The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 480: Chibaku Tensei

anoo couldnt block the Raikages attack, and finally, cut it into two halves using his hand!

“It worked!”

Watching this scene, Madara finally moved, and with a few jumps, he once again stood on the top of the cliff overlooking the five Kage.

Onoki and the other defeated Madaras Susanoo, forcing him to retreat, which made all of them look excited. It seems that Madara isnt invincible after all!

“Raikage-Sama! Tsuchikage-Sama!”

Watching the scene, the ninjas in the back cheered them off, thinking that they really suppressed Madara.

Indeed, standing here facing the Five Kage of the Shinobi World, even the famous Uchiha Madara ist just a dead person now, and they will take him down with one effort!

This isnt just the thoughts of the ordinary ninjas, but also what the Five Kage believed.

However, Madara, standing at the highest point, smirked as if he read their thoughts. It seems that the world has really forgotten about the terror of these eyes!

“In that case…”

Finally, Madara made a move, with one hand, he used a seal. At the same time, a blue Chakra rose up, then turned into the Susanoo, which instantly wrapped his body.

But this time, the Susanoo this time, who was three-headed and six-armed shaped, didnt hold a lightsaber but was also performing the same seal.


The world suddenly dimmed.

The ordinary ninjas who were excited and cheered for the five Kage subconsciously raised their heads and looked towards the sky.

Then, their expression all solidified.

Cang Dang!!

This was the sound that has emitted after a weapon fell on the ground, not just one, but one after another, the ninjas could no longer hold their weapons and fall on the ground without realizing it.

When everyone looked at the sky, their legs started shaking, and they didnt even have the strength to move, as if their bodies were emptied entirely in an instant.

“Is… this a joke…”

“Is this… the power of God?!”

Above, a terrifying meteorite that obscured the sky was falling toward the ground!

What kind of meteorite is this?! Its simply a falling star!

Before this colossal meteorite fell, a terrifying air pressure hit them, making them feel heavy and breathe difficultly.

At this moment, not only the ordinary ninjas but also the five Kage, Onoki, and even Kakashi and the others who were present, looked at the sky in awe and disbelieve.

Even the Fourth Raikeg widened his eyes and couldnt help but feel terrified.

“Hes on a whole different level…”

“That guy, havent been fighting us seriously?!”

Mei looked at the sky, then at the top of the cliff where Madara was overlooking them, and couldnt help but swallow, with bitter in her heart.

This is the Chibaku Tensei, one of the Rinnegan techniques, the power of the so-called gods!

Looking at the huge meteorite above her head, which was almost as big as a star, Mei could only feel her smallness and powerlessness.

At the same time, Mei couldnt help but think of Naito, who she saw outside of the Mist Village a long time ago, tearing the earth and creating an abyss with his hand.

This level of power is simply not what their so-called five Kage can face!

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