The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 480: Chibaku Tensei

Chapter 479: The Five Kage

Uchiha Madara!

As soon as the name was said, the atmosphere changed in the room. Almost everyone in this room was an elite, and almost all of them heard this name before.

“Damn it, Grandpa was reincarnated, is it Uchiha Madaras turn this time?!”

Tsunade slammed with her first the table, with a solemn expression, and said, “Let the first, second, and fourth units support immediately!”


The ninja immediately responded and went to handle the instruction, while Shizune next to Tsunade was shocked and couldnt help but whisper, “Tsunade-Sama, isnt it better if we ask Naito-Sama?”

Naito didnt wasnt in the headquarters.

“No, I cant let Naito take action every time something goes wrong, and this time, all of the Five Kage are here!”

Tsunade shook her head, and slowly she looked calm again.

In fact, she didnt say one more thing, that is, although Naito is here, she cant just ask him to go. When he feels like it, he will step into the battlefield.

“Water Release: Water Formation Wall!”

“Water Release: Water Formation Wall!”

More than ten Ninjas used the water to stop Madaras fire, and a large stream of water gathered together.


The fire and water merged, producing steam that quickly covered everyones vision.

It took the Allied Shinobi Forces more than ten people to stop Madaras fire release, and the moment they blocked it, Mei, who had been standing there, took a shot!

The reason why she didnt take action to stop Madaras fire is that she needed to save Chakra. She consumed a lot of it in the previous battle.

“Vapour Release: Skilled Mist!”

After taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth, and white mist suddenly spewed out. The white mist that could evaporate everything poured into the distance instantly.

Uchiha Madara, who was just about to rush into the crowd, suddenly frowned and stopped.

What a character he is, he could naturally see through her technique in an instant.

“Huh! Bloodline limit at this level, this woman… is he the Mizukage? The new generation isnt as good as the old one.”

Madara snorted coldly, then a blue Chakra suddenly wrapped his body, and a bone arm swept fiercely, tearing apart the mist!


“Not this time.

Onoki, who was already floating in the air, watched Madaras Susanoo, but wasnt surprised, and stretching his hand forward, a white beam of light appeared in his hand and fell towards Madara.

“Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”


The dust release fell from the sky and instantly wiped out the first stage of Madaras Susanoo, and at the same time, directly blasted his body.

Seeing this scene, Mei and the ninja couldnt help but rejoice. Some of the ninjas even shouted out loudly, and the sealing squad got ready to step in.

However, everyone was stunned by the next moment.

Because Uchiha Madara, who stood there calmly, suddenly absorbed the beam of light!

Only then did Madara raised his head leisurely and looked at Onoki, “It seems that even after all of these years, you still only have this technique, Onoki.”

As soon as his voice fell, the Susanoo once again condensed and formed, as if he was swiping a fly, it stuck Onoki, sending him to the ground.


Onoki hit the ground hard. With a shocked expression, Mei rushed to his side.

“Tsuchikage-Dono, are you okay?!”

“Im okay.”

Onoki stood up, shook his head, but suddenly spewed blood, and at the same time, a trace of fear appeared in his eyes, looking at the indifferent Uchiha Madara.

The Dust Release is completely useless!

Even though he managed to get rid of the Susanoo, Madara managed to stop his technique; the latters power had exceeded his expectations.

He felt that Madara is completely invincible, and the only person who made him feel like this before is Yuu Naito!


Uchiha Madara snorted coldly, and without giving him any more breath, he waved the Susanoos lightsaber.

Onoki and Mei were shocked, and immediately spread out, avoiding the sword, and at the same time, the ninjas on the side started rushing at Madara.

However, Madara, who was already inside the Susanoo, folding his hands on his chest, looked at them with disdain, then closed his eyes.

Whoosh! Whoosh!! Whoosh!!!

The next moment, the Susanoo swung his lightsaber several times, smashing the entire battlefield and directly destroying the Shinobi Army.

“Damn… Damn it!”

Watching this scene, Onokis forehead was filled with cold sweat, and said, “Why Naito isnt here yet?”

From Onokis point of view, if they ever want to defeat Uchiha Madara, Im afraid that only Naito can do it, but he wasnt here.

“Why should he come?!”

Suddenly, Onoki heard a strong and angry voice, and it was the Fourth Raikage who has just joined the battle!

The Fourth Raikage looked at Madara and snorted coldly, “The battle on my side is over. We dont need Naito to win this battle!”

Standing inside the Susanoo, Madara opened his eyes and looked at the Fourth Raiakege and Onoki with disdain.

Of course, he heard what he just said. Although he didnt know the specifics, he could guess Naitos status in the world right now, but Naito didnt show up until now. Is he looking down on him? Does he think that these minions are enough to stop him?!

Even when he is only in the Edo Tensei state and cannot use the Limbo, hes still… Uchiha Madara!

Upon seeing the Hokage and the Kazekage finally arriving, Madara stared at them coldly. Their speed was only a little slower than the Raikage. After all, all of the other battlefields were close, so they came immediately.

Seeing the five Kage gathering together, Onoki felt more confident. Although Madara was terrifying, he was still defeated by Senju Hashirama and Naito. Now hes just a dead man, he doesnt look so invincible anymore.

What if Naito isnt here… The Five Kage are here!

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