, theres no chance for him to dodge Naitos attack without being injured.

“So what sold me out?”

Satsuki spat blood, while he looked curious at Naito.


Naito looked at him calmly.

“Even if you looked exactly like her, you wont fool me, shes the most important person in my life, the atmosphere wont be the same.”

“Thats it?”

He took a deep breath, Satsuki looked very annoyed.

He thought if he looked like Kushina he will approach Naito without any problem, but Naito will never mistake Kushina for anyone.

Satsuki didnt move, and Naito also didnt move, they kept looking at each other.

Naito didnt mind wasting time.

They were in Konoha, back up will come in no time.

Once an outsider is exposed Konoha response will be so fast.

It wont be a surprise if the Anbu are already in the way.

Which it was very strange to Naito, how did the assassin find such a chance to kill him without being noticed.

The second shinobi world war is very near, in fact, it might be that theres a lot of spies in Konoha, as Konoha has a lot of spies in other villages.

But theres a difference between spies and assassins.

Spies usually do not perform assassinations missions, they are simply spying to deliver important information, once youre in, it will be really difficult to get exposed.

On the other hand, assassins who specialize in assassination missions, are really easy to get exposed.

The difference between the two is the fact that spies are always hiding in the society using that cover to collect information, even if they do not get any important pieces of information, they will always make sure to not expose themselves.

Assassins, on the other hand, will always be close to the targets collecting information about them waiting for the right moment to do the job, thats why its really easy to expose them.

In particular, a large village like Konoha it can get mixed with a bunch of spies without being noticed.

But it should not be mixed with assassins!

Its not a secret now that Konoha is really in a trouble…and its not only because of this accident, theres a lot of other problems within Konoha!

The Root, The Uchiha!

Theres a lot of other names too.

The look on his face become colder.

But this is not important now.

The most important thing is the assassin in front of him, who will live and who will die.

Satsuki first attack ended with a fierce counterattack from Naito.

Only a few moments have passed.

Satsuke was staring at him.

If he succeeded in the instant assassination, he would quickly retreat, even if he got hunted by Konohas Ninja, he was confident that he could get rid of them.

But now…

If you dare to do a big move in Konoha you will definitely be discovered by the perceptive Ninja inside the village which specialises in patrolling all of Konoha.

Theres no doubt that he got exposed now.

The Anbu may have already surrounded this place.

“In this case, I will need to move quickly… first I will kill this little monster, then I will calculate my chances of escape.”

Satsuki glared at Naito.

In fact, he knew that hes already too late, he wont leave this place alive, even if he killed Naito.

In the next moment, he held his sword with both hands.

Om! ! !

The white sword suddenly got covered by a blue aura, it seemed to be Chakra with the nature of the Wind, but it seemed a little bit different.

“Funeral dance!”

Whoosh! !

Satsuke Chakra took the image of a ghost.

He started to approach Naito while he was doing a very fast barrage of stabs, but it wasnt due to his speed, it was the sword itself.

A special sword.

“Is he one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist?”

Naitos eyes widened the moment he thought about this, but this sword, its not one of the seven swords.

Moreover, if he was one of the seven Naito should have been dead by now.

Although this attack is fast, Naito can still reflect it.

“Go to hell! you little bastard!”

Satsuki revealed a crazy killing intent, hes Chakra got all crazy and got burst out, the stabs from the sword got covered by a blue aura.

“Hahahaha! !”

In a flash, the stabs looked like a blossoming lotus.

beautiful but also dangerous.

However, in the face of this tactical slaying technique, Naito froze for a moment, but he didnt retreat.

This technique just showed how much he was scary.

Naito though it was silly how he considered for a moment that Satsuki was one of the seven.

“So this is his level?”

Satsukis technique wasnt as strong as Naito imagined.

Naito was too cautious, he wouldnt be alive if they thought that he was a threat.

In a matter of fact… the seven are very strong Shinobi well known in every village they couldnt cross the Konohas borders without being noticed.

Even after the assassination succeeded, it wont be easy to safely withdraw without suffering casualties from both sides.

If the mission is very dangerous, if its gonna be a life in exchange for a life, even if the target is a genius, it wont worth it.

The person in front of Naito is at best an elite Chunin.

Although this move may seem very dangerous, hell, its not at the same level as a High-Level B-Class Ninjutsu.

For how much more youre gonna hide behind that technique?!

Naito shook his head then he clenched his fist.

Om! !

He started to mobilize his chakra and the power of the shock at the same time.

Then, all of sudden, Naito dashed at him and fired a punch at him.

Seeing how Naito was trying to stop his sword with barehanded, Satsuke felt awkward.

Then he smirked.

In order to assassinate Naito, he naturally knew about his ability to conjure strange shocks from his fist.

However, this technique is his pride.

Funeral dance!

With this trick, he had assassinated a Jonin!

This arrogant little brat, he thinks he can stop this technique barehanded, its not that simple, even a Jonin couldnt stop it!

There was even a ridicule look on Satsukis face, and it seemed like he already imagined the outcome of this clash.

But the next moment, his expression was wiped out from his face.

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