The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 49: The Anbu Training

Ugh! ! !

It wasnt only Satsukis expression that got wiped out, but also his Funeral Dance.

It was like a storm, it had enough power to crush anyone.

It seemed like everything was ended at that moment.

He froze in place.

The reason behind that was the fist that crushed his fantasy.

His technique was one inch from Naito.

But it stopped there, right in front of a broken mirror floating in the air, the cracks of that mirror spread out like a spider web.

But it wasnt a mirror it was the air, space itself got shattered.

Kacha! ! !

It was like the sound of a cracked ice, it broke the silence, and shattered Satsukis expression.

Satsuki finally reacted.


In the face of this stunning Jutsu, Satsuki couldnt help but go all out, so he pushed all of his Chakra into his technique.

The two forces harshly crashed and strangled each other.

But Satsuki sword was always getting stopped one inch before Naitos fist.

It wont go any further!

In the next moment, Naitos shock broke out and overwhelmed everything.

Satsuki sword started to show strange and terrifying distortions.

His technique Funeral Dance, even if it was strong enough to kill Naito it cant do anything if it doesnt reach him.

The power is good its almost at the level of an A-Class Ninjutsu the range of the attack is also good.

At best its a High-level B-Class Ninjutsu.

But that wasnt enough to overwhelm Naitos fist!


Finally, the Funeral Dance got smashed by Naito and got crushed!

Even his sword couldnt withstand the power of the impact and suddenly it broke under the power of the shock.


The enormous shock reached Satsuki.

Even when he wanted to retreat at the last moment, he couldnt avoid the impact of the shock.

This shock wasnt a simple one.

This shock was enhanced with the Brutal Force power!

In fact, the Funeral dance weakened it, but it didnt stop it!


The moment Satsuki got hit by Naitos technique the impact sent him flying in the air.

He crashed harshly on the ground and spat out blood from his mouth.

This time it wasnt a light damage.

Sastuki doesnt have a good physical power, because of the nature of his missions.

His body strength is worse than an average Shinobi.

The first time he barely managed to avoid a fatal damage, however, he got injured, this time its a clean hit!

Although he isnt dead yet, he lost the ability to fight.

His mouth was overflowed with blood, he stood up while clenching his teeth trying to resist the pain, he wanted to escape so he started to run.

But Naito wont give him that chance.

Even if he let him go, theres no chance for him to escape from the Anbu.

But… this guy tried to kill him!

For those people who want to kill him, Naito will definitely not have mercy on them!


In a blink of an eye, Naito caught up to Satsuki.

He wanted to catch him so he didnt use the Shock power instead he just kicked him fiercely.

Konoha Senpuu!


Due to Satsuki injuries, he couldnt dodge it and got kicked directly by Naito.


For a moment, Satsuki heard his own bones broking one by one then he once again crashed on the ground.

He fell at distance then he vomited blood again.

Satsuki wasnt dead yet, he was struggling to raise his head but couldnt do it

He gritted his teeth with a hint of disbelief in his eyes.

He didnt expect Naito to be this strong!

Strong enough to stop the Funeral Dance with one hit!

One mistake, just one mistake.

Sastuki heart was full of hatred, not for Naito himself, but to the person who gave him the information about the mission.

He wanted to grip his neck and ask him if he was stupid.

To give such wrong information!

Its simply outrageous.

In the information he received, there was no records nor information about the fight he had with Samui because it kept hidden by Konoha and the Uchiha.

But the information he had said that Naito was a genius, but he still didnt grow up, and hes under the level of a Chunin.

Satsuki wanted to kill the guy who gave him this information just because of the wordsUnder the level of a Chunin!

Naito looked calmly at Satsuki, he didnt want to kill him, it was better if he kept him alive so that Konoha can question him.

However, that didnt go as he expected, Satsuki knew that he must die.

With a slight movement of his tongue, he dropped a poisonous pill in his mouth and died.

In the end, getting caught is worse than death.

Seeing this scene Naito felt strange.

The world of Shinobi Is really a cruel one.

Whoosh! !

In the next moment, a several Ninjas from the Anbu finally appeared, a few of them came to Naito.

After they noticed the dead body of Momo Satsuki, some of them got really surprised.

“Hes dead?”

“He looks like a ninja from the Mist Village, but it doesnt rule out the possibility of being from another village.”

“Bring the corpse back for a detailed investigation.”

In the process, a lot of them didnt speak to Naito, but they couldnt hide their surprise.

An assassin sneaked into the leaves and succeeded to find his target and attack him, this is already an incredible thing.

What is insane that Naito didnt get killed by that assassin, but also he managed to fight back and kill him!

And the most shocking thing is that Naito seems to have no injuries!

So this is what a genius looks like?!

They were looking at him asking themselves if they were at his age and they faced the same circumstances will they survive this assassination?!

Definitely no.

Not to mention surviving without even being injured.

They kept looking at each other until one of them talked.

“Yuu Naito, you come with us to the department to report the details of this accident.”


Naito nodded while he was thinking.

Danzo, the Uchiha… theres no doubt that one of them helped the assassin to enter the village and to successfully get the chance to eliminate him.

But he cant be sure.

Naito took a deep breath.

He needs to be more cautious, this world is more cruel and darker then what he imagined!

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