The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 487: Limbo

Chapter 486: Six Paths Madara

“It seems you have a little problem here.”

Madara closing his eyes approached Zetsu and Sasuke.

Zetsu smiled and said, “Of course, its not that easy to control someone with the Rinnegan. This is something expected. Besides, hows your body now, Madara-Sama?”

“Youre… Uchiha Madara!”

Sasuke was shocked the moment he saw Madara. He always felt as if he had fallen into a trap, so he tried his best to finally get rid of Zetsu completely.

However, Madara suddenly stretched out his hand, pressed it on Sasukes body lightly, and suddenly it got stagnated. He could only watch as Madara took away his Rinnegan eyes.

After he easily took Sasukes Rinnegan eyes, Madara pressed it directly into his eyes sockets, then opened his eyelids.

The scene was hideous and terrifying as the blood slid from the corner of his eyes, but Madara looked excited.

“Finally, everything is perfect!”

“Dam… damn…”

Sasuke got rid of that stagnation, but he lost his eyes. He wasnt gonna give up though, and with an angry expression, he suddenly drew his sword out and waved it at Madara, who easily avoided it and knocked him to the ground.

Looking at Sasuke, who fell on the ground, Zetsu walked over and said with a sneer: “I told you a long time ago, Sasuke, youre just a container, a container for Madara-Sama to prepare his Rinnegan eyes.”

Sasukes heart was full of madness, he struggled, but he couldnt stand anymore and fell beside Naruto. At the same time, he felt that Naruto seemed to be slowly dying, just like him.

His body gradually became cold, and he started to lose consciousness.

What have I… done?!


Madra didnt even look at Sasuke and Naruto on the ground. He wiped the blood off the corner of his eyes with a touch of his hand, then easily gained control over the Rinnegan eyes.

For Madara, who has opened the Rinnegan before, even if these eyes are not his own, he can easily control them.

After getting the Rinnegan again, Madara didnt hesitate at all. Completely ignoring the dying Sasuke and Naruto, he turned to look at the Gedo Mazo behind him.

Although hes now way stronger than before, he knew that he may still not be Naitos opponent.


Instantly, white smoke suddenly burst out from the Gedo Mazo, and a huge Chakra wave broke out, trembling the world!


In the smoke, the body of the Gedo Mazo suddenly started moving and roared up to the sky.

This is no longer the Gedo Mazo, this is… The Juubi!

Ten-Taileds Chakra fluctuations instantly shook the world. Almost all the ninjas in the battlefield could feel its terrifying Chakra.

Onoki and the others ordered everyone to look for Madara, and they suddenly felt these horrifying Chakra fluctuations, and their expressions changed.

“That direction!”

“Lets go.”

“Damn, how could there be such Chakra? This is simply…”

Gradually approaching the location, cold sweat started to appear on Onoki and the others foreheads, as they felt the Juubis aura suppressing them.

“The Juubi.”

Madara looked at the touring Ten-Tails smirking, and with a loud scream, he moved his head and suddenly sealed it.


Instantly, the Juubis figure distorted turned into dazzling energy, then directly rushed toward Madaras body and got completely absorbed by him.

Madaras hair suddenly turned white, and the armor on his body disappeared silently, turning into the Six Paths robe in a flash.

The Truth-Seeking Balls appeared behind him, and the Shakujo in his hand.

Six Paths Mode! Open!

“Is this the power of the Six Paths?! Hahahaha!”

Feeling that the power he possessed at this moment was far greater than before, Madara finally looked to the sky and laughed. This time, the laughter was full of disdain to everything.

Smiling, Madaras laugh gradually stopped, and his brows slightly frowned.

Because at that moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him, floating in the air.

“Are you happy with the power of the Six Paths?”

Naito stood there quietly, looking at Madara.

However, Madara could feel it, even though he has awakened his Six Paths Mode, Naito was still looking down on him!

Zetsu finally faced Naito for the first time and felt his aura. Standing beside Madara, he couldnt help but shrink his body, and at the same time, he was glancing at Madara on the side.

“Although I dont know why you didnt try to stop me, since Ive come to this point, this world will completely belong to me!”

Holding the Shakujo in shi hand, Madara looked at Naito and spoke slowly.

Madara actually knew very well that even if his technique could stop Naito a little, it wouldnt be enough to make him run all the way here, get the Rinnegan eyes, and seal the Juubi inside him.

The original plan was to make Zetsu take the Rinnegan eyes and bring it to him, saving time, but Sasuke has almost killed Black Zetsu.

If Naito wanted to stop him, it would have been the end for him.

However, Madara could roughly understand why Naito didnt stop him.

Because he once stood in the same place as Naito, overlooking everything, and sought to find a strong opponent. Madara had Hashirama in his time, but Naito stood alone at the highest point.

Naito wanted an opponent, so he didnt stop him.

This is what Madara thought. He also believed that only Naito is qualified to be his opponent.

“This world belongs to you… Do you really think so?”

As he floated in the air, with the Truth-Seeking Balls behind him, Naito looked at Madara calmly, then a hint of mockery suddenly appeared on his face.

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